Chapter 5:

Dorm rooms

Spirit Guardians

This place has dorm rooms???

Mashù- yea it's so we can be on time for missions and the school and faculty can keep an eye on us to keep us safe and stay out of trouble.

I guess that makes sense

Mashù- not that I need it though I can probably take out at least 50 enemies by myself with my revenge spirit reto.

Speaking of, how do you have 2 spirits??? And isn't revenge already in use…

Mashù- it's a long story I'll tell you once we get you to your room. Come on.

*Mashù, Romaji, Yuro, and Anjero started walking to the boys dorms

Yuro- Damn Roma what happened to you?

Romaji- Errrr….. Nothing happened, it was normal practice!

Yuro-Oh did you have to fight Kamira again or did Anro do that to you??? Hahahahaha


Romaji- Stop Laughing I told you it was regular practice..

Yuro- ok ok I give up…..sheesh!

Mashù-Here's your room rookie come down to the cafe to eat once you're settled in.


*Anjero opens the door to a royal blue painted room with a desk, Queen sized bed, and a gift package on the nightstand.

This is kinda nice. What's in this package???

*Anjero opens the package

S.E.I.D- Hello Mr. Sutanrì how're you today?

It's just Anjero ok I don't need the Mr

S.E.I.D.- Ok..i'll lock that in my system Anjero please place your seal on the case now….

Like this???

S.E.I.D- Certification verified you're now a member of the Rinuddo club and the Seishin South spirit Organization.

You will protect the people and the spirits in this prefecture….. You have a Message from Principal Sutanrì.


Hologram Sharin- hello Anjero I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner about all this but I didn't want my family getting mixed in this.

What is this???

Sharin- we've been having outbreaks of theft and killings in the last 30 years but it's gotten worse overtime and we need all the help we can get. I can't tell you all the details of what's going on; but one thing I can tell you is become strong, become invincible. We'll need your help to stop all of this turmoil and bring back peace to this world. I know it's a lot to take in but I expect you to understand you're a smart kid…..that is all.

S.E.I.D- Message has been deleted… please grab your new gauntlets and your new Droid and pour your energy into it.

Ok I'll try to focus…..

S.E.I.D.- Link successful thank you and have a good night Mr. Anjero.

Huh…. I better get to the Cafeteria.

*Anjero changes clothes and heads downstairs to the cafe

Kamira- Hey Anjero over here!!!

Wait so the Cafe is Co-ed???

Kamira- yea and the lounge area.

Oh yea I'd like for you to meet my girlfriend this is Hama Suzumiya

Hey, how are you?

Kamira- don't get any ideas I'll kick your ass if you try anything!!

O..ok I won't.

Mashù- Anjero…. Everyone it's time I told you the truth of why I have 2 spirits….. It all started when I first got Qoyntauz…….