Chapter 6:

The inevitable meeting


" You sure have a way with words. I’m coming with you!"Bookmark here

" Then let’s get this off. Shō, it’s showtime!"Bookmark here

" Yes sir!"Bookmark here

" How many times did I told you to stop calling me that?"Bookmark here

" Sorry sir."Bookmark here

" You did it again."Bookmark here

" Thanks!"Bookmark here

" No need. I would like to introduce myself but there is no time. Are you ready to run?"Bookmark here

" Yes sir!"Bookmark here

" You are doing that intentionally, aren’t you?"Bookmark here

" Perhaps. Let’s go!"Bookmark here

" I have a plan. You know where we are right?"Bookmark here

" In the city down below, right?"Bookmark here

" That would have been awesome but we are actually in the dome."Bookmark here

" What?"Bookmark here

" Do you think they would have let you in a dump in which you could escape anytime? They need you to find out about the curse.Bookmark here

" The curse?"Bookmark here

" No time. I also can’t explain the plan, so I ask you to trust me. Can you do that?"Bookmark here

" Do I really have a choice?"Bookmark here

" That’s what I thought. Let’s go!"Bookmark here

They all started running and Hikaru followed them. They turned right, the place where the loud sound came from earlier. It was a big hole in the wall up ahead.Bookmark here

" Hey! Are your powers based on blood control?"Bookmark here

" Yes."Bookmark here

" I would cut myself if I where you. Miyu give him a knife!"Bookmark here

" Do I really have to?"Bookmark here

" Just do it already!"Bookmark here

" Ok, ok."Bookmark here

" Thanks, I guess."Bookmark here

" One last thing."Bookmark here

" What?"Bookmark here

" Jump."Bookmark here

As they reached the hole everyone jumped, so Hikaru did the same, but when he got out of the building he saw the whole city. It was beautiful. All the buildings were massive. It was all so bright. The city was covered in neon lights. It was the polar opposite of the city down below. Bookmark here

" I don’t want to ruin your fun but you need to land down there."Bookmark here

As Hikaru looked down he realized he was at one of the highest points in the city. Where he needed to land was about 5 floors below.Bookmark here

" Miyu do your thing."Bookmark here

When he said that they all got teleported on the platform, except Hikaru. Bookmark here

'I cannot believe this. What should I do? I might be able to survive if I use both enhancement and my blood.'Bookmark here

He activated his strength enhancement because that also hardens his body, and he covered his feet in hardened blood. When he touched the ground his blood defense broke and he almost broke his feet but his enhancement managed to pull through.Bookmark here

" Seems like you are pretty strong. I couldn’t have done that."Bookmark here

" You sure are a crazy bastard. Now what?"Bookmark here

" Get aboard the train."Bookmark here

" What train?"Bookmark here

" You are staying on him."Bookmark here

" This is a train?"Bookmark here

" I forgot. You didn’t come here before. I will explain inside. We need to go."Bookmark here

" Shō, did you managed to start?"Bookmark here

" Yes sir! Are we all inside?"Bookmark here

" Of course. Let’s go!"Bookmark here

As the train started it moved so fast he couldn’t see the station anymore.Bookmark here

" This is so fast."Bookmark here

" I know. We will get to the platform in about 15 min."Bookmark here

" And how far is that?"Bookmark here

" 90 km."Bookmark here

" What? This is insane."Bookmark here

" I guess the only trains you learned about down there are the one with coal, right?"Bookmark here

" Yes! So this is a normal train for them?"Bookmark here

" No. This is the fastest in the city. The others come close but this is the best."Bookmark here

" Then why was there a station for it in front of the prison. Anyone could do what we just did."Bookmark here

" That’s where you are wrong. The police station is structured so you can’t take it. The first five floors are the station itself, the ten floors left are the prison. The higher you are the more dangerous and important you are, so you were on the highest floor, from that floor you can’t get to the train as it is on the tenth floor, unless you have powers like us. The station was made before powers like ours started to surface, and the train only leads to the prison and the platform. It was made to get prisoners there fast so they couldn’t cause any more problems."Bookmark here

" Ok. I understand now."Bookmark here

" Sir! There is someone on the track!"Bookmark here

" So they already mobilized. Let him climb on the roof!"Bookmark here

" Miyu!"Bookmark here

" Yes."Bookmark here

" Can you get ride of him?"Bookmark here

" Is that even a question?"Bookmark here

" Go wild but don’t waste time, we don’t have much more until we arrive."Bookmark here

" Roger that."Bookmark here

A loud bang was heard on the roof of the train. Miyu got out the window and went after the sound.Bookmark here

" Wait a second! How can they battle on a train moving at this speed?"Bookmark here

" It’s actually pretty easy. The police guy is a robot so he can have some kind of grip on his feet, but Miyu can just enhance her body because if she does she will have enough strength in them to hold on to the surface. Now let’s go watch!"Bookmark here

As I got out the window to see the fight I heard Miyu’s voice taunting the enemy and just before the fight started she said something.Bookmark here

" Game on!"Bookmark here

She assumed a battle stance in which she could touch the ground. Hikaru saw her leaving a sign on the ground, but it was clear she didn’t want the enemy to know so she took two knifes out of her boots and throwed them at his head. The knifes had the same symbol as the one she left on the ground. The police man dodged both knifes but when he looked in front of him again she was gone. He heard a breath from behind and when he turned she was there with another knife. She stabbed him in the shoulder. The police man didn’t even flinch but she already disappeared. Then he felt a strong kick from behind. She returned to where she started and jumped using the speed of the train to kick the police. It was enough to make him lose his footing and fall off. She almost feel with him but she managed to hang on to the end of the train using enhancement.Bookmark here

'Is that a smile on her face? I think I'm seeing things.'Bookmark here

"Sir, one of them managed to get in."Bookmark here

"I leave this to you Hikaru."Bookmark here

Hikaru took a glass from a table, broke it and cut his hand. As he summoned his sword he started to enhance his body. The policeman who made it was just enrolled so he didn't have time to get used to his newly upgraded body so as Hikaru sprinted at him his reaction wasn't fast enough so he attempted a neck slice but in the middle of it Hikaru hesitated and hit him with the pommel in the temple. After he knocked him out he turned around to see Miyu with a death stare.Bookmark here

"What was that? You want us dead?"Bookmark here

" SIR! We need to jump off. Now!"Bookmark here

"We will talk about this later. Let's go for now."Bookmark here

As they jumped off the train they got between two buildings. There was a sewer mouth. they climbed down the stairs into the sewer. The whole thing was massive. You could fit a whole army in there.Bookmark here

" What are we doing here?"Bookmark here

" We need to teleport with Miyu’s powers but it’s not so easy. Her powers have a range, even doe it’s massive, the range is still there, so we need jump."Bookmark here

" Of course. Makes sense."Bookmark here

As soon as we got to the lowest point Miyu put one of her signs on the wall and Shō camouflaged it, and then she put a sign on all of their backs, and as she finished Shō punched a hole in the ground. The second Shō stepped away Hikaru felt something hitting him from behind. It was Ryūji, he pushed him.Bookmark here

"Are you crazy? I'm going to die."Bookmark here

"Stop screaming you coward!"Bookmark here

they all jumped and as soon as they got close to half of the the distance without even a second passing Hikaru found himself in a strange place. It was like a bunker and it had nuclear explosion signs all over the place.Bookmark here

" Welcome to the base! Like it?"Bookmark here

"I'm going to kill you!"Bookmark here

"Sorry, did that scare you?"Bookmark here

"You sick bastard! Anyway, what is this place?"
Bookmark here

" It was the nuclear bunker which was used in the third world war."Bookmark here

" Third world war?"Bookmark here

" Guess they don’t call it that, do they? They called it the cleansing."Bookmark here

" The one in which almost all humanity died for a greater cause, and this is the last remaining city?"Bookmark here

" Yes, but it wasn’t a greater cause. They did it for power. The world was destroyed because of a feud between more countries, but Japan was ready for it and build this and a shield which could stop the radiation if the explosion wasn’t really close, and inside that shield was constructed this city. That’s why we can’t go to far from the wall, there is nothing but a wasteland out there. Anyway, we have a room available for you, Shō will lead you there."Bookmark here

It was a small room. It was just a bed, a shelf above the bed and a desk, all cramped in there, but to Hikaru it felt cozy, he didn’t sleep in a bed for so long. When he was ready to go to sleep someone came. It was Ryūji.Bookmark here

" Hey buddy!"Bookmark here

" I want to sleep. Be quick!"Bookmark here

" This is a serious matter! Please listen."Bookmark here

" Ok. Tell me."Bookmark here

" I checked your background."Bookmark here

" And?"Bookmark here

" You killed a man, and not just any man, you had altercations with him before didn't you?Bookmark here

"Yes. He is the reason I lost everything."Bookmark here

Hikaru looked at the ground. Ryūji noticed the depressed tone in which he said it.
Bookmark here

"I will tell you a secret. I never killed before."Bookmark here

Hikaru lifted his face to see a dead serious Ryūji.Bookmark here

"How is it to kill someone?"Bookmark here

"At first i thought it would make me finally happy, after all he was the reason i was unhappy, but i would only find emptiness and self hatred. The reason i killed him was for killing my friend, but aren't I exactly like him? I keep asking myself the same question everyday, but I can't stop now, I need to see this through the end."Bookmark here

"Then i only have one solution for you. Help me make a better world, in which people don't need to become killers. I want you to sacrifice your humanity to help me reach my dream, nothing will change if we aren't ready to make sacrifices. Are you in this with me?"Bookmark here

'Was I a coward all this time? Did I try to give up after giving up my morals?'Bookmark here

"After that speech made especially for me? How could i say no?"Bookmark here

" I'm glad to have you. I don't know if we have enough power to fight this war. I don't think we have enough even with you, but I need to keep pushing forward, even if the odds are impossible I have people who believe in me, and i have people i believe in. See you tomorrow."Bookmark here

"See ya!"Bookmark here

'Does that mean he believes in me? I need to get myself in the game. I can't keep holding back. I either hold their backs like i should or leave, I can't keep doing this, i don't want people important to me to die again.'Bookmark here

As he said that he cowered in the corner as he fell asleep there.Bookmark here

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