Chapter 7:

The Dinner and the Night of the end of the world.

The Last Light We Saw Before The Battle Begins

Everyone gathered in the living room and I started talking:Bookmark here

"What I found out was this, the creature seems to have bad hearing because it could have attacked me at any time but it only attacked when I opened the door and it saw me."Bookmark here

"But Satori we were silent." Keita questioned.Bookmark here

"Even so, anyone would hear someone opening and closing doors and I was listening to you mess around in the kitchen Keita." I explained. "But the bad thing is that they only make noise when they're going to attack because if I had heard them I wouldn't have opened the door."Bookmark here

It was getting even darker.Bookmark here

Hana looked down the street and said:Bookmark here

"Better start making dinner we haven't eaten since morning."Bookmark here

"Yeah what's dinner?" Rika perked up.Bookmark here

"Rika, you will make dinner." Hana ordered.Bookmark here

"Huh, why me?" Rika was pissed off.Bookmark here

"You haven't done anything all day besides complaining, you also have to help." Hana looks proud to say this.Bookmark here

"If that's the problem then Saya hasn't done anything but apologize all day." Rika kept complaining.Bookmark here

"Sorry for being useless." Saya apologized.Bookmark here

Hana and Rika continued arguing until Rika remembered that she was hungry and went to make everyone's dinner.Bookmark here

After ten minutes she came back with a plate of ramen for each one everyone looked at her with a serious face and she said:Bookmark here

"I have never cooked food before I just followed the instructions on the package." Rika made an excuse looking at the walls.Bookmark here

Everyone started eating and looked like they were very hungry after a tiring and confusing day like this, anyone would be, after dinner I went into the kitchen and got some candles so it wouldn't get too dark.Bookmark here

Then night came we all went up to try to sleep the boys would be in my room and the girls in the room that nobody was using.Bookmark here

I lit the candle in my room and lay down on my bed while Keita and Hideki lay on the floor on the roll-up mattresses I had saved.Bookmark here

"What a crazy day right guys?" Hideki started the conversation.Bookmark here

"Yeah" Keita agreed.Bookmark here

"Do you have any theories of what might have happened?" I asked.Bookmark here

"No idea maybe it was a supernatural force, Aliens or divine punishment." Hideki made an assumption.Bookmark here

"Who knows man, what matters is that we're alive." Keita sighed as if relieving the stress.Bookmark here

"Stopping to think we haven't slept here in a long time." Hideki made an observation.Bookmark here

"When was the last time?"  Keita tries to remember.Bookmark here

"I think the last time was right after my parents died." I wasn't sure about that.Bookmark here

"I also think it was at that time." Keita tries to confirm.Bookmark here

Hideki and Keita, we never liked melancholy so when we talk about these things we talk like it's any other casual subject.Bookmark here

"Damn man I hope my sister is alright." Hideki rubs his head.Bookmark here

I fall silent and start looking out my window at the street.Bookmark here

"Don't worry man she must be somewhere safe." Keita tries to comfort Hideki.Bookmark here

"Hey blow out the candle." I ordered.Bookmark here

"Why?" Hideki asked.Bookmark here

"Put out the candle first and come see."Bookmark here

Keita extinguished the candle and came to the window with Hideki, when they looked outside they were surprised.Bookmark here

A lot of skinny ones were walking through the streets with different colors some similar to what we found in the neighbor's house.Bookmark here

"Shouldn't we tell the girls about this?" Hideki askedBookmark here

"Hana sure has noticed." I answered "Let's get out of the window before they see us."Bookmark here

We crouched down and lay down again.Bookmark here

"What are we going to do?" Keita asked worriedly.Bookmark here

"If they don't see us they won't attack us." I answered.Bookmark here

"What if they try to break in the house?" Keita questioned.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, let's do what anyone would do at this time, let's barricade the windows." I gave the idea.Bookmark here

When it was morning I was the first to wake up and went down to prepare the materials for the barricade, Hana was already awake and told me:Bookmark here

"Good morning Satori, I found a radio in our room."Bookmark here

"Good morning did you see last night..." I stopped "Wait a radio?"Bookmark here

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