Chapter 2:

A strange encounter

The Scarlet Romance

I awoke. My head felt groggy and I could feel a numb pain in my leg, that throbbed in tune to my heartbeat. I raised my dazed body up until I was sitting up relatively straight and as I looked all around trying to collect my bearings that's when I saw something that jogged my memory. Sitting next to my bed was the same ‘vampire’ that had chased me and caused me all this grief. I tried to haul myself up and away from him, but the pain in my leg spiked every time I moved it so I just sat frozen, a mixture of terror and confusion in my eyes, as he started to move his mouth. “ I don’t mean you no harm you know” as he said this his eyes flickered up and down my body, almost like he was looking for some sort of response. After a pause he continued. “I noticed you walking alone in the woods, and thought I would try to talk to you, I mean it has been quite a while since I actually was able to speak to anyone so I thought speaking to a mortal would be better than nobody.” he gave a slight sigh then continued on. “but the moment I started to draw near well, you started to run it really was quite peculiar. I decided that this would act as a sufficient way to sate my boredom so I gave chase. You are very fast for a mortal but then again, I haven’t had a chance to chase anyone in 230 years so maybe I was just out of form. You seemed like you were about to win when you fell through your steps. I landed and tried to ask if you was okay, but then you just kind of fainted. I found your house keys in your pocket so I decided to carry you in seeing as how I had caused your injury. Unfortunately, me being immortal meant I had no idea how to treat flesh wounds so I decided to just wrap it up in bandages and put you to bed” he takes a moment to catch his breath before finishing with “but after all I did you wake up and look at me like I'm some sort of monster! Do you know how rude that is? Do you know how annoying that is? In fact now that I think about it, why did I go to so much trouble for some human? I should have just devoured your blood but no, I decided to help you and I'm repaid in fear and doubt. Well I’ll wait here until your better but then I'm off, I have better things to be doing with my time than babysitting some inconsequential mortal being.” he got up and left my bedroom and as I heard him walking down the stairs I felt myself overcome by many different thoughts and emotions. First of all, now that I got a better look at him, he looks the same age as me (27) and he has the most beautiful hair I have ever laid eyes on. It was slicked back in rebellious manner, with a colour that can only be described as a mixture between matt silver, platinum and a hint of golden blonde, creating a heavenly blend of colours contrasting together in streaks to creating a dazzling array of colour formations that flow like a liquid through his hair. I leant over and hauled myself out of bed, struggling to my feet do to the injury on my foot. I limped over to the banister and down the stairs. As I entered the living room I was met by a strange sight. The vampire was studying old photographs of mine, almost as if to conclude whether or not it was the same person in the picture as the one I front of him now. I watched as he moved around the room, almost as if he was looking for something to do. Several minutes passed and he seemed to notice me watching him as he abruptly stopped. “do you always stare at people like that, or do you just have something against me?” I couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle as he said that. “no offence, but I'm a human and your a vampire like, I haven’t seen one of you before we were always just taught you guys were a made up creature, and we were told you would be if you existed a lot more ferocious yet the only thing I've seen you get angry at so far is me observing your movement so forgive me if I find all this just a little surreal.” he opened his mouth as if to speak, but suddenly he stopped in his tracks. A loud ear-piercing shriek cried of in the distance and the vampires already pale skin turned a whole new shade of white. The once tenacious and uptight creature became a shaking mess of nerves. “I h-have to go, its not safe for me to be here, I will check up on you at a later date but I m-must be leaving now” he stumbled over his words and his feet as he scrambled for the door, spread out his stunningly captivating wings, and flew of into the sky at absolutely dizzying speeds. He was gone. For now. I looked around the room and tried to understand what had happened in these past few minutes. What was that sound? Why was he so shaken? Before I could answer any of these myself, I realized what day it was today. Today was Monday! I checked my watch and it read 7:30am. Few! If I rushed, I could still make it to work today on time. Still reeling from these strange memories, I threw on my clothes, grabbed my briefcase and rushed out the door.Bookmark here

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