Chapter 5:



It was dark. There was no source of light anywhere, the only thing that was there in the dark was a chained man sleeping. The place started to brighten up. Three men entered a door and stopped in front of the man’s cell. He opened the door and entered. The man was woken up with a punch in the stomach. It was Hikaru.

" Good morning princess!"

It was the mountain of a man at the bar.

" Name’s Masami. Didn’t get a chance to introduce myself at the bar."

" You?"

" What? It’s my face? I just got out of bed so."

" Shut up."

" Seems like you didn’t lose hope yet, well it’s nothing that can’t be solved with another one or two days in the dark. Good night!"

" Wait! What are you here for?"

" To ask some questions. Are you ready? You are on the clock."

— …

" Come on! Say something. It’s no fun otherwise."

" I’m not your personal circus."

" You’re a funny guy, do you get that often?"

" …"

" Why do you want to ruin my mood so badly? Anyway let’s get back on topic. Are you a part of the terrorist group?"

" No."

" Then what were you doing there last night?"

" Looking for them?"

" And why would you do that?"

" I thought they would know what is happening to my body."

" So you don’t know? I was here to find out more about that ability. What a disappointment. We can’t even use you as bait. You are basically useless."

" Thank you mister nice guy."

" Guess I’m going to get yelled at today. What a pain in the ass. Look, I have a guest for you so don’t try anything stupid because you can’t. we used drugs on you until you healed up and now that you can’t get hurt to let your blood out we are using anesthetic on you so you don’t move besides that there is Tarō outside this door so thread carefully. I’m going let you to have a private time. Bye, bye!"

As he left a middle aged woman entered the door. She had short dark hair and dead black eyes.

" Did we meet before?"

" You don’t know me, but I know you better than anyone."

" What is that supposed to mean?"

" I am the mother of Katashi."

As she said that, Hikaru felt a strong feeling of disgust. The only thing he could see in front of him was Katashi’s face with a hole in it.

" Why are you here?"

" Because I wanted to see the hypocrite who destroyed my family."

" And you came here to cry about it?"

" No. I want to know why, so tell me why did you kill him?"

" Why? Because he is the piece of shit who destroyed my life and he came back for more."

" I understand that. I never pretended that my son was a good person. He was an awful person with a superiority complex and you challenged his complex. My question is was it really necessary?"

" Yes. He deserved it. Society is better without him."

Even doe that’s what he was saying, he didn’t believe himself. This was just him trying to justify his actions to himself. Somewhere in the back of his mind the words of his mother were still ringing.


And with that scream, tears started to come out.

" I don’t care if he killed or stole or anything. He was my son! I have one more question for you. Are you really better than him?"

" Get to the point already! Of course I am, but you have something in mind so say it."

" I heard he killed your friend this encounter, right? What was his name? Shion I think."

" …"

" Guess I’m right then. Why did my son kill him? Out of hatred for you, right?"

" …"

" And why did you kill my son? Out of hatred, right?"

In that moment every justification Hikaru had in his mind was gone. Every thing that kept him sane after that horrible event was gone. His mind was full of Katashi’s face when he killed Shion and his face when he killed Katashi putting them side by side. They were the same.

" Yes but…"

" There’s nothing to say. You are a hypocrite. As simple as that, and I can add even more. One reason to hate him was because he destroyed your precious family. Guess what you did to his family."

" I…"

" Yes, you are no better than my piece of shit of a son. That’s why I will kill you here. I don’t care if I become a hypocrite as long as I see you die, then I can kill myself without any regret."

" What?"

Without any hint of that intention she pulls from under her coat a gun. It was a little pistol which is how she got it in here. When she pointed the gun at Hikaru’s face she started trembling. She was not really ready to take a life, but she pulled the trigger anyway. She missed only grazing Hikaru’s.

" I am weak. I’m sorry Katashi!"

As soon as she fired Tarō entered the room and immobilized her.

" What are you doing ma’am?"

" I wanted to kill that filthy lowlife, but I couldn’t. Please kill him. He defied us nobles. He deserves it, right?"

" No."

" What is that supposed to mean? Are you siding with him?"

" No. I’m just trying to stop the cycle from continuing."

" I don’t have time for your riddles. I need to avenge my son."

" Sorry but you are becoming exactly like him, and that’s how the cycle continues. I also lost someone to them but I won’t go around killing them in return. I’m better than them."

" Just let this be my final task before I die."

" Well I tried. Guess you are no better than him. I shall find a cozy cell for you."

" No, you can’t! I’m a noble."

" I sure as hell can, and if you don’t shut up in going to beat you into a pulp for sneaking a gun in here. Understood?"

" I’m going to make your life hell!"

" I would like to see you try. Now let’s go!"

As they left you could only hear the sound of Katashi’s mother screaming in despair. Hikaru was left with a breaking mind. Every excuse he made for killing Katashi was gone, nothing to keep him from falling down in the depths of despair. He became what he hated, his father, Katashi and the rest of the population of the dome.

'I guess it was all excuses in the end. I was never right. I’m exactly like them.'

" Hey! Are you alright?"

" You should have let her kill me."

" Why?"

" It’s as you said. I’m a hypocrite. I destroyed her family because mine was ripped away. I’m no better."

" And? I was in a similar situation. I still am. I really want to kill you."

" Then why won’t you?"

" As you said, I don’t want to become like you. Look, you did the only thing you could do in that situation as a human being, as you saw earlier, but that doesn’t mean it was the right choice."

" You are contradicting yourself."

" No, I’m not. You took the path that was presented to you, but there was another road, you just didn’t see it. It was the wrong choice doe, so you ended right here."

" So you are saying you can relate to me?"

" Yes, I want to kill you with a burning passion, but my morals won’t let me. A true warrior upholds to his morals, otherwise he is just scum. That’s why you lost to me."

" You seem different from when we fought."

" Of course. Battles are where I feel truly alive, so of course I’m going to be fired up there. After all that’s how a true warrior lives."

" You sure are weird. I quite like you."

" That’s funny. I quite hate you."

" I wasn’t expecting anything else."

" I’m going to leave you for now. Try not to lose your mind in here."

" Thanks, I guess."

'Don’t lose it? What if it’s already lost? What should I do? Wait here to rot away? I don’t really want to die that way. It’s going to be really bad.'

After that Hikaru closed his eyes. When he opened them again he found himself in the white space again.

" Kid, you are really pushing your luck! Making me contact you for a third time, I have my limits you know?"

" Why do you care?"

" I don’t just give this power to anyone. You have a bright future ahead of you."

" You mean a red future, I will not spill any blood anymore."

" You really listened to the old hag. Then let me put it this way. Has anyone ever beaten a monster without becoming one?"

" Again with your puzzles?"

" Just listen, will you?"

" Sure. Why not."

" In the ancient times there where a lot of wars. How do you think one side won? By killing the other, and the ones who won where the ones who were attacked some of the time. That means they were as bad as the ones who attacked. That’s what’s happening right now with the terrorist group. A bigger monster is about to be created so it can swallow the current monster. That’s just human greed, if you want something, you go to incredible lengths to achieve it, even if it means leaving your humanity behind. Why do you think the world is like this right now? Why do you think this is probably the last place where humans can live? Because human greed swallowed this entire world and made it a wasteland. Do you get what I’m saying?"

" I do, but i don't care. I hate what i have become, I hate myself."

"And? You became what you hated, so make sure it wasn't a mistake. Keep pushing so you didn't do it in vain. Now that you've done it there is no turning back, you either die like trash or destroy the other monster so others don't need to become like you. Keep pushing, like she would have wanted."

After all this words Hikaru’s mind was reassured. He finally had a reason to push on and forgive himself. Doubt still remained but his mind did not falter.

" Thanks. You gave me resolve."

" Good, but listen to me, I can’t contact you for some time, I reached my limit. Can you handle it alone for some time?"

" Who do you take me for?"

" As smug as always. Now go."

As soon as he returned to the real world an alarm started in the station. There was an uneasy feeling in the air. There was panic all around, and them a loud sound came from the right side of the corridor in front of the cell. As soon as that happened Tarō passed right in front of his cell going to investigate, but even without a second in between Tarō was sent flying the way he came.

" Are you alright boss? You really overdid it."

" I had no other choice unfortunately."

A man showed himself before Hikaru. He was the one called boss, he had short blonde hair and red eyes. Blood was dripping from his mouth. He had two other people behind him. One was a woman with orange hair caught in a ponytail and she wore glasses, her eyes were also orange and the last one was a kid with white hair and black eyes. The kid bent the bars on his cell and the boss approached Hikaru.

" We don’t have much time, do we? Name's Ryūji. Think fast! Do you join us or remain here? There are a lot of people around here like you and we know about how this little power works. Not a bad deal, is it?"