Chapter 2:

From The Present To The Future

My New Life As My Game Character


When Lilly opened her eyes but she couldn't see as it was way to dark she couldn't even see the outline of her own hands, she sat up but her head hit something hard. "SPELL. LIGHT."

A ball of light came from her chest, she feared what she saw, she was in a coffin. She layed flat on red cushion and above her smooth wood, she pushed up the wood but her strength strangely was not enough, SPELL. STRENGTH × 10.

She pushed with all her strength now lifting steadily as she lifted she slowly stood up until she was out and she threw the coffin lid and deactivated her strength buff. She looked around, she was in a giant crater with trees towering around her and many types of flowers of all colors to animals of all shapes and sizes walking through the trees.

She lifted herself out of the hole and started walking she had no idea where she was and where she was going but she had to start somewhere.

About a mile in she heard leaves crunch behind her to be faced by a ogre, it was 3 meters tall and carrying a club half its size.

"Oh shit." Startled she stayed still silently casting fire ball.

"SPELL.FIREBALL" The small ball of fire hurled towards the ogre.

"Its my first time with this being my actual body but this small?" She said surprised by the small size but another surprise was coming.

As soon as the tiny fireball made impact it exploded searing everything in a one mile area although she didn't didn't know it was that large of an scale exactly.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" She was not hurt as the spell was still a beginner spell although much, much stronger.

Although she destroyed most things around her she still could not see any sign of life, no village not even the kingdom she had just remembered walking out of.

Finally she was sick of it where was the kingdom she had been in most of her in game life, no life just the seared trees around her. "ACTIVATE TRACKING find nearest living demi human."


"Ok thats doable, why didn't I think of using a tracking spell sooner?" She said starting to run as fast as she could without using any magic so she could control better when going back through the trees.

After about 2 hours she finally found the village it was small but the people looked happy. Before she went in she made sure to change her eye color just in case even this small village had heard that of her.

Upon looking closer it was a village consisting of elves, that alone gave her relief about everything, like she was with her own people even if she wasn't truly elf in mind.

"U-um, hello can you tell me where I'm at miss?" She said walking over to a woman carrying dirty clothes.

The woman looked toward her, and smiled.

"Well hello their, you said you wanted to know where you are right?."

"Uh, yes please." She said almost confused how willing to talk to her the woman was even if she was a stranger to the woman.

"Ok, well this little village is called Torla, did you come all this way without knowing, we are pretty far out from any neighboring villages." The woman said resting her head on her palm.

"Yeah, I woke up in that Forrest a little back, and just started walking." She felt the talk would go smoother if she didn't mention vaporizing a mile of land, but their was another thing to worry about.

As soon as she heard that the woman got pale.

"T-the demon Forrest, a small girl like you made it out alive?" She said her face pale, a startled look on her face.

"Small, I know my voice is higher than I remember but small?" Of course she didn't say anything but now that she mentioned the woman was tall to her for some reason.

"Uhm, before we talk about how thats a demon Forrest, can I use a mirror please." To much was going through her head, she needed a rest just for a second, even though it would lead to more questions, although she didn't know that.

"Sure, follow me." She said as she gestured for Lilly to walk next to her. She walked her to her house she had a kind smile that let Lilly relax more and more even though she had a different look only moments ago.

"Here you go a mirror." She said picking it off a drawer handing it to Lilly.

Lilly looked into the mirror then back to the woman, this carried on for a while, as she was internally screaming "I BECAME A KID???".

As they left it looked as though Lilly's soul had left her body, the confusion and stress had gotten to her. But she quickly snapped out of it when she smelled something heavenly, as her stomach let out a loud grumble, she realized how hungry she was as she had not eaten and the sun was already setting after walking alot of the day.

Lilly started to sniff the air the heavenly smell going into her nose, making her more hungry. "Miss what is that smell, it smells heavenly."

"Oh my, you must be very hungry, well todays your lucky day, today is our annual festival, come ill introduce you to everyone."

She said chuckling to herself when she heard Lilly's stomach grumble.

The woman started leading Lilly to the main area where people where already participating in activities and the food being cooked.

Slowly the woman introduced Lilly to multiple people as they walked through, all of them having the same reaction she had when told that she had come from the forest.

After a while of waiting they started eating of which Lilly participated, scarfing down the food like a kid but she felt like she hadn't eaten in ages.

"I can't eat another bite, im stuffed." She said leaning back in the chair she was sitting in her stomach bloaded from eating so much.

The woman walked back over to Lilly chuckling. "You seem full, its already so late you can sleep in my house if you'd like." The woman said of which Lilly agreed.

The woman led Lilly to her house and so a small room.

"You can sleep here tonight and you can leave tomorrow." She said smiling as she walked out closing the door behind her leaving Lilly alone in the room.

Lilly immediately layed down on the bed, it wasn't very comfortable but It'd do. She thought as she slowly fell asleep feeling her exhaustion catch up to her.