Chapter 3:

Dull Daytime

The Scarlet Romance

I walked down the road towards the train station as my mind tried to comprehend what was going on, I mean, its not every day you just meet a creature of legends and especially not one with such a bad attitude towards humans. I flashed my train pass to the ticket collector and took my seat. The train jolted as it started of, shuddering slightly as it picked up speed the whine of the motors fading into nothingness as the streets of Takayama blended together until all you could see was a blur of colour, an accurate description of how my mind looked at that moment. I lived in a moderately sized town so the train journey from my home on the outskirts of town to my job building didn’t take too long, only about 10 minutes.Bookmark here

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 I got off the train, my legs slightly stiff from staying unmoving for so long. I crossed over the street from the train station and walked a couple of blocks until I arrived at my workplace. You see, I work as a graphic designer in a relatively large game publishing company. I work in a small branch of the company as such there are only 12 other employees in here with me, and out of that 12, I only actually know 3 of them the others I just kinda avoid due to being kind of standoffish around other people. The only reason I know these 3 is because we went to the same school as such I already knew them slightly. In order of closest, there is Aika a strange one but also my very best friend, Itsuki a quiet type who doesn’t have many friends besides me and the others he also has a tendency to talk to himself sometimes, Hiroto an anomaly amongst the others because despite what I said earlier I didn’t know him in school but he’s been so friendly towards me I decided to make an exception and now we are pretty good friends.
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 I walked inside and was instantly greeted by Aika, who decided to poke fun at my tardiness by pointing to an imaginary watch and waggling her finger, before bursting into a fit of laughter. “hey their Katsuki!” (that obviously is my name I probably should of mentioned it though) she then ran up to me and wrapped her arms around my body which she does every time she sees me but her extra weight caused the wound on my leg to release extreme stings of pain, causing me to stumble back as I held my leg in agony. Aika seemed to notice what was up. “that injury looks kinda serious you should probably see a doctor about that I mean, its bleeding straight through its bandages” she pointed and as I looked down sure enough, blood was seeping through the bandages and dripping down my leg.Bookmark here

 “I'll be fine and besides, I don’t have a car to get to the hospital and the train has already left for today”. I thought this excuse would work but then out of nowhere Hiroto appeared. “I could take you you know, I do have a car after all” his voice had such a soothing tone to it but something was off about him. His eyes kept darting between my face and my bleeding wound almost as if it was distracting him. I decided to pay it no heed. “well if you guys insist, then sure I would be grateful if you gave me a ride” he smiled a smile that made me think for just a second, that I had made a mistake.
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