Chapter 6:

I don't like her

The Untold

“Chief we have a bad news. We just got another missing person report!”

“What? What are the details?”

“The victim matches the exterior description of the previous victims. So the family members are terrified right now. The media also somehow got involved. I think we need to do something quick.”

“Yes we need to step up our game. I’ll be finishing the meeting here. I hope all of you would cooperate with the case accordingly.”


“So when did she possibly go missing?”

“Last night she was supposed to drop by her friend’s house to work on the class group project. But she didn’t reach at her friend’s place even long after leaving her home. So everyone got worried and started searching for her on their own. All of their neighbors also helped them searching for her but couldn’t find her anywhere and her phone was also switched off. But after looking for a while, they found her abandoned phone near a lake. It seems like it was disposed. But this is the first time to see that the culprit actually leave something behind. The culprit usually just completely clears everything but this time he left a piece behind.”

“Does the media know about the phone?”

“Yes. Apparently the victim’s uncle is a reporter so he started to publish all the details regarding the disappearance of his niece.”

“Are you crazy? All the information got publically revealed?! Are you kidding me? Who does he think he is? Which broadcasting agency does he work under? How come the higher-ups aren’t saying anything?”

“Sorry ma’am. Before we could take any actions, the details were already published.”

“Miss Abe calm down. Why are you getting so worked up about the information being publically revealed? You haven’t publically revealed any information regarding the case. So the public was visibly doubting the police force’s abilities. But now that at least some information got public, they can have some hope to go through. But it seems like you hate the idea of it. Why so? Aren’t we suppose to console them and ensure that they are going to get the justice they are looking for after all? So it seems like publicizing some information can’t be a big deal. We in the states also publicize some news.”

“I would like to deal with my case in my own way.”

“I get that you are in charge of this case and all that but from the pace of the investigation and the output from it is very blurry. It seems like every single truth is hiding behind a heavy lair of fog.”

“I would appreciate if you didn’t try to put up a fight against me. We are going through a crucial time of the case and I would appreciate everyone’s assistance.”

“Sure then let’s do that. Shouldn’t we go to the scene?”

“Yes we should. A few officers have already arrived at the scene. They also received the mobile phone as an evidence. So we have to go there to lead the investigation.”

“Okay let’s go then.”

“Miss McAdams really picked Miss Abe to bully right away after coming in. Wonder what’s going to happen between them. I don’t think things will go that easy for the special case department.”

“Ma’am we have taken a look at the scene thoroughly and nothing much was found here. There weren’t anything out of order either. But we are trying to retrieve some information from the phone that we found on the scene. This area isn’t easy to look at and find any kind of information. This lake basically washed everything away. But Miss McAdams suggested us to still take a few samples of the lake water near where the phone was found. So we did that and sent it for further tests.”


“Miss Abe, seems like the scene is clean. And by the whole look of this specific case, it seems like leaving the phone wasn’t intentional but rather a mistake. As the culprit never left any clues behind but this time missed such a crucial piece of evidence without even messing with it. The phone seems rather fine and is also working after charging for a while. So I thought we should try and find some information from the phone to I asked them to send it for further tests to see if they can find any fingerprints or drop or any kind of DNA. They also are going to check the call history alongside the internet history. You know working on so many crazy cases in the states made me into a more thorough person. I know you are the one in charge but I thought I should also take some actions as I’m also working on it, right? I’ll go have a look now. You can finish your conversation with the other officers.”

“… I really don’t like her…”