Chapter 1:


The King's Advisor


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“Did you hear about the new king?”
Those words were heard everywhere, the new king was the talk of the whole continent.
It goes without saying that when a new king inherits the throne of the most powerful kingdom in the world, Sungavdarm, everyone would be interested.
Everyone but one.
Whilst the entire class gossiped and shared their theories on what the new king would be like,
Kris merely sat alone in his seat with absolutely zero interest in the man that would now rule over him.
To him, there was no point in caring.

In this world everyone has the ability to use magic, no matter their social status.
But the magic of the royal family was an entirely different matter.
The royal family could wipe out half an entire army with a single flick of their middle fingers.
This overpowered magic is genetically passed down, so it goes without saying that the new king would probably be an almighty douchebag, just like his predecessor.

Due to the reasoning above, Kris saw no benefit in worrying about the new king at all.
As long as he’s able to live safely in the kingdom, continue studying as a top student in the magic academy, and graduate as a magic knight, there was no reason for him to care about anything else.

Despite being the smartest in his grade, most of the students despised him.
Kris was the kind of person who would ignore you if you tried to communicate with him, and if you wouldn’t comply after that, he’d flick you off.
The only person Kris would actually talk to was Rudy, his childhood friend.
Rudy was seen as a calm and generally positive person, the polar opposite of Kris.
Guys with his personality would normally be popular among the girls.
However Rudy’s petite figure, slightly long aqua hair, and feminine facial features made people believe that he was a girl.
He would act as a mediator between Kris and the outside world, in other words he would flick people off when Kris was too tired to do it himself.

The only other person that didn’t feel an urge to punch Kris in his self-righteous face was his teacher, Professor Sylvia.
Sylvia was a rather good looking woman with a large pair of -eyes.
Despite her sarcastic tone that she often uses when addressing Kris, she actually feels a slight attachment to him.
Despite her efforts in caring for him, Kris sees his teacher as nothing but one of the many pains of going to school. Kris was just that type of person that deemed nothing important, besides his dream job of becoming a magic knight.

So how did someone who had no interest in political affairs, or anything else in general, end up washing the king's panties?
Let’s start from the beginning, back when Kris’ life was uneventful yet peaceful.
Before he had to worry about waging war against other nations.
And before he had to search his bed sheets for the king’s underwear.