Chapter 1:

The Depot

Vampire and the Detective 1

Chell finds herself awake in the cold, instead of being in her mansion. She raises up, looking around, breathing a sigh of relief seeing that it is nighttime. Taking a second look around herself, she notices from her surroundings that she was on top of a small building, "oh... so I wasn't tied up... wait... I wasn't kidnapped..." She checks her body, using her superhuman sense of sight to make sure there wasn’t any foreign fingerprints. "No... I must have been teleported? but this is still earth... the air is too fresh to not be Earth..." She resumes inspecting her surroundings. She looks off the edge of the roof and spots a depot, several guards around the place, she sees that a lone girl is being held at gunpoint by one of the guards. "Woah... those two need my interference." She jumps down towards them, her landing produces no sound what so ever.

Chell then walks towards the guard from behind, the girl looks at Chell, in confusion, the guard instantly turns around and fires a shot at the her. Chell falls over for a moment having seemingly been hit. The guard turns back to the girl, aiming his gun back at her forehead. the girl stares at the guard’s neck as red skinned fingers loom inches behind. "You were reflexive..." Chell whispers before the guard turns around again, but she ducks under the blast of his gun as she swings her hand upwards right into his neck. His body goes limp as he drops his gun. The girl watches as Chell's fingers enter right into his neck, his skin begins to shrivel up as his blood is drained out of him. "This suits me... it really does..."

She looks down at the girl who’s back was against the wall, flicking the guard's corpse aside. "So, how are you tonight? Sorry, you had to see that, he did just shoot me." Chell’s bullet wounds heal rapidly, the bullet pushing out of her flesh

“What in the hell?” Raine thought to herself upon seeing the bullet drop to the floor. She reaches for the gun at her waist, hearing footsteps coming from inside the depot.

“Excuse me, whoever you are. I need a way out of here.” She fumbles through the brown overused satchel at her side. “Where’s my notebook? Damn, okay, Notebook first then we get out of here.” She looks over at the strange person that helped her. “Since it seems bullets don’t do much damage to you, think you can handle them until I have it?”

"You can call me Chell, first of all." She then looks around and throws a cluster of sharp red knives at an entrance to the room they were in, she pegs almost every knife at the first guard that walks in. then dashing towards them, taking a few inconsequential shots from their rifles as she pelts them with knives before backing away from a shotgun blast aimed at her head.

Raine sees her notebook from where she was caught earlier, rushing over, swiping it up, then holding it one hand. One of the guards break away from the bloodbath, heading towards a container at the end of the depot. He opens the container and presses a button on the wall besides it. A large bipedal robot closely resembling a velociraptor emerges from within, causing Raine to flip through her notebook, stopping on a certain page. “It's a M2 raptor, something very angry is coming towards you.”

She turns around, holding the part of her head where a pellet hit her. "Oh... well I've not seen a robot like that before..." she jumps up high enough to cling to the ceiling. She leaps over the robot’s body getting behind it. She throws a few knives at it; however, they were not being thrown fast enough to cause more than scratch or chip damage to the robot.

The raptor spins around activating a large gun on its back. Upon seeing this, Raine skims her notes. “That gun is the key to disable it, if you can cause it to overheat, then it shuts down.” Gunfire whizzes past Raine making her take cover, she takes back out her pistol, firing it at the remaining guards outside.

"Get it to overheat... OH wait, a gun?" Chell then dodges its fire; her intricate movement allows her to reach to some of the corpses of the guards picking them up as a meat shields. She throws the corpse in her hands at the robot with enough force to get past the knockback of the bullets and right around the guns barrel.

Raine incapacitates the guards that were remaining outside by aiming at their legs, taking a bullet to the shoulder in the process. The depot blows up behind her, scaring the hell out of Raine. “Why??? I only said to disable it, not blow up the fucking entire building. Chell even though we barely spoke, what a way to go out.” She says wincing in pain from the wound. Before exiting through the gate, she hears sounds behind her.

A lone arm with red fingers flies off behind the smoke of the explosion, it slowly gets pulled back towards the center of the smoke. Chell leaps over to Raine, looking slightly ripped up which confused her. "Oh jeez, did you get hit?”

“Yes, one of them shot me. I have medical supplies back home, but more importantly how on earth did you survive a full-on explosion?”

"Well don't call me an alien, but I'm not from earth, or well I've lived here a while, just that I'm not a human anymore." Raine notices a few pieces of flesh torn off are slithering back into their place on Chell’s body. The flames from the explosion start to reach their little break area. "ugh... not this fire... I hate the heat by the way, let's move."

“Sure, I don’t want to be here when the police arrive” Raine says moving out of the area, past the large metallic gate at the entrance. “I’m guessing you have nowhere to go?”

Chell follows Raine, floating slightly with each step. "Yeah, I need a place to hide before the sun rises."

“I will allow you to come to my place, but I will have to ask you a few questions and in return, I’ll allow you to ask a few questions about me.” Raine says removing her Trilby off her head, stuffing it into her bag, while putting a helmet on. She sits down on a motorcycle next to her. “Well, aren’t you going to take a seat?”

Chell smiles, while she looks at the motorcycle, inspecting it for a moment as if trying to remember an event from long ago, that she had seen one before. “Oh, this thing will get us to your place, alright" She floats down onto the seat and sits down. Throwing the corpse of a guard she had her fingers in away. Raine could not even notice, she had the corpses with her, definitely a thing to question soon.

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