Chapter 2:

Going to the market

The Overthinker

Claus woke up and immediately checked the clock.
It was exactly 06:00. He stayed awake for some minutes, and when he saw that all of his family members were asleep, he slept again.

When he woke up, it was about 10:00.
His sister was up and had switched on the TV to watch the cartoons. The volume was disturbingly loud.
'Hey, the TV is so loud, turn down the volume!' he told her.
'Oh, you're up?'
'Yeah, now turn the volume down a bit before I take the remote control.'
'Okay, okay. See, today I woke up earlier than you!'
'Haha, such a funny joke. I'm going to prepare breakfast.'

Claus got off his bed and opened the fridge. The fridge was big and grey, but still there was nothing edible in there.
"We are poor indeed" he thought.

Then, he heard steps coming from his parents room.
'Good morning guys' said Claus' mom.
After her, the dad entered the kitchen. He also said 'Good morning' but way louder, even though the volume on the TV wasn't loud anymore.
'So, what will we eat today?' the mom asked.
'Oh, I know. What if we make peppers filled with rice?' the dad suggested.

"Οh no, I feel so hungry and lazy to go out and shop. I wish they'd go to the market themselves. It's their duty to feed me, after all. And why do we have to eat filled peppers? That means I have to buy lots of peppers, rice and also tomatoes. I don't want to go outttttt"
'Claus, can you please go and buy the ingredients?' his mom asked. 'Buy green peppers, rice and some fresh tomatoes.'
'Sure mom'
"I knew it."


Claus went to the market picking the tomatoes and the peppers, which were outside of it. Then, he went inside the market to buy rice. He didn't have a lot of money and was hoping that he had bought the right amount of vegetables and nothing more than that.
As he entered the shop, he felt a cold breeze. The AC was on and that was only natural, because it was summer time.

Claus waited for the shop assistant, a woman in her 30s to ask him if he needed help, but she was staying on her phone.
"Geez, she is so rude. I wouldn't come here at all if this market wasn't the closest to my house. What is she doing on that phone? She isn't supposed to have any free time when a customer is around. And the label here says with big letters that the customer is aaaaaaalways right. She isn't noticing me yet. I think I turned invisible. Maybe I should be the one to talk first. Yeah, I don't want to waste time anymore. I'm so hungry..."
'Um, can you please give me a pack of rice?' he asked her.
'Of course' the shop assistant told him. 'But there's only Paella rice, is that okay?'
'Yeah, it doesn't matter.'
The shop assistant put the products in a big plastic bag and Claus gave her the money.

When Claus was returning home he was thinking "Yes, I did it. My family would be forever hungry without me. I'm such a hero."
He entered his house and he didn't even get the chance to talk cause his mother said 'Claus, is that Paella rice? We wanted the normal type of rice.'
'What?! But I'm hungry. You didn't tell me that.'
'Well, you know that filled peppers need normal rice, don't you? Just return the Paella rice to the market and get the money back.'
There was a short silence before Claus said 'Fine' with a tired voice.

He got out and the sun was hotter at that time.
"My life sucks. I can't believe I'm doing this. The shop assistant will think I'm some kind of loser. Who returns products back to the market? Especially rice!"
He entered the market with the pack of rice in his right hand. His heart was beating fast and the AC was making a weird noise.
He waited for the shop assistant to look at him, but she was still on her phone.

He suddenly mustered up the courage and asked her 'Um, can I return this pack of rice? My mother didn't want this type. I'm very sorry.'
The shop assistant didn't talk at all, she took the rice and put it in its place. Then, she gave Claus his money back.
'Goodbye' Claus said.
Still, the shop assistant said nothing.
Claus closed the door of the market and went out in the hot sun in search of another nearby market.

He found a mini market and bought the normal type of rice. His stomach growled when he got out.
To his surprise, he saw two female classmates coming closer to him.
'Wow Claus, what's up? I haven't seen you around. Are you enjoying summer?' one of the girls asked.
The other girl was just smiling at him.
'Yeah, thanks for asking.' Claus answered.
"Shit, what should I ask now? Should I ask them if they're enjoying summer too? But that would make me a copycat!"

'So, where are you girls going?' he finally asked them.
'We're just going out to drink at a café.' they both said.
'Cool, have fun!' said Claus and waved his hand awkwardly and started to walk faster in order to distance himself from them.
"Why do I always meet people from my school on the streets? I've been trying to ignore my classmates all summer, but apparently I can't ignore them forever. Well, I just hope I wasn't too awkward. I shouldn't have waved at them. That wasn't manly at all. I should have probably winked at them. No, wait, that is too cheesy."

As he was thinking this stuff, he reached his house. He entered inside and tried to sleep until the food was ready.