Chapter 4:

First day of school (Part Two)

The Overthinker

Claus saw the yard of his school as he walked closer towards it. There was a big crowd.
"Wow, this crowd is bigger than previous year's, I see a lot of faces that I don't recognize. This school is getting quite popular, huh?"
As he was walking, he saw his homeroom teacher, a woman with curly red hair and big earrings.
He slowed down.

"Should I talk to her? What should I say? Good morning? Or long time no see? No, that sounds too informal. I'd better not say anything."
Claus started walking slower and slower to let the teacher enter the gates first.
After she entered the school, the bell rang and he was forced to walk faster as to not be late on his first day.
His school had a rule that if students enter the school yard after the bell had rung they should just go home for the day. The principal never made any exceptions to this rule.
"What a stupid rule" Claus thought.

He was walking fast, but he suddenly stopped after stepping on something soft and warm.
"Oh no. No. Please tell me it's not what I think it is."
Claus glanced at his left shoe.
It was indeed *that thing*
Luckily the first class for the day was P.E.


Claus left his not-heavy-at-all schoolbag in the classroom and followed his PE teacher along with the other guys.
When all the boys were outside, the teacher exclaimed 'We are playing football today!'
"It's the first day and here I am listening to this idiot yell. Why is he shouting? Is this supposed to make me excited? The other boys look excited though. They must be so dumbbbbb! I wish I was playing volleyball with the girls. They must be having fun" Claus thought.

As soon as the game started and the teacher left, Claus wanted to go in the toilets and wipe *that thing* off. Unfortunately he was forced to play because he was the goalkeeper. 

"I hope these guys can't feel the smell of my shoe. What if they smelled it and think I am poor but they're ignoring it because they don't want to make me feel bad? That's the worst! Well, guess what? They are already making me feel bad. But come to think of it, we are outside so I guess it's better than staying inside the classroom."
As Claus was having these thoughts, a ball fell from the sky and passed perfectly through his opened legs.
'Goal!' shouted the other team.

Claus' team was like 'Geez goalkeeper! We know you can't play but at least keep your legs closed.'
'Okay guys, I'm sorry. This won't happen again' Claus said apologetically.

Then after exactly one minute, another goal was made from the opponent team.
'Claus come on! I can't believe he sucks so much!' Claus' team complained . 

"Well, I would have played better if there were some good players protecting me. But nooooo, they are all running to the other side of the field and leave me alone here to face the ball. I'm tired of this match. God, can this be over now?" 

Then, the captain of the team, a boy with ginger hair told Claus 'You know what? You can exit the field if you want to. I'll take your place.'
Of course that's what Claus wanted all along so he immediately said 'Yes captain!' and ran towards the toilets.

"Did the captain do this because he noticed I stepped on *that thing*? Or is it because I was so clumsy back there? If I was rich, I could hire a personal coach or something. But I'm not rich, so I guess I'll continue being a loser; in life and football as well." he thought.
But before reaching the toilets, there was another thing he had to avoid (that is the PE teacher)

Luckily the teacher was not anywhere close to the toilets so Claus ran and ran as fast as he could... until he heard the teacher calling his name.
'Claus, where you going? Why did you leave the game?'
'Sorry sensei, I have to pee.'
'Go there and immediately return to the field or else you're getting an F!'

Claus locked the toilet door and used all the wipes in there to clean his left shoe.
"I can't believe my teacher doesn't allow students to go to the toilet? What kind of teacher does that? But let me guess, he never stepped on one of *those things* in his life. And this is just the first day. Man I wish I wasn't so unlucky." 

Claus also rubbed his shoe with some liquid soap and water. He checked the shoe and it looked fine.
'I may not know how to play football, but at least I know how to take care of my shoes' he said proudly.

After that, he exited the toilet and returned to the field. The captain was the goalkeeper this time, so Claus didn't participate in the game. He just enjoyed watching the other boys playing from afar.
After PE, the other classes were fine for Claus.
He talked with the girls and at least, they didn't call him clumsy.