Chapter 0:


The Butterfly Needle

Ariari Arisu.
Born, 1993.
Skin color, pale white.

As a kid, I loved being asked my name, and I would reply in a moment's haste
"Ariari Arisu"
"Where do you live?"

It all started the moment I was born, not that I was a special kid, I was just your normal healthy baby. I came to this world on Sept. 18. Incidentally, that's also the debut date of one of my favorite singer-songwriter 'IU', tho I took my time discovering about her!
Frankly speaking, it took me lots of time, I only came to know about her existence,
two years ago!
In 2019.

Lots of odd numbers already! Which is why, I'm quite biased towards an odd number, even the smartphone models I have owned, happen to be all in odd numbers, 1, 3, 5, 3.

The 'Note 3' I owned quite served me well, for a whole '5' years in total.
I had owned an 'S5' model previously, but it didn't serve it's time properly.
It served a little less than 40 days.
In less than 40 days, I had managed to loss it.
While playing the bumper cars!
From the amusement park.

Surely, I consider myself a grown up,
I probably did so, five years ago too,
And I wanted to play it, so badly. 
The bumper cars...

Then again, what's lost is lost, and I have no intention to lament on that any further.

As someone who isn't fond of talks about parting, about endings, or about birth, I tried to skip this part altogether, but I thought a prologue is rather needed, and new beginnings have always managed their ways after all endings. I'm gonna talk a bit more how I came into this world, and how my beginning affected my world.

Time: 3:00 PM.
"waaa... waah" I probably cried, like any usual baby.

My mom and mom must have been so happy, my aunts, uncles, grandpa, and grandma as well. Maybe because I was the first born in the big family from my mom's side. At times I wish someone could have taken a few shot of me there... A healthy..normal and cute baby.
A precious life added into the family.
Dad could hardly manage the family because of the economical fall my country were getting through. My only source of intake, was getting breastfeed-ed by mom, and it didn't have the required dose of vitamins or calcium for a healthy development, and so my health soon began to decline...for worse...and worse... I came to be as pale as egg yolks. My mother must have gotten worried. Soon enough, I have been taken to a well-known doctor specializing in newborns. 

His diagnostic wasn't entirely easy to comprehend!
Something was wrong with me,
To be more precise, my genes,

There were no major signs at all,
Pale skin, weakness... as a young kid of a tender nine months, my mom was probably suspecting indigestion and problems caused by not proper food intakes.

It must have been very shocking!
"T########" "&&$#&@# $$$@# $@#$#"
The doctor continued on.
and my mom had asked at least a few times, what does those unfamiliar terms actually mean!

I was the first time she had heard about such case,
Thalassemia, major,
An inherited disorder, caused by faulty haemoglobin synthesis,
resulting in severe case of anemia.
The very first case in the family.
"And for treatments?"
"Blood transfusion for the lifetime, no cure is developed yet."

Just like food, blood became an essential part of the kid.
Taken in every four to five weeks, in the beginning, and as I matured more as a kid, it became even more frequent as much as every two weeks.

Thinking about it, it must have been a blessing.
It was such a clean disease, after all.
It didn't affect my quality of life,
And I was slowly gaining back my skin colors,
As if suddenly being brought back to life,
lively and smiling lots!

My parents must have been relieved quite with that,
But I can't guarantee they hadn't cried at all.
I can imagine, mom must have cried till the tears have been dried out in her eyes.

And soon enough, I was one and a half years old.
Springs needs to comes after winter, and fall.
And I had just began to talk.

"What do you wanna eat?"
They would ask.
"I'm gonna have all the rice"

"Oh, that's so? And what would we eat? "
"Yo' go ahead, eat the poop"

I have had more than enough food, and became so lively, I wouldn't stop saying the terrible stuff to my aunties, uncles, and the elders who used to ask, tease me.

It might have been my greedy self acting up, but the reason I was obsessed with rice at the time, was surely because.
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Rice was still a luxury to have!Bookmark here

The economy were in the fall, and my family apparently couldn't afford buying enough rice.

Those lines should have stayed hidden to the eternity, from the public's sight.
Still, again, as the narrator's discern, I wanted to just put them out!
It's already circulated through my whole relatives network.
And it's nothing I could forever keep secret.
It's well more than embarrassing.
So please, try forgetting them
After you're done with this prologue.
Taylor Victoria
Takahashi  Eien
Cover Art

The Butterfly Needle

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