Chapter 2:

A Return To The Cage From Which He Had Broken Free

Bible 2: The Sequel to the Bible

Can you still be friends with half a corpse? Bookmark here

This was the first thing that had come to Vorelando’s mind as the uneaten half of Berry’s body fell to the floor with a thud. Bookmark here

Somehow, it seemed like what used to be the left eye was looking up at Vorelando, directly into his own. Bookmark here

It was as if Vorelando was being told, had he been there from the start, had Berry known that his best friend was cheering him on instead of thinking he’d abandoned him, that this would never have happened.Bookmark here

It was a purely emotional reaction. Logically, Vorelando knew that this outcome was unavoidable.
Bookmark here

Kobe had clearly done his homework, Clark was Mark with all of the flaws removed it seemed. Even though his style was simple, it was effective. Clark’s pace and power were always going to be too much for Berry to handle, you can’t step off the track if the train hits you before you even realize it’s left the station.Bookmark here

Even Kobe would’ve had trouble dealing with him and Berry was barely half the vorer he was. If the match ups had been flipped and Berry had faced Mark, he might’ve had an outside shot at winning but as the draw had fallen, he had been doomed the moment he stepped into the cage.Bookmark here

While Vorelando wrestled with the thoughts in his mind, Clark had strolled over to the remaining half of Berry’s body and bitten off the pinkie finger on his left hand.Bookmark here

“That’s game! Clark Eaton is your winner!” Bookmark here

As Wuce announced the verdict, the crowd lifted the roof off the arena. Clark Eaton had given them what they wanted. Not just total victory but total disrespect. Bookmark here

“Ennie, what the hell was that?”Bookmark here

“What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“He hasn’t finished him off.”Bookmark here

“Technically he has, they changed the rules a few years ago, you only have to vore 51% of your opponent before you’re declared the victor. They call him ‘Majority’ because all of his matches end this way.”Bookmark here

“Who the hell came up with a stupid rule like that?!”Bookmark here

“…Voran Magic…”Bookmark here

Of course. Vorelando thought. Who else would come up with such a cowardly rule other than that son of a bitch, the Vorefather himself, 20 time defending vore world champion, Voran Magic.Bookmark here

The cheers from the crowd had begun to die down and Clark was being ushered out of the cage. As the distance between Clark and Berry’s mangled half-corpse grew, Vorelando felt his rage grow in tandem. Bookmark here

He hated vore, everything it was, everything it represented. That was why he had walked away in his youth, he wanted no part of the vore machine.Bookmark here

But he had thought, at that time, he could never hate it more. So, to see a display such as this, such disrespect to the opponent by the victor, was a shock. A fair and friendly competition was the bedrock of vore, that’s what he had thought, it was the reason, even if he couldn’t respect the game, he could respect the player.Bookmark here

Maybe it was this conflict of emotions that caused him to do what he did next, crazy as it was.Bookmark here

He leapt from his seat towards the cage. As he hurtled through the air the crowd dropped into a shocked silence. He hit the side of the cage but managed to hold on and pull himself up to the top. He walked over to the stunned announcer, who was paralyzed by the sheer audacity, and snatched the mic from his hand.Bookmark here


Vorelando shouted into the mic and Clark stopped in his tracks in response.Bookmark here


Clark turned to face Vorelando. Bookmark here

“I don’t see any reason why I should.”Bookmark here

“Because its disrespectful! Honouring your opponent is at the core of the spirit of vore!”Bookmark here

Vorelando’s fierce expression annoyed Clark. To him Vorelando was just some salty fan who didn’t like that his friend had lost. He didn’t get to tell Clark Eaton how to vore, nobody had the right to do that.Bookmark here

“Someone get this idiot off the cage, he’s holding everything up.”Bookmark here

Clark turned back around and walked towards the changing rooms. He didn’t need to get involved with the rabble, that was what had gotten his brother vored. He would have scholarship offers coming in left and right after such a decisive, high profile victory, no need to ruin it by causing a scene.Bookmark here

“You’re just gonna walk away?”Bookmark here

Clark said nothing.Bookmark here

“If you won’t do it then you better be prepared to get back in this damn cage. If you think you’re above eating my friend then you’ll have to beat me too.”Bookmark here

Clark ignored the taunts, he knew what was ahead of him.Bookmark here

“Unless of course, you’re a coward.”Bookmark here

Just as Vorelando said this, guards who had finally made it to the top of the cage tackled him. The mic fell through the gap in the cage and smashed against the floor, sending a harsh noise reverberating around the arena through the speakers.Bookmark here

Clark had frozen again. His fists clenched in anger, his arms twitching against their mental restraints. There was only so different twins could ever be. Vorelando knew this. If Clark didn’t appear to be a hot head, it was only because he was better at keeping it in. If Vorelando could push him to his limit, the results would be more explosive than they ever would’ve been with Mark.Bookmark here

Underneath the bodies of several guards pinning him, Vorelando strained his neck upwards to face Clark.Bookmark here

“Come on pretty boy, you gonna let me get away with that? If you’re really that guy you should be able to stop me talking smack. But you’re not are you? You’re afraid you might lose.”Bookmark here

Clark spun around on his heel and screamed.Bookmark here


Vorelando smiled to himself. He’d gotten him.Bookmark here

“Guards, get off him. Someone clear off the cage floor, we’re having an exhibition match!”Bookmark here

Everyone in the arena paused. The staff all looked at each other, unsure if they should do as Clark said. This wasn’t the plan, no one was sure if this was permitted within the rules.Bookmark here

“Ladies and gentlemen…”Bookmark here

But everyone wanted to see it happen and when it came to vore, there was no rule more important than entertainment.Bookmark here

“I hope you didn’t have any plans because at this rate we might go all night!”Bookmark here

Even without the mic, Wuce Wuffer’s voice filled the arena with an electric enthusiasm. He was beyond ready for this matchup, Wuce was a diehard vore fan and he hadn’t gotten to announce an impromptu match in years. He wasn't going to let anything get in the way of this bout.
Bookmark here

“Lets get this show on the road!”Bookmark here

The command from Wuce was all the staff needed to spring into action. Within a matter of minutes, the stage was set for Clark and Vorelando’s battle.Bookmark here

Normally, vorers would go into a match wearing their signature outfit. As long as it didn’t offer the wearer any significant advantages, vorers could wear whatever they liked. Most chose to wear sports gear for maximum mobility but it wasn’t a rule and many pro vorers were known for their eccentric wardrobes.Bookmark here

Vorelando, hadn’t brought anything to wear, so he stepped into the cage barefoot and topless, the only thing covering him were the jeans he had gone to school in that morning.Bookmark here

As soon as the two of them were in their corners, the lights shut off.Bookmark here

“In the winners corner, he needs no reintroduction, he’s Mr. Majority, Clark Eaton!”Bookmark here

The cheers as the spotlight lit him up were as feverish as they had been before but Clark was different. His calm, composed mask had been peeled back to reveal the snarl underneath. If it was even possible, he planned to end this match quicker than the last one.Bookmark here

“And in corner number 2, we have no data for him on file, it’s Vorelando Jones.”Bookmark here

The boos had started before his name had even been announced. The spotlight acting as a target for the crowds missiles to be directed towards. He was hit with every food item available for purchase in the arena, doused with every beverage. Some people even threw their phones at him to try and cause injury.Bookmark here

The countdown started and Clark got into position. Bookmark here

“I’m gonna give you the eat down of a lifetime.” Vorelando taunted.Bookmark here

Clark remained silent, his eyes unblinking, focused solely on Vorelando.Bookmark here

“3… 2… 1..”Bookmark here

Vorelando wiped the sweat from his brow just before the match started. He was nervous, he hadn’t been in the cage for over five years, no doubt he was rusty. But he simply had to win, it was the only way he knew to honour Berry.Bookmark here

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to dig in!”Bookmark here

Like a flash, Clark shot across the cage but Vorelando sidestepped just in time. Instead of stopping like Mark had done, Clark conserved his momentum, planting his feet on the bars on the opposite side of the cage to launch back instantly. Again, Vorelando had the speed to match him.Bookmark here

Clark bounced all around the cage, across and back, left and right, trying to catch Vorelando out but every time his efforts were thwarted.Bookmark here

His reactions were too quick, it was as if he knew what Clark was going to do before he did it. The type of skills you only develop after years at the top of the game.Bookmark here

Clark came to a stop. He was baffled, how did that trash he had eliminated earlier even make it to the finals when there was someone this skilled in the same school?Bookmark here

“Who are you?”Bookmark here

“Nobody special.”Bookmark here

“Don’t lie to me, boy. You don’t get that skilled without being someone special.”Bookmark here

“Of course, that’s what you’d think.”Bookmark here

“I’m offering you a few more seconds at life for the mere price of an answer and you’re throwing it back in my face. You’re scum, not worthy to enter the cage.”Bookmark here

“Thought you said I had to be special?”Bookmark here

“You’ve taught me that even scum can be special, you’re just scummier than most.”Bookmark here

Clark mounted himself again and sprang once more. Vorelando dodged once again.Bookmark here

“How are you planning to win boy? Do you have some kind of signature move?” asked as he bounced around the cage.Bookmark here

“Don’t need one.”Bookmark here

“Then how are you expecting to win? There’s no path to victory through defense alone!”Bookmark here

“You think I’ve been defending this whole time? You really are an idiot.”Bookmark here

“What?!?!”Bookmark here

Clark came to a stop on the cage once more but suddenly his arms and legs gave out. The whole crowd let out a gasp he fell to the ground. He tried to push himself back up but slipped on a thin layer of his own blood.Bookmark here

“How???”Bookmark here

“If you come in with a defensive mindset, you’ve already lost the match. That was Berry’s problem, he knew that you were the better vorer and he acted like it. But counterattacking is not a defensive play, it’s an intelligent one.”Bookmark here

Just then Clark noticed the chunks of flesh missing from his arms and legs. He was so hopped up on adrenaline he hadn’t noticed but every time he had attacked, Vorelando had bitten back. Small enough that no single bite would seem like it came from anything more than a mosquito but over time they had built up, sapping Clark of his endurance.Bookmark here

“Vore has no time limit Clark, this is a battle of attrition, once you missed your first attack, you were cooked.”Bookmark here

“I haven’t lost yet!”Bookmark here

“Sure you have.”Bookmark here

The crowd was dead silent. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The number 1 ranked junior vorer in the state was being bested by someone who’d arrived as a spectator, a no name with serious game.Bookmark here

Vorelando’s footsteps echoed in the arena as he walked over to Clark and picked him up by the neck.Bookmark here

“I’m going to show you the respect you didn’t show to Berry, I’m going to kill you first so you don’t feel anything, then I’m going to eat you piece by piece.”Bookmark here

Vorelando went to tighten his grip around Clark’s neck to snap it but as he did, Clark’s body vanished into thin air.Bookmark here

“I told you I hadn’t lost boy, I’ll never lose, not to the likes of you!”Bookmark here

Vorelando craned his neck to look directly above him. There was Clark, hanging from the ceiling, locked and loaded and dripping blood onto the ground below. Vorelando tensed up, dodging an attack from above was going to be difficult.Bookmark here

As the two stared each other down, a drop of Clark’s blood hit Vorelando in the eye, causing him to blink. This was all the opening Clark needed. He launched himself like a bullet directly downwards and screeched.Bookmark here


Vorelando couldn’t react fast enough. Clark’s teeth made contact with his skull, gluing him to the spot. The corkscrew motion of Clark’s attack gave him the traction he needed, his teeth pulling the rest of Vorelando’s body into his mouth in an instant as he crashed face first into the ground.Bookmark here

The crowd held their breath. A cloud of debris had been thrown up into the air by Clark’s attack, obscuring the result. Bookmark here

As the dust settled, a silhouette came into view. Battered, bloody but not beaten, Clark Eaton lay on the ground.Bookmark here

“I won! I did it! I DID IT!”Bookmark here

The announcer didn’t even bother announcing the result, he was too busy cheering with the delirious crowd.Bookmark here

The crowd in Crackremento Arena would never as loud again as they were that night. The night they witnessed the defeat of Vorelando Jones.Bookmark here

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