Chapter 2:

First Time

Short and Romantic, right?

Erina: Saruko, I’ve got to talk to you!

*Saruko starts looking around vigorously*

Saruko: Is she talking to me?

Renji: I think so, now’s your chance.

Erina: yeah you, the one looking around with the dumb look.

Saruko: Um, okay what do you want to talk about?

Erina: shut up, just come with me.

*Erina proceeds to grab Saruko by the hand and takes him to the empty hallway*

Saruko: what did you want to talk about?

Erina: do you know what we’re learning in math?

Saruko: Huh?! That’s all??

Erina *embarrassed*: ye..yes as you can tell I don’t really talk to anyone, and you’re the only one that’s ever tried talking to me..

Saruko: I mean when you grab people with your man-strength what do you expect?

Saruko: Oh yeah why is that?

*Erina ignores questions*

Erina: Anyways, do you or do you not?

Saruko *thinking*: well she changed moods quickly.

Saruko: Yeah we’re learning the unit circle.

Erina: Oh, think you can help me after school.

Saruko: Of course!

Erina: Really? Thanks!

Erina: Well, I’ll meet you in the library. I'm going back to class, see you!

*They both proceed to walk back to their seats*

Renji: So what happened??

Saruko: She wants me to study with her today after school..

Saruko: Wow I’m really going to study with the most gorgeous girl in school.

Renji: Really!?? That’s awesome dude! After two years you finally did it!

Saruko *nervously*: Haha, yeah right!

Saruko : I can’t tell him now that it wasn’t me that decided on that date.

Saruko: I guess now it’s time to wait!

*Time goes by extremely slow for the excited and anxious Saruko Shajimoji*

Last period bell rings

Saruko: Finally, this day couldn’t be any slower.

Renji: you ready dude.

Saruko: Yeah.

Saruko * Darts out to run to the library*

Saruko: Today’s the day nothings going to stop me now!

Saruko * running as fast as he can trips down the stairs, landing head first, causing major brain injury, however, he gets up, blood on half of his face ignores it while the adrenaline is keeping him going. He finally reaches the library*

Saruko: Wait what am I doing here.

Erina *calling for him* Over her saruko!

*Saruko approaches Erina and Erina notices the blood.*

Erina: What happened?!

Saruko: What’re you talking about?

*saruko finally notices the blood*

Saruko: Huh, I didn't even notice.

* Erina takes out a handkerchief and starts wiping the blood away, during which the adrenaline runs out and Saruko passes out.*

Taylor Victoria