Chapter 5:

Dorm rooms

Spirit Guardians

This place has dorm rooms???Bookmark here

Mashù- yea it's so we can be on time for missions and the school and faculty can keep an eye on us to keep us safe and stay out of trouble.Bookmark here

I guess that makes senseBookmark here

Mashù- not that I need it though I can probably take out at least 50 enemies by myself with my revenge spirit reto.Bookmark here

Speaking of, how do you have 2 spirits??? And isn't revenge already in use…Bookmark here

Mashù- it's a long story I'll tell you once we get you to your room. Come on.Bookmark here

*Mashù, Romaji, Yuro, and Anjero started walking to the boys dormsBookmark here

Yuro- Damn Roma what happened to you?Bookmark here

Romaji- Errrr….. Nothing happened, it was normal practice!Bookmark here

Yuro-Oh did you have to fight Kamira again or did Anro do that to you??? HahahahahaBookmark here

Anro????Bookmark here

Romaji- Stop Laughing I told you it was regular practice..Bookmark here

Yuro- ok ok I give up…..sheesh!Bookmark here

Mashù-Here's your room rookie come down to the cafe to eat once you're settled in.Bookmark here

AlrightBookmark here

*Anjero opens the door to a royal blue painted room with a desk, Queen sized bed, and a gift package on the nightstand.Bookmark here

This is kinda nice. What's in this package???Bookmark here

*Anjero opens the package Bookmark here

S.E.I.D- Hello Mr. Sutanrì how're you today?Bookmark here

It's just Anjero ok I don't need the Mr Bookmark here

S.E.I.D.- Ok..i'll lock that in my system Anjero please place your seal on the case now….Bookmark here

Like this???Bookmark here

S.E.I.D- Certification verified you're now a member of the Rinuddo club and the Seishin South spirit Organization.Bookmark here

You will protect the people and the spirits in this prefecture….. You have a Message from Principal Sutanrì.Bookmark here

Mom??Bookmark here

Hologram Sharin- hello Anjero I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner about all this but I didn't want my family getting mixed in this.Bookmark here

What is this???Bookmark here

Sharin- we've been having outbreaks of theft and killings in the last 30 years but it's gotten worse overtime and we need all the help we can get. I can't tell you all the details of what's going on; but one thing I can tell you is become strong, become invincible. We'll need your help to stop all of this turmoil and bring back peace to this world. I know it's a lot to take in but I expect you to understand you're a smart kid…..that is all.Bookmark here

S.E.I.D- Message has been deleted… please grab your new gauntlets and your new Droid and pour your energy into it.Bookmark here

Ok I'll try to focus…..Bookmark here

S.E.I.D.- Link successful thank you and have a good night Mr. Anjero.Bookmark here

Huh…. I better get to the Cafeteria.Bookmark here

*Anjero changes clothes and heads downstairs to the cafe Bookmark here

Kamira- Hey Anjero over here!!!Bookmark here

Wait so the Cafe is Co-ed???Bookmark here

Kamira- yea and the lounge area.Bookmark here

Oh yea I'd like for you to meet my girlfriend this is Hama SuzumiyaBookmark here

Hey, how are you?Bookmark here

Kamira- don't get any ideas I'll kick your ass if you try anything!!Bookmark here

O..ok I won't.Bookmark here

Mashù- Anjero…. Everyone it's time I told you the truth of why I have 2 spirits….. It all started when I first got Qoyntauz…….Bookmark here

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