Chapter 4:

Adventure 3.5 - Friendship (SideStory)

Phil's Lame Adventures

It was starving and wanted a safe place to rest. Bookmark here

It traveled with a pack of others of the same species. They shared the same conditions than it. They had been traveling together for a long time and had formed a strong bond of trust between them. if one of them was ever in danger the rest wouldn’t hesitate to help. if one was sad the rest of them would cheer him up. It was that kind of group that they were. Bookmark here

But one day everything changed.Bookmark here

The leader of the group was right at the front, being cautious for possible enemies when something caught his eyes. He signals to the group stay put and goes ahead to check what was the mysterious object that was in his presence. The group took the chance to rest, they were all tired from the long journey that they had until that point and were starving. The group leader comes back after a couple of minutes.Bookmark here

- “Leader, what was it that you found?” Asked Johny, the second in command of the group. The leader had a serious expression and kept looking at Jonhy without replying.Bookmark here

- “…leader?” Asked Johny again.Bookmark here

Leader stayed still, sweat going down his forehead, then he suddenly started talking.Bookmark here

-“Johny, I’m sorry my friend.” And with these words Leader stabs Johny and he bleeds out to death pleading for an answer of his trusted leader actions.Bookmark here

Jimmy, Johny’s younger brother runs consumed by the anger of the death of his brother, but the leader also kills him without a second of hesitation.Bookmark here

After this scene, the rest of the group, Billy, Willy, and Killy plead to their leader to stop this madness and the leader responds to their pleads by killing Willy.Bookmark here

- “Willy!!” Screams Billy and Killy. “He was like a son to you! What could have driven you to such lengths??” Bookmark here

- “… I found something that I’m willing to sacrifice everything that is dear to me to have it. My actions are not correct but are something that I must do, this is the path that I chose.” And with that, he kills Killy and does a fatal wound on Billy.Bookmark here

- “…On my final moments… can you at least tell me what was it that you found?...please, I must know…” Says Billy while coughing large quantities of blood.Bookmark here

- “Of course my dear friend…” Says the leader with a gentle smile on his face “I found the perfect resting spot... I had no choice.” A pained expression formed on his face. Bookmark here

- “Bruh…” and with those last words, Billy passes away.Bookmark here

Leader after killing every member of his group makes a satisfied expression and goes to sleep on Phil’s mattress.Bookmark here

The end. Bookmark here


Phil's Lame Adventures

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