Chapter 1:

Two lost kids

Black Journey

I walked away from my house with my sister after getting punched in my face because I stole some fruit for my little sister, she was crying after seeing her older brother getting punched and she cannot do anything , the sun is so hot and I wasn’t wearing anything to cover my foot because I gave my shoe to my sister .Bookmark here

“ Marco where will we sleep tonight? “Bookmark here

“ Dont worry your brother will find a place to sleep “Bookmark here

I smiled to her so she don’t be scared, I knew that it willl be hard to find a safe place away from the animal, our village was in the middle of the forest where many bears live.Bookmark here

I found some old arrows I could use them to hunt some fish and some birds , I asked Lina to climb to tree to stay safe up until I come back with some food.Bookmark here

“ Lina I will go search for some food stay her okay ?”Bookmark here

“ I will be waiting for you “Bookmark here

How could my father leave his family like this and go he didn’t keep any money for us , my mother died because she didn’t eat  for a week and she was selling everything we have just to buy food for me and my sister.Bookmark here

I walked for a long distance searching for some water and food , then I heard a voice from behind, I pointed my arrow at him , I saw a little boy holding a bowl full with water .Bookmark here

“ hey you what’s is your name”Bookmark here

He replies “ m.. my name is …. Kai my name is Kai “Bookmark here

I smiled to him and say “ And I am Marco nice to meet you Kai , do you know where is the river??”Bookmark here

“Yes the river is in the north” and he pointed to the direction.Bookmark here

I thanked him and we went together to catch some fish.Bookmark here

“Marco what are you doing here in the forest alone ?”Bookmark here

“I’m not alone I’m here with my sister she is … “Bookmark here

I remembered that I’m my sister is waiting for me , I went running to the place that I leaved her in , Kai followed me .Bookmark here

“ hah….hah… Lina… where are you..”Bookmark here

She runs towards me, she was crying and she said “ Marco where you’ve been ?”Bookmark here

“I was searching for food the I met this boy called Kai”Bookmark here

“H..hi my name is Kai … nice to meet you"Bookmark here

“Hello Kai I’m Lina nice to meet you “ and she smiles with her eyes full with tears.Bookmark here

We went together searching for food , Kai is a very kind boy who leave in a nearby village called kanji, his mother is dead like my mother and he have three siblings two boys and one girl, I have an older brother called Theo but he left us when I was nine.Bookmark here

“Uh we didn’t catch any fish “ Lina saidBookmark here

“ come to my house my father is so good at cooking !!”Bookmark here

Me and Lina shout together “ oh really , thank you Kai !!!!!!!”Bookmark here

We went with Kia to his village, it looks so similar to our village, we entered Kai’s house , we met his family they was so kind with us, and his father was a very good chef.Bookmark here

“ you told me your name was Marco “Bookmark here

“ yes sir and this is my sister Lina “Bookmark here

“ from where did you come?? “Bookmark here

“ We came from Kyoto village “Bookmark here

He stopped eating and he stand up and shout “ get out of my house right now!!”Bookmark here

End of chapter one.Bookmark here

Golden Boy
Takahashi  Eien
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