Chapter 4:

The backstory of the girls

The Untold

“Actually you know what? I just came today and I’ve been working from the moment I came here. I want to get some rest. I don’t care about the corrupt going around in the team. See you tomorrow.”

“How could she just drop such a bomb and leave like that? And is she crazy to frame you like that? Ma’am did we bring the wrong file by chance? There’s no way something like this would happen.”


“Just as I knew the police are hiding something and are trying to cover some of the truth. But the question is why? From what it seems like Yuta Adachi doesn’t seem to know about the corruption going around and he seemed rather surprised after hearing about the missing pages. But Miss Abe was surprisingly too calm. I don’t know if I’m taking a risk now by lying or not, but they really did edit out the pages. I received 2 files in total. A file at the beginning of last month with all the pages and then one after a few days with edited out pages. They even notified me that the pages that were left out were basically out of context information and was of no use. If Miss Abe finds out I lied to her to find the truth, I think things might get a bit difficult. But this whole situation is a bit too off for me. Not everything can be a coincidence.”

Cindy had been trying to get some information out before coming to Japan. But failed as she didn’t have a trust worthy source. But even after coming here she couldn’t find much. It’s like this case is very secretive. SO she lied about coming to Japan that day and came a week ago to find additional information on the case. She interviewed as many people as possible. But nothing much came out of it.

“But it seems like the missing girls in spite of being popular they weren’t the nicest kids around. They were pretty much the bully. They were everyone’s favorite and that was what protected them from being blacklisted from the society. They used their fame to bully the weak ones and those who weren’t that attractive. Some of the younger missing girls were in high school and was infamous for being cruel and a horrible bully. But their family seems unknown to the fact. Though none of them had any history of having a tough family life but some of their family members are influential and rich. So is the suspect targeting rich bratty kids?”

All information seems blurry to Cindy as the police around her are also remaining pretty much silent. As if they want her to just leave as soon as possible and they want to keep this case to themselves.

“They are hiding something. But Mr Adachi isn’t like the others for some reason. Maybe I could use him to find the truth. Today I also had a conversation with Mr Akazawa and he also seemed willing to help me and he wants to find the culprit as soon as possible. But the leader seems very silent. As if she doesn’t even care about the case, which is so out of character for her after revising her personality. I just have to work hard on this case myself.”

While Cindy was lost in her thoughts suddenly a knock appeared on her front door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s me Sakura Abe, Miss McAdams.”

“What are you doing here at my hotel room? How did you know I was staying here?”

“I just asked the section head. But after coming here it seems like you actually came here a week back. So exactly what were you busy doing here for a week? I believe traveling around can’t be an answer.”

“Of course. From the current situation it doesn’t seem so. I was just trying to find some information on the case as I can’t seem to believe in the people in charge of the case.”

“Oh, I see. But I wanted to know why you lied about me getting rid of some pages from the file? It seems like you are suspecting me of doing something I believe I didn’t do.”

“But I never said I believe you are some kind of suspect or anything. Why are you getting so ahead of yourself? Are you really that desperate?”