Chapter 6:

Phase 1: Get to know him

who I am is not who I want to be

It was 2nd December 2017, my first day in the organization of Cyber detectives as a trainee. Karma wished me the best of luck on my first day.Bookmark here

I returned from my training classes at 6:00 PM. Just as expected, Karma was waiting for me outside my home. Bookmark here

I took her to my room, and we started to work for bug bounty hunting.Bookmark here

During work, she started to ask me about my first day.Bookmark here

I told her everything is awesome and experts are training me. She asked me how many departments are there? I told her many, but I know about three to four departments. She was taking much interest in talk of training classes. Bookmark here

Every day I used to tell her about my training classes. I almost told her everything that happened to me as a trainee. One day, I told her about a fight; that I had with a guy from the department for cyber forensics. Bookmark here

She switched her laptop off and said to me:Bookmark here

" Tell me everything in detail that he did to you. "Bookmark here

I said to her:Bookmark here

" Nothing special, He just punched me in my face, and I did the same to him. "Bookmark here

She said with curiosity:Bookmark here

" Tell me his name. "Bookmark here

I said :Bookmark here

" Why are you asking his name? Anyway, His name is 'Saho.' A very arrogant man, I don't like him much. "Bookmark here

She was in trauma for few seconds and then shook her head and said:Bookmark here

" I just asked you because, How dare he to punch you? Bookmark here

Let me take a look at your face. I hope you aren't hurt. "Bookmark here

After that, she often asked me about the department of cyber forensics. Bookmark here

Anything we do that hurts others is a sin. Karma was continually committing sins by hurting others to achieve her dreams. Bookmark here

I'm a sinner too. Everyone is. We judge other humans for sinning differently than us. We don't see our sins as something immoral or sinful.Bookmark here

Akane used others and never took it as a "sinful" deed. Many other young hackers who she contacted before reaching me didn't get exploited by her. At that time she didn't know the technique of exploitation of the human brain.Bookmark here

Why was I got manipulated by her while others escaped from her brain exploitation approach? For a long time, I couldn't find the reason behind it, but Now I know the reason.
Bookmark here

Why it was easy for her to manipulate me?
Bookmark here

She was only able to implement the technique of "exploitation of vulnerable emotions" on me. She never dug the personal information of other hackers before approaching them directly, but in my case, she was keeping an eye on me for three months, even before she started chatting with me online.Bookmark here

In the Year 2017, my younger sister went to a school in Kyoto city, where she had many friends. My sister "Rin" used to brag about me by telling her friends that my elder brother "Zack" is an ethical hacker, although I was just a script kiddie at that time.Bookmark here

(NOTE: A script kiddie is a person who uses existing computer scripts or codes to hack into computers, lacking the expertise to write their code for hacking )Bookmark here

One of her Classmates: 'Haru' got really impressed by her stories about me being a Hacker. He decided to become a hacker, but he didn't due to the unavailability of resources to continue his studies. He even left the school due to the lack of resources available to him. Bookmark here

He was doing a part-time job in a cafe named ' Sunshine' where he used to share all of his dreams and life issues with one of the workers in the Cafe.Bookmark here

It is where "Akane Toru" got to know about me. Both that cafe worker and 'Haru' used to talk a lot during their work shift. Haru was depressed due to his family issues and overload of work at a young age. He started crying in front of that worker.Bookmark here

Haru said to the worker:Bookmark here

" I wish to escape from this overload of work and go to school again. I wish to see "Rin" again and want to become lucky just like her.Bookmark here

The worker asked Why do you think that Rin is lucky.Bookmark here

Haru wiped his tears and said:Bookmark here

"She is born lucky because she can afford to study and pay the School dues. She does not have to do extraordinary work just like me. She has a smart brother who is an Ethical hacker, who helps her and loves her so much. I want a brother like Zack who can support me."Bookmark here

After that, the worker Hugged Haru. He told him that he is going to take him to dinner at a good restaurant. At that 'Haru' felt very happy. That worker said:Bookmark here

" I'll try to become a supportive person for you."Bookmark here

Haru showed Rins's Instagram profile, and after that, he showed my profile to that cafe worker. He was showing that Zack is going to join Training camp for certified ethical hackers.Bookmark here

Haru pointed toward an Instagram post of mine in which I was giving a gift to Rin and said :Bookmark here

" Can You see it? How lucky both of them are? They are living, celebrating, and enjoy their life. I want the same life as them."Bookmark here

Akane used to visit the cafe ' Sunshine' often during the evening time. She heard Haru talking about becoming a hacker. She also heard about me from Haru in that cafe ' Sunshine.'Bookmark here

After observing Haru for few times in the Cafe "Sunshine" and getting to know about his general information. Akane asked one of the workers of that cafe to provide Haru's phone contact to her. She without getting to know much about him contacted him. She messaged Haru and pretended to be zack.Bookmark here

She said to Haru:Bookmark here

 " This is one of the Biggest opportunities that You'll ever gonna find in your life. I offer You to learn how to hack for free. I'm a Hacker. I'll be your mentor. In return, you'll have to do me a little bit of favor. What do you say about it?Bookmark here

Haru thought that the person who messaged him is zack. He was overjoyed after seeing that text message and instantly replied with lots of smiley emojis and said:Bookmark here

" Zack, Is that You?Bookmark here

Are You for real? Bookmark here

Why will you do it for free?Bookmark here

I'm a big fan of yours. Rin told me a lot about your hacking skills when I was in the same school as her. I'll do anything in return if You'll be my mentor."Bookmark here

Akane had a flashback in which Haru was showing Zack's profile to the cafe worker. She decided to pretend as if she was really zack and observe Haru's reactions.Bookmark here

She said to Haru:Bookmark here

" Yeah, I'm Zack, but do me a favor " tomorrow at 5:00 pm. you will come to my home with your laptop. "Bookmark here

If You agree to this condition, then I'll teach you."Bookmark here

Haru agreed. The next day she started chasing Haru and came to know about the exact location where I ( zack ) lived. Bookmark here

Exact at 5:00 pm; she texted Haru while pretending to be zack and said:Bookmark here

" I'm not at home today. Don't visit me today. "Bookmark here

On that Haru, returned back.Bookmark here

The next day Akane just texted Haru and said:Bookmark here

" I have changed my mind. I won't do it for free. "Bookmark here

Haru didn't reply to this message. After two days of deep thinking about the opportunity, he replied to Akane and said:Bookmark here

" You are not the same "Zack Erwin" who once I admired a lot. You can keep your offer."Bookmark here

Akane wasn't disappointed because she was expecting such a reply. She replied to him and said:Bookmark here

" The decision is yours. In case you'll change your mind. Feel free to ping me anytime."Bookmark here

She never reached any hostage hacker personally, always indirectly contacted them. She stayed anonymous while targeting them as her hostage. My case was different. She came to know about me by indirect means and then directly contacted me after the investigation of 3 months on my personality. She applied the five stages of hacking on me.Bookmark here

The Five stages while hacking any target machine are:Bookmark here

1.reconnaissance/recon,    2. Scanning and enumeration , 3. gaining access/exploitationBookmark here

4. maintaining access,        5. covering tracksBookmark here

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Reconnaissance is Information Gathering and getting to know the target systems is the first process in ethical hacking. Reconnaissance is a set of processes and techniques (Footprinting, Scanning & Enumeration) used to covertly discover and collect information about a target system )Bookmark here

She did reconnaissance in those first three months and collected all the possible knowledge about her target, Zack Erwin. To be more precise, she did a passive reconnaissance on me without contacting me directly. Bookmark here

On my birthday, she stepped forward to start an active reconnaissance of me. She directly contacted me with the intention of knowing more about me and became my online friend. In the two months of online friendship, she completed her active reconnaissance. We used to chat a lot. I shared everything with her my morals, my personality type, my family issues, my liking, and my disliking. And this is how she completed her first stage of hacking a human brain. Reconnaissance was completely done in the first five months.Bookmark here

( IMPORTANT NOTE: There are 2 types of Recon: Active and Passive. The main difference between active and passive reconnaissance is the methods they use to gather information. Active recon tools interact directly with the systems in order to gather system-level information while passive recon tools rely on publicly available information )Bookmark here

(Features of Akane Toru:Bookmark here

Height: 5'2'' (Year 2015 )Bookmark here

Hair: She had long, black hair cascaded down her back. Her hair was resting on the top of the ears, come to both sides, split over the right eye with some lonely straws pinching his nose.Bookmark here

Hair Texture: Soft and SilkyBookmark here

Descriptive Hair Color: Ebony/black. Bookmark here

Skin Tone: IvoryBookmark here

Characteristics of skin tone: Porcelain to light skin color, without or with minor imperfections, sensitive, and could easily burn under the sun Bookmark here

Nose: SharpBookmark here

Eyes: She had Icy blue eyes that are a bit whitish or a glassy shade of blue.Bookmark here

Cheeks: Chubby cheeks with Hallow dimple on cheeksBookmark here

Chin: Cleft chinBookmark here

Jaw: Jaw narrowed )Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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