Chapter 3:

Momma Principal

Spirit Guardians

*Anjero ShockedBookmark here

Mom!!! What are you doing here??? I thought you were in Real Estate?Bookmark here

Sharin- That's Principal Sutanrì to you….. and no I lied to you. I never thought you'd be chosen as a guardian honestly. I wanted you to live a regular life.Bookmark here

Well…. Sorry to disappoint you but I'm one of the chosenBookmark here

Sharin- well I can see that….. Can you 2 kids leave me and Aado be for alone for a sec I'll explain everything after I talk to himBookmark here

Kamira- Come on AnjeroBookmark here

Sharin-Aado how'd the mission go?Bookmark here

Aado- it went well we're one step closer to who's behind the kidnappings of young pre-awakened guardians Bookmark here

Sharin- that's good I need you to speed up the process though before someone else is taken awayBookmark here

Aado- I am trying but these investigations take time especially with no leads.Bookmark here

Sharin- I DON'T WANT TO HEAR EXCUSES!!!… sorry Bookmark here

Aado- its okBookmark here

Sharin- it's just…… you know I didn't want to get my family involved in any of this dangerous businessBookmark here

Aado- I do, but S.E.I.D picked up an emergence of a strong spirit being reawakened. 3 days ago and it was your sonBookmark here

Sharin- Huh…. What spirit does he have anyways???Bookmark here

Aado- Aalto the Spirit of WaterBookmark here

Sharin- Aalto!?!?!? Oh no he has one of the Original 7? He's gonna have a big target on his back now Aado you better train him well for what's coming. If he Dies you better be ready to die with him.Bookmark here

Aado- (Aado smiling nervously and sweating)o..o….ok I'll make sure he becomes a great guardian Ms. Sutanri.Bookmark here

Sharin- ok bring them back in.Bookmark here

*Kamira and Anjero come back inBookmark here

Kamira- Why are you Sweating Aado-senseiBookmark here

Sharin- I already gave the other 2 their reward. Kamira for bringing everyone back, and bringing that thug back for investigation you get $1000 and a day off from school.Bookmark here

Kamira- Nice!! Now I can take my girl out somewhere niceBookmark here

*In his head Now that you mention it Kamira is buff and does look kinda boyish.Bookmark here

Sharin- ANJERO!! Since you were there to observe and not fight I can't really give you anything. But since you took out Hake Tomaru, a serial killer who killed over 20 people. I reward you with $1500 and this awakening seal Bookmark here

Awakening Seal????Bookmark here

Sharin- yes it's a pass to use your spirit energy outside of school on missions Bookmark here

Thanks...I GuessBookmark here

Sharin- No Problem….Now all of you LEAVE ME!!!-Bookmark here

All- Yes Ma'am!!!!Bookmark here

*the doorbell ringsBookmark here

Oh do we have class I never got my classesBookmark here

Kamira- (Kamira laughs) dummy you're an awakened guardian now you don't take regular classes. Follow Me!!!Bookmark here

*they head towards the South wing of the schoolBookmark here

What is this place??Bookmark here

Kamira- its The Spirit Guardian wing Waterboy. here you train and learn to become a true Guardian; while also learning history about spirits and the spirit tree.Bookmark here

Oh ok so what's first???Bookmark here

Kamira- first is morning training. Here walk through here Bookmark here

*They walk through portal and automatically change into training suits with different colors of their spiritsBookmark here

Woah!! Royal Blue I'm cool with this so what now???Bookmark here

Yoku- Yo, Anjero you'll be over here for now.Bookmark here

Yo Yoku you're ok….Bookmark here

Yoku- yea I don't want to talk about it Bookmark here

So what am I doing here??Bookmark here

Yoku- so this is target practice to go over to the teacher over there.Bookmark here

OkBookmark here

Rafearu Gibuson- What up Man you must be Anjero nice to meet you.Bookmark here

LikewiseBookmark here

Rafearu- my name is Rafearu Gibuson Bookmark here

Oh wow like the winged guardian of steelBookmark here

Rafearu- exactly but Call me Raf here I'm too young for the Mister. Anyways here you'll be tasked with hitting the targets over there like Yokudan.Bookmark here

But I don't exactly know how to activate my powers yet. I technically only awoken 3 days ago but I've been asleep all that time.Bookmark here

Rafearu- really man that sounds rough… ok use these for a little bit then.Bookmark here

What're these?Bookmark here

Rafearu- these are spirit gauntlets they let you use a little of your spirit energy it's kinda a blaster in a way.Bookmark here

Ok I'll give them a try Bookmark here

*the gauntlets blow up on Anjero after he tries to us them Bookmark here

(Cough,cough) what the heck happened?Bookmark here

Yoku- Oh yea Raf his spirit is one of the sevenBookmark here

Rafearu- Oh ok that makes sense I'll have to teach you the hard way thenBookmark here

What's the hard way???Bookmark here

Rafearu- Ok sit down on the ground, cross your legs, close your eyes and put your fist together. This is called spirit focus, a technique that helps you focus energy and maybe even talk to your spirit.Bookmark here

Alright (Anjero focusing) Errrrr… I can see water it's glowing Bookmark here

Rafearu- that's it man you got it!!!Bookmark here

Almost…..Almost…...Errr….it's gone.Bookmark here

Rafearu- well try again till you get it you should feel the power surging from your arms and legs. Bookmark here

*2 hours laterBookmark here

Yoku- just give up already Anjero we're about to switch training positions soonBookmark here

Shut up Yoku im almost there……Bookmark here

Rafearu- that's it, just feel it swell up inside you.Bookmark here

I t..think I got… starts to glow and develops water in his hand) Bookmark here

Yoku- Oh my Gosh Anjero you did it Bookmark here

Shush Yoku it's hard to focus Bookmark here

Yoku- SorryBookmark here

*Anjero gets up off the ground and heads toward the target and shoots a beam if water at the target destroying it Bookmark here

(Hard breathing) Hu….hu.. I did itBookmark here

Rafearu- Congrats kid now come tomorrow and do it againBookmark here

Yoku - come on Anjero onto the next positionBookmark here

Wait…. I need something to drinkBookmark here

Yoku- No time we're late for combat practiceBookmark here

Huh….ok( I'm so tired)Bookmark here

*Yoku and Anjero jog over to the combat training facilityBookmark here

Mashù- Hey Rookie how're you doing?!?!?Bookmark here

*Mashù training on 6 practice A.I. at onceBookmark here

Mashù- Hey when I'm done with these guys why do we have a little sparring match you and I.Bookmark here

Um… I don't know about that...Hey watch out!!!Bookmark here

Mashù- Huh….Bookmark here

*A.I kicks Mashù in the back of the head.Bookmark here

Mashù- You stupid Hologram GO DIE!!!Bookmark here

You know what I'm goodBookmark here

Mashù- if you say so little manBookmark here

I wonder where Kamira is. I came into this facility with her and now she's gone….. Oh there she is OMG!!!Bookmark here

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