Chapter 2:

Deathly Realities (1)

Sinking Detective

"Their asking life"

Not holding back, the words flowed willingly off her tongue.

Her life? It's not something I haven't seen before but...the majority of them are either a high placing official or someone the individual has a grudge against yet, she doesn't seem to know anything of the man.

"Do you have any idea why they'd be after your life? A grudge, reason, anything?"

I just can't wrap my head around it. In the usual case, someone would as for money, freedom, any form of extortion for person gain, the reasons for it are mainly obvious. But, when it comes to killing, there's always a motive. Even if there was no target, they had a motive into why they wanted to kill someone. Of course, in this case there has to be a motive. After all, they asked specifically for her. What is she keeping from me?

"Well, about two years ago, I got into an accident. My injuries were severe and possibly even fatal. Actually, if it hadn't been for the operation, I would have died. But, at the same time I had my accident, another girl my age had a similar one. At the time, the place was being overrun, barely any doctors were free and there were only enough professionals to do a single operation. In the moment, my father did everything he could to make them choose me and in the end, they did"

She deeply sighed. She looked as though she blamed herself for it.

"Because of that, the other girl didn't have enough doctors to do the operation and the less experienced ones that had a chance ended up refusing"

"It makes sense. Anyone would be too scared to do such a dangerous operation, especially when you're unsure you have the skill to do it"

After that, she continued to explain how the girl ended up dying since she couldn't get the necessary operation and that, much like herself, the parents of the girl ended up blaming her for the girl's death. Due to this, they became broken, depreciating sanity with every moment until they finally reached their limit and planned this attack. What they are really vengeance.

Their hate is misplaced. No single person is to be blamed for that. Still, in the mind of the parents, it makes sense to blame the lucky girl who lived in their daughter's place. Sadly, since they can't think straight, they don't realise that killing that girl will do nothing but make their daughter's death completely pointless. This is going to be a vexing case.

If only she were here, she'd know the solution.

A memory appeared in my mind. Inside, there was a girl laughing while hiding behind cover.Bookmark here

She was a true beauty, striking silver hair and bewitching blue eyes.
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"Are we really going to just waltz in there? We'll get killed!" I sharply advised against the insane plan.

"Hey, don't tell me you're scared? Live a little would you" she smiled radiantly.

"Fine. But if I get killed here, you better destroy my computer"

Hearing my words, she looked over while laughing quietly. Although we were talking casually, we were right inside enemy territory. In fact, there was a tall, burly man patrolling the vicinity right ahead of us, holding a huge gun on his back.

In his hand however, he was grasping a blade. On the left side of his belt were three syringes, all filled with the same red liquid.

"Oo. Even the patrol units of this place have olixeds. This is going to be fun!" she smiled even brighter.

You're kidding me, right? haha, oh well. Not like I'm not excited either, excluded the ninety percent chance I'll die, of course. I wasn't joking, I really hope she breaks that computer. If she sees what's on there...yeah, never mind.

"You know, the chances of us dying here just increased"

I should have quit this thing a long time ago. I mean, we aren't even real detectives.

"What's with a little danger?"

"Can't get into any more if I'm dead"

"No worries, I'll make sure to throw your computer straight out the window if you do" she smirked.

"Why do I get the feeling you've looked through my computer"

"Because I have"


"Come on. It's time. Let's go"

She jumped over the large, camouflage vehicle we were taking refuge behind and charged in. In her right hand was a black pistol, yet it was nothing like an ordinary pistol. It was a special gun capable of wielding the special bullets with the ability to easily dispatch an olixed user.

Sigh. I suppose I should follow suite. After that, we used our guns, Aika wielding two, to take out the patrol units.

Ugh. Why do I keep thinking about things like that. It's over now; she's dead.
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"We'll start everything tomorrow. For now, I'm going to come up with a plan to stop them. We have two objectives: Take out the kidnappers, and save Midori"

Midori was the innocent friend of Takagawa Suzuha, the girl who's life was being threatened.

"Okay. Please save her. Before I go, could we exchange Link IDs? It would make chatting with you easier"

Link? Oh, right.

She put her red phone out with her ID open. In exchange, I put my black phone out with my own ID on and put it on hers. DING. Just like that, we had exchanged IDs.

"You do know our messages can be intercepted, right?"

Thinking over, I decided to inform her. Since I didn't know her well, I had no clue if she was smart enough to know something like that.

"Of course. It's just to meet up. Plus, Link messages are encrypted so it would be fine anyway. If drug dealers can use it to sell their gear, we can use it to do something as simple as set up a meeting"

She retorted, slightly offended when realising the image I had of her in my head.

"C-Calm down. We're all friends here"

Oh...actually, I just assumed that. We're not friends, she's just my client, and perhaps my assistant, I suppose. Though, I doubt she'll actually stick to that.

"Well, see you tomorrow" she waved goodbye, sliding the door open and exiting, leaving alone.

That's right. Tomorrow is the day. I promise, Aika, I will continue your legacy. I lost my way for some time but...I won't let you down.

Sinking Detective

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