Chapter 8:

Battery at the end of the world.

The Last Light We Saw Before The Battle Begins

"Wait a radio?" I asked confused.Bookmark here

"But it's out of battery, isn't there one here? this takes two." Hana asked.Bookmark here

"Of course not, I didn't even remenbered I had a radio."Bookmark here

"Does that mean you don't need batteries for anything?" Hana was confused.Bookmark here

I get a glass of water and start drinking while I talk:
Bookmark here

"I always use my cell phone I don't need batteries, stopping to think I lost my phone in high school.Bookmark here

"This is a problem may be having some transmission with information of what is happening." Hana complains.
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"Can't you use your electricity to turn it on?"
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"You've seen the strength of my electricity and it could end up blowing up the radio, better not risk it."
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I remembered a grocery store at a gas station that wasn't too far from home.
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"Do you want to pick up batteries from the market on the gas station?" Bookmark here

"And just go out for that?"Bookmark here

"Of course not, we can take whatever is there." I replied with a little smile. "There will be no danger that horde of skinny is no longer on the street."Bookmark here

"Will every night be like this?" Hana sighed.Bookmark here

"I knew you would notice, I think it would be better to barricade the windows, even the ones above." I suggested.Bookmark here

"Not yet, let's look for batteries first." Bookmark here

"Because? We can do this tomorrow." iquestionedBookmark here

"I have a feeling we should do this first." Hana was serious.
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I hesitated a bit as it might as well not have anything being broadcast on the radio, but I ended up deciding to go along with it.
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"Alright Hana let's do this, but with one condition."
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"What is the condition?" Bookmark here

"You make breakfast while I go wake everyone up."Bookmark here

"Whatever, I was about to do it."Bookmark here

While Hana went to make breakfast I went upstairs and woke everyone up.
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While Hana went to make breakfast I went upstairs and woke everyone up, when everyone went down the food was already on the table Hana had made a curry, we all ate and when we finished I started talking about what we would do for the day.
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"So guys, Hana found a radio and we don't have batteries so let's all go out to the gas station market to get batteries and whatever is useful there."
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"Why do we all have to go? it's not enough to have woken up early." Rika complainedBookmark here

"Just yesterday you said you would help with anything." I lied.
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"What, i think you are distorting things." Bookmark here

"Since you're willing to help I can't refuse." I ignore her.
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"Satori, isn't it better that we leave someone at home to watch?" Hideki askedBookmark here

"I thought about it but I think we'd all better go because it's safe that way." I explained "And I have an idea that I might need all of us in case there's any skinny ones there."Bookmark here

When I was done talking I took a shoulder bag from a cupboard under the stairs and gave it to Saya.
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"Thanks." Saya thanked.
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"It's not a gift this is part of your job that only you can do." I explained.
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Saya ends up getting embarrassed: "Sorry."Bookmark here

"It's OK." I comfort her. "So guys, let's go."
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We all got out of the house and started walking down the street towards the post, there was no sign that a horde of monsters had passed through the street. 
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I wondered why there weren't any skinny ones on the streets during the day, but ignored it when I saw that there were some houses flying through the skies far away like our high school.
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After probably 10 minutes we arrived at the gas station and were ready to start the robbery.Bookmark here

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