Chapter 1:

The girl with the scarlet eyes

Short and Romantic, right?

*Intro scene: Classroom!*

Teacher: Saruko can you answer the question?

Saruko: it’s our last semester together, what should I do to get her to notice me?

Smack! (Hit by eraser)

Saruko: oh sorry sir, were you talking to me!?

*Narrator(saruko): Hello, my name Saruko Takahashi and that gorgeous girl I was staring at is Erina Fubasaki. She transferred here 2 years ago and ever since I saw her walk into my classroom for the first time I’ve never stopped thinking about her, now back to the classroom.*

Teacher: Good job Saruko, you’ve managed to confuse me.

Saruko: What was I thinking about again? Oh yeah, how should I go about getting erina to talk to me.

Saruko: I’ve been successful one time now I need to try again.

*Flashback to his ‘successful’ attempt! *

*saruko’s sitting down distracted by the outside window*

*Erina walks in for the first time*

*sarukos gaze immediately dashes to her! *

Saruko: woah...who’s that?

Renji(Sarukos Bestfriend): oh didn’t you hear, that new girl is Erina Fubasaki. She supposedly came from one of the most elite private schools from Kyoto, but apparently, she lost all her scholarships and couldn't afford it anymore.

*Erina proceeds to introduce herself to the class and then takes her seat*

Bell Rings! Lunch break has started!

Saruko: Wow, I’ve got to try talking to her, she’s beautiful.

Renji: good luck dude, I’ve heard she’s shut down everyone who’s tried.

*Saruko ignores renji and walks up to her*

Saruko: hey…

Erina: get lost.

*Saruko takes the walk of shame back to renji*

Renji: What’d I tell you dude.

End of flashback

Saruko: What can I do..what can I do...

Bell Rings! Lunch break has started!

*renji then walks up to saruko*

Renji: Are you still thinking about ways to talk to Erina?

Saruko: Huh? Oh, it’s you renji. Yeah, I’ve got to do it, it’s our final year and if I don’t tell her how I feel I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.

Renji: just go up to her.

Saruko: no and what if she rejects me.

Renji: what’s she doing?

Saruko: what do you mean?

Renji: I mean look I think she’s coming this way.

*Erina starts to slowly approaches renji and saruko*

Erina: Saruko, I’ve got to talk to you.