Chapter 4:

Fight for main character?

Spirit Guardians

Kamira- Hahaha you really think you could beat me with your measly animal powers Romaji

She's beating the breaks off this guy poor kid

*Romaji Jon-zu age 15, his spirit anking the spirit of beast

Romaji- geez Kamira can you take it easy for once not everyone can have a muscle enhancing spirit like you.

Kamira- stop crying and get up I haven't even broken a sweat yet…. Oh hey waterboy how'd the first training session go???

It took me 2 hours to finally use some of my spirit power but I still haven't gotten the hang of it yet.

Kamira- well you're just awakened don't sweat the small stuff you'll get the hang of it buddy boy

*Kamira slaps Anjero on the back

Romaji- Wait… is this the new recruit for the club????

Who are you? And are you ok??

Romaji- yea I'm ok….anyways I'm Romaji you'll have to earn the right to learn my last name Loser!!!

What's his problem??

Kamira- he has a main character complex…

Romaji- that's right I should've been the main character of this story. My spirit is way more interesting than this guy's water spirit.

Who is he talking to?

Kamira- just go with it.

Romaji- Waterboy!!!!

I'm starting to hate that nickname…

Romaji-Fight me to be the main character of this series..

I have no idea what you're talking about but I don't know how to use my like almost at all but I guess I have no choice.

Kamira- I'll watch over this fight… oh what types of fight styles do you know Anjero?

SpiritKido and spirit boxing my mother had me and my siblings study a few styles when we were young.

Kamira- I forgot you had siblings, haven't awoken yet have they?

No, I kinda hope they don't have spirits. I don't want them getting mixed in this stuff.

Kamira- I get I don't want my siblings to get in this either


Ok...ok… geez I've never seen someone so thirsty to fight in my life

Romaji- Ready yourself loser

*Romaji flips a glowing coin and catches it

Romaji- I call upon the cheetah

*Romaji runs at super speed towards Anjero punching him in the face.

Ahh...what the hell was that???

Kamira- Romaji you're out of line for that….… it's ok just training right

*Romaji continuously punched and ran around Anjero with super speed.

Romaji- Ready to give up weak man.

Huh…. He's not hitting that hard. I just have to focus. Just…..a stream…...of water should

*Anjero Tries to focus and shoots a beam of water straight, Romaji ducks under and Anjero trips him over and grabs him by his training suit.

Romaji- ouch; you cheated stupid bastard.

Kamira- he cheated?!? You used your powers on him knowing he couldn't use his yet.

Romaji- I got you next time Loser….ouch

Kamira- I guess that's enough training for today, let's all get some rest.

Huh….finally I get to go home after all this

Mashù- Oh yeah Waterboy you're coming with us!

Where exactly??