Chapter 3:

Adventure 3 - The Beast

Phil's Lame Adventures

Phil, finally could see his beloved mattress from the distance, but as he was getting closer, it seemed that something was on the top of it. Something big. Phil kept walking until he arrived right on front of his mattress and then stopped.Bookmark here

- “This is a giant wild boar isn’t it?”Bookmark here

‘Indeed it is... and is sleeping on your mattress.’Bookmark here

- “Indeed he is...” Bookmark here

‘What are you going to do?’Bookmark here

- “No idea...” As Phill was measuring the wild board, he realized that his horns had blood in it.Bookmark here

- “I think that this is the one that has been killing all those boars that we found on our way back.” Bookmark here

‘I wonder what happened in the short time that we were not here.’Bookmark here

- “Also curious about that... This one seems really strong so I don’t think that I can defeat it.”Bookmark here

‘So, isn’t better if you take the chance since he is sleeping and get away from here?’Bookmark here

- “It would be the smart thing to do... But I can’t give up on that mattress!”Bookmark here

‘You are surprisingly stubborn when it comes to this mattress. Does it have some sort of story?’ Bookmark here

Phil while looking down waits for a little before answering and starts talking while raising his head slowly.Bookmark here

- “It was on a day of winter. I had just arrived at home tired of my mundane life and was about to do what I love the most. Rest. And- ”Bookmark here

‘Wait, it really does have a story?’Bookmark here

- “... and was when it happened.”Bookmark here

‘What happened?’Bookmark here

- “The doorbell rang. So I got up from the bed and went to see who it was.”
‘...and?’Bookmark here

- “When I opened the door I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing!”Bookmark here

‘... and they were seeing?’Bookmark here

- “Lolis! A bunch of them!”Bookmark here

‘Huh?’Bookmark here

- “They were so cute! Asking me if I could buy the mattress. Apparently was to help to save a dog that was hurt. How could I not help?” Phil says while tears start coming out of his eyes.Bookmark here

‘If I didn’t already know that you were a scumbag I might actually be surprised... So you bought the mattress and then they saved the dog.’Bookmark here

- “No, I think the dog died, not sure. But the lolis will live forever in my heart. Isn’t such a heart-warming story?” – Phil says with a full-field expression. Bookmark here

‘You are disgusting...’ Bookmark here

While Phil was explaining the reason of his love for the mattress the giant wild boar woke up. He was already huge, but now that he stood instead of lying on the mattress, he was monstrous and was ready to fight.
Phil, looked in the eyes of the boar and he did the same and after a couple of seconds of staring at each other, they both start sprinting against the other. Phil shouts out a war cry and the giant boar replies with a-Bookmark here

- “Scuse me do you know where I can get one of these mattresses? They are fabulous!” Yes, the giant wild boar just talked.Bookmark here

Phil stood there in shock. Then felt down on his knees and answers.Bookmark here

- “I don’t know.” He lets out a single tear.Bookmark here

- “Oh, bummer! Really wanted one. Guess it can’t be helped, bye then.” And the giant wild boar leaves. Bookmark here

‘...’Bookmark here

A couple of seconds after, Phil gets up from the floor and starts running in the direction that the boar went, when he finally could see it he screamed.Bookmark here

- “Lolis!!! You have to find the Lolis!!”Bookmark here

The wild boar, who for some reason now stood on two legs, turns around and starts waving on understanding and yells back. Bookmark here

- “I will find these mysterious being called lolis and I will fight for the matress. Thank you my friend!” Bookmark here

- “Such a nice moment when the passion of two beings connect like this."Bookmark here

‘What the actually ****!’ Bookmark here

Phil came back to the mattress and prepared the squirrels for dinner and after eating he went to sleep on the F****** mattress! Bookmark here

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