Chapter 0:

Conversation with Myself: Prologue

(UNFINISHED) My Thinking Story

   Ah, yeah. I should start talking about myself, I believe. How should I start? I've never done this in my entire life. Ha. I say "entire" as if I had lived more than four decades.Bookmark here

Maybe I should introduce you, should I?Bookmark here

   Could you please shut up for a second? You always come into play whenever I try to express myself. Like if you could even talk.Bookmark here

Yeah, I cannot talk. I'm your conscience. I appear whenever you start to think.Bookmark here

   Yeah, and that's the problem.Bookmark here

Hey! I'm the narrator of this story, shouldn't I start by presenting the main character?Bookmark here

   Whatever.Bookmark here

Jeez. I don't even know why you are trying to make a monologue. You, a person that have never talked in public. You, a person that have always written instead of talked. You, a person that have lacked of charisma since born. You, a person who is only "mediocre". You...Bookmark here

   Could you stop, please? I've already told you that you could start presenting myself.Bookmark here

Hey, I'm already doing it. I am just starting from other perspective. Isn't it the "normal" thing to start with personal information and then going for the personality? Well, I'm doing the same thing around.Bookmark here

   Why don't you just do it the normal way?Bookmark here

Are you normal?Bookmark here

   That's a good point... Ah, jeez... just continue. I'll continue writing my story. See ya.Bookmark here

Well, guys. That's your main character. Weak temperament, low charisma and kind of serious. Should I also describe the setting, so you have a clear image? Surprisingly, he's really clean and organised. You see, here, in his room, there's only a short table, big enough to put a laptop, a notebook and a cup, a grey and fluffy carpet, large enough to cover his whole body, and a green poof, comfortable enough to relax and forget about everything. Surprisingly, he's also keen at writing. You'll see. Although he's new. And he may not be as surprising as you think. You know, he's not a genius. Maybe he's just a little good. Maybe he's good enough to catch the attention of one or two people. Maybe he's not good as I think. Anyway, you'll judge him when you start reading him. Not only his stories, but also his personality. His self.Bookmark here

Well, I believe I've already broken the fourth wall just a little. Maybe not just a little. Maybe a normal way. Maybe not jut the normal way. Maybe a lot. Maybe I've just got over the limits. Yeah, I'll stop. I'll be the narrator you always expected. Just for some chapters. I also want to take part in this story.Bookmark here

   You're the narrator, isn't it enough?Bookmark here

Never is enough. See you in some chapters!Bookmark here

   Hey! I hav...Bookmark here

                                                                                                —The NarratorBookmark here

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