Chapter 5:

What is she hiding?

The Untold

“Miss Abe you really don’t have to feel pressured. I’m just so tired from all the work today. We needed to go such a long way to go to the scene remember? I want to rest a bit. I would very much appreciate if you leave me now.”

“… Can I use the restroom before going?”

“Yeah sure. You know I’m not that cruel right?”


“She even found out about me arriving a week early…”

“What exactly is this FBI agent trying to do? As soon as she showed up she started playing with the system. I don’t like her.”

“Are you done? You’re taking a lot longer than I thought.”


“I just made you a cup of coffee. Drink before it cools down. You know I don’t have a bad heart right? I just have a habit of doubting everyone that’s it.”


“Do you like the coffee? I actually used to work a part time job in a café as a teenager. So I’m a bit sensitive about the taste of my coffee so I make my own coffee. Does it match your taste?”
“I guess we have a long way to go. Seems like we don’t click that well.”

“Oh. I like sweeter drinks. I guess you don’t.”

“I like dark coffee and bitter stuff are mostly my style. I’m not that good with sweets.”

“I see.”

“Anyway Miss McAdams thanks for the coffee. Though I didn’t enjoy mine, hope you enjoyed yours. You should have some rest. I’ll leave here than.”

“Good night.”


“I don’t like her.”

“Hello everyone I’m Cindy McAdams. I’m sorry I couldn’t introduce myself properly yesterday. I was just being a bit sensitive about the case and the whole thing, but you should also socialize with the people around you as well. Hope you would take care of me. Thank you in advance.”


“Welcome Miss McAdams I’m Sakakibara Riko from the intelligence department. It’s nice to have such a beautiful young lady in our team. It seems like spring has finally come to our station. Our station barely has any beauties.”

“Please don’t mind him Miss McAdams. He just always acts like this. I’m Hikari Momo. Nice to meet you. Hope we can work hard together and uncover the truth.”

“Yes of course…”

“Miss McAdams, we would like to have a small meeting among the members of the special case team. Please join us.”

“Yes, Coming… It was nice meeting you too. Let’s meet later.”

“She seems different right?”

“Yeah her aura also seems different from the others. Wonder how she got a hold of the case?”

“Miss McAdams here are the necessary information on the meeting for today. We hope you will cooperate with us well. The meeting will begin now.”


“Now everyone I want your attention on this case. This case by far has been very tough for us to deal with for the lack of evidence and witnesses. And the blood found near the factory doesn’t lead to much either. The person who found it seems to be innocent. So we all have to search full on to find the hidden clues.”

“But Miss Abe, the phone record of the girls before going missing seem to be normal and also it does look like some them really went to or were taken to the factory area as the signal received from the phones say.”

“Yes that’s right. They really went there and the blood wasn’t just left there as a bait.”

“Well you never know. This whole thing could be a bait, right Miss Abe? After working so long on so many criminal cases it seems like everyone is aware of this whole being digitally fooled thing. And how can you be sure they went there in person? Their phones could have been disposed there later after the abduction. And as for the blood the same could have happened. But my question is how could the police leave such a critical witness just like that without much interrogation? I mean an area which is so remote that you can’t find anyone near you no matter which time of the day you go, yet surprisingly an old man seemed to be passing by that area so coincidently around there trying to find his alleged grandson who came from abroad while playing with him the day after one of the 9 girls went missing and found the blood didn’t seem to bother you at all. And then you just simply let the man go without noting his personal information or anything and just asked him to leave within an hour. And ever since then the old man was never found. So what exactly are you implying through this investigation? I have never believed in coincidental encounter and never will and to me this whole so called investigation seems like nothing more than a cover up act by SOMEONE I guess.”