Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: Magic Outburst And A New Friend

My New Life As My Game Character

Chapter 3: Magic Outburst And A New Friend 

When Lilly had woken up she realized she needed new clothes, for some reason when she shrunk her clothes didn't luckily she wasn't very tall before.

"What happened, why did I get small and why was I underground in the demonic forest or whatever it was called." She said standing up and walking out.

"Oh I see you've finally woken up, here have some food, sit please." The woman said smiling pointing to a wooden chair as she cooked.

Lilly nodded, heading to the chair and sitting as the woman cooked some food. After waiting for a bit the woman came back over to her, putting some food in front of her and sitting at another chair to the front of Lilly.

"Thank you for the food." Lilly said, picking up her utensils and starting to eat the eggs the woman had made.

"I'd like to ask you something." Lilly asked when they had both finished the food.

"Hmm, what would you like to know?" She said, smiling at her.

"What happened to the Elven Kingdom Gindrell." She asked, tilting her head.

She had a shocked look on her face covering Lilly's mouth as she looked around. "That's a forbidden topic!" She said looking directly in Lilly's eyes.

"W-why what happened." She said muffled by her hand, her eyes wide with surprise at her mouth getting covered.

"S-sorry." She said backing up and sitting to the other side of the table. "Although I shouldn't say but since it seems you don't know, around 400 years ago it became a wasteland, the Arch Mage who had pushed magic further apparently wasn't able to control her magic."

She said as she leaned back in the chair looking at the ceiling. "I was a child back then but I still remember it, the Outburst Of Magic, usually it happens when someone no longer can control their magic making it spiral out of control, and boom." She said, making a gesture with her hands.

"Her magic exploded and destroyed the entire kingdom, we here in this tiny village are the only survivors." She finished saying, looking down at the table.

Lilly felt a deep hole form in her stomach, she had killed everyone, she destroyed her home.

She got up and headed to the door. "I'll be going now." She said a horrible look on her face as if she was nauseous, running into the forest not giving the woman a chance to ask what was wrong.

Memories went through her mind as she ran tears going down her face until she finally stopped sitting against a tree. "Everyone, I killed them all." Then she thought about Emily, the cute child that she had taught, even if for mostly in game she built a connection, but this wasn't a game, she was dead and Lilly had caused it.

When Lilly came to again the sun had already set, the forest had an eerie look to it at night. Standing up she started walking in a random direction away from where she had come from, wiping tears off her face but she couldn't stop crying as she walked.

After a while Lilly found herself in a very open grassy area, she had been walking so long the sun had already started to rise.

"SOMEONE HELP ME!" A voice screamed, echoing through the forest.

"W-what." Lilly instantly started heading to where she had heard the scream come from, quickly getting back into the forest and only a little ways in there was a girl that was around the height she was now a large bear about to attack her.

The girl was skinny with platinum blonde hair, and was wearing torn clothes that at this point almost looked like rags.

As she was about to cast fireball she remembered what happened last time and wanted to save the child not kill her.

"Cover your ears and crouch down!" She yelled to the child

"LIGHTNING BOLT." She says and a large bolt of lightning goes into the large bear, turning it to dust. The little girl was not affected too much as she had covered her ears and crouched down as she was told too, and luckily she did because of how loud the lighting was.

Lilly ran over to the girl, crouching down and grabbing the little girl's hands off of her ears.

"It's fine now, the bad guys are gone." She said in a reassuring voice.

She lifted up the little girl who was actually a little taller than her which bothered Lilly a little, the little girl began to explain she was a runaway slave and after finally getting away the bear had shown up so she screamed for help even if it was help from the people looking for her.

Lilly had started to think about it, it had been 400 years but slavery had been banned for ages when she started playing, maybe this was a difference between the game and the this world. Suddenly they heard the footsteps and yelling of multiple men.

"Well we can't let the other bad guys get you now can we." She said smiling as she grabbed the little girl's hand pulling her along.

After a while of running knowing that they had gotten away they sat next to a tree.

"I never got you name, and by the way my name is Lilly."

The little girl smiled at her. "M-My names Daphne."

"Well nice to meet you Daphne, so what are you gonna do now?" Lilly asked, tilting her head a bit.

The little girl grew a little dull looking. "I don't know, I had just wanted to get out of there so badly I didn't really think about it." Daphne said.

Lilly thought for a second then had an idea.

"Well Daphne, how would you like too Come with me, it may not always be easy but at least we'll both have a companion." Lilly said, smiling.

Daphne brightened up when she heard that, she felt now she at least had some hope.

"Y-yes I'd l-love that." She said grabbing onto Lilly's arm then quickly letting go embarrassed. Lilly smiled, patting her on the head.

"Now let's go shall we?" She said walking a little before turning around, holding her hand out to Daphne as their adventure together would start now.