Chapter 83:

Volume 3: Chapter 3: Siblings - Part 1


Chinami had a surprisingly good time with Leonora, though she’d only gotten to spend time with the girl for half an hour. Still, it was hard not to like someone who had such a bubbly personality. Leonora was quite enthusiastic about learning Japanese culture.

After they parted ways, Chinami had renewed her search, though she turned up no leads. She really was beginning to wonder if the Yamata no Orochi was actually here. It could be that their information was false. There was also the possibility that they had been lied to, though she had no idea why someone would like to her. She didn’t even think they could.
Chinami was quite confident of her enchantment.

She had been just about to head to bed for the night when something caught her attention. Two figures were racing through a small pathway. Curious, she ran after them, keeping herself hidden. It wasn’t until she got closer that she became shocked.

'That’s Kuro and Kuriyama!'

Kuro and Kuriyama were a pair of siblings who’d lived in Mistress Kumiho’s village. Both of them had gone missing during the attack by the Catholic Church. Mistress Kumiho had been injured when the Yamata no Orochi had used the Church’s attack to ambush her, so they hadn’t even realized that these two were missing until much later. However, their bodies had not been discovered when they’d gone back to the village and searched the wreckage.
She hunkered down as Kuro fell onto the ground and rolled across the floor.

'Something is wrong…'

Chinami squinted as Kuriyama knelt next to Kuro and said something. She was too far away to hear what was being said. Kuriyama then lifted Kuro into his arms. From the way she swung limply in his grip, Kuro must have passed out or something.

As Kuriyama walked off with Kuro, Chinami tried to figure out what she should do. Her purpose was to locate the Yamata no orochi, but at the same time, those two were from her old village.

'They might know something.'

With that thought in mind, she decided to follow them.

With luck, she’d find some information to bring back to Mistress Kumiho. She didn’t want to contemplate what her punishment would be if she came back empty-handed…

… Or did she?
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