Chapter 8:

What do you lose when you become god?

...mY happiness...

Everything…Bookmark here

is sound asleep, as I walk through the darkness of the night. The moon lies above seemingly waiting, a foreboding creature it is. My feet step one after another, forward, rid of all confusion. My eyes pierce through the darkness of night and show me the beauty within it. The beauty that can exist in this world.Bookmark here

I arrive at her house. The door is locked and without a second thought I swiftly kick it in. After a relatively hard kick, the door flies straight through her house and crashes into the patio doors leading to the backyard. The crashing and thuds that emerge from the minimal act of violence remind me of the times when Captain Borges beat the shit out of Mama. Bookmark here

After all the commotion from kicking in the door She comes running down and to her surprise is met with my eyes “WHAT THE FUCK YOU ASSHOLE?” she comes screaming at me with her fist balled up and before I know it she is before me, with her small fists slamming against my jaw and temple.Bookmark here

It doesn’t hurt.Bookmark here

I look at her, and my eyes begin to throb. "Every fucking inch of my body burns and aches." I say to her, "I can’t die. I want to die. Please help me die. Please help me die."Bookmark here

"Please help me die..."Bookmark here

I beg, my face clad with a lifeless expression. Almost like a mute person wailing for help--A sound that's there but not actually there.Bookmark here

“What the fuck is wrong with you, you freak?”Bookmark here

The world.Bookmark here

I raise my fist and shove it between her bosom. It enters from the front and exits through her back. I hear the gush and crunch of her flesh and bones. In my hand, I feel her blood thickening then thinning.Bookmark here

I stare into her eyes and her eyes stare into mine. Bookmark here

Within them I see myself, my left eye now a bright crimson red and the right one a soft blue almost resembling the sky. Power begins to surge within me, a heat I can’t seem to control...a burning passion.Bookmark here

She gargled as she stared at me, then died.Bookmark here

As I left her house, the throbbing pain and heat that engulfed my body concentrated on my back and slowly but painfully took the form of crimson wings. The crimson wings glinted under the light of the moon. With each step I took, my body began to harden with what seemed and felt like crimson scales. Each scale almost as large as my fist would rip through my clothes as it spread through my body. After a while of this metamorphosis...I felt it...the power. The power of life and death, good and evil, hate and love. Am I god? A sinister smile became etched into the facial area of the crimson-scaled beast that I became. I stepped further once more...Bookmark here

Darkness and silence swept through the weeping world and starless night. The tearing and pained howling of humans, angels, demons, and beasts rippled through the fabric of the world. Bookmark here

Then they were silent.Bookmark here

Before I knew it, blood slowly pooled at my feet. I looked to the carcasses spread in clusters around me...All of them died that night. All of them.Bookmark here

Drenched in their blood, I now sit upon the moon and look to the earth. The world no longer weeps.Bookmark here

I stopped weeping, and for the first time since mama shot me in the head...Bookmark here

...I smile...Bookmark here

FINBookmark here

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