Chapter 3:

Vol.1 Why am I so popular?

Daily Life of a loner

Few months passed very quickly. My daily routine was like a wake-up, go to school, come home, sleep. That's all, I was doing these days. Now that I finally decided to be a loner. Being alone doesn't bug me anymore. Instead, I feel my mind at ease when I am alone. After, Yamada changed seat  Youtskei started sitting with me. Seriously, he didn't speak a single word the whole day. It's not like I want him to. Now that I have stepped into the realm of loners, I have awakened my hidden powers(lol). I can see the world from a different point of view than others. I don't get angry, happy, sad very quickly. My face too doesn't show any emotion anymore. In short, I have fully controlled my emotions. When you are alone, the only person with you is 'you '. So you start noticing yourself more. That is, you become self-aware. The more self-aware you are, the more you can control yourself. I can count it as one of my skills. I have a habit of giving every skill a name..... So childish I know ....... But I like it. I imagine stuff like a status window like in-game. It's the only way I can pass my time.                                                                                                                       I_______________________________l                        Bookmark here

             I                Status Window.            I                         Bookmark here

            l    Name:- Taruo Taichi.               I            Bookmark here

            I    Age :-10.                                    I            Bookmark here

            I    Job :- student.                           I             Bookmark here

            I   Tittle :- TheOneWhoDecided  I                                                  I                   ToBeAlone       .         I                 Bookmark here

            I      Level :- Unknown.                  I            Bookmark here

            I   —————————————  I                                                  I      Skills :- Observer lvl2   .        I               Bookmark here

            I    Loner LVL max.(passive),  .      I               Bookmark here

            I    Stealth lvl1 , self-scan lvl 3    l                                                    l______________________________  lBookmark here

That's that, Everything was going smoothly and peacefully. Teacher Lina came to class as usual. After our ritual of greeting her, she started taking attendance. Everyone was talking to each other. If it was a regular day she would have gone by now, but instead of that, she started glaring at everyone. But no one noticed it. 

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The teacher then took a book and stroked it on a bench 2-3 times. That made a sudden loud noise. The person sitting on that bench freaked out and fall off the bench. Everyone started laughing at him.  He immediately stood up and sat back on the bench. Everyone went silent after few seconds and directed their focus on Lina ma'am. 

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"I am thinking about it for a while now,  This class is getting out of hands day by day. I thought, This class is small, so there will not need for a class monitor. But looking at you all now. I feel like there's a need for class monitor "

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What she was saying, was indeed true. Everyone's silence meant they too agree with her. The class monitor is the person that monitors the class, in absence of a teacher. In general, they are always someone from the nobles and also well known among teachers. She continued 

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" Today we will elect class monitor, each male and female. So tell me who want to stand for the class monitor position. Let's start with boys first. " 

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Jun Fujiyama was the first person to stand. 

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"Ma'am, I can do this job" That was expected.

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"No, you are not sincere enough. Monitor's job is for someone sincere "the teacher spoke in a teasing tone.  well, that was unexpected. Bookmark here

"Yes, ma'am !"  Many students agreed to what Ma'am said. So Fujiyama has to back down. Bookmark here

I thought that this discussion will be over soon if Fujiyama is willing to do this job. But he was rejected for the reason that he is not serious enough. Then few other students also stood but were rejected for certain reasons. In my opinion, the monitor should be someone who has high communication skills i.e. Jun Fujiyama, someone who influences every one i.e. Jun Fujiyama, someone who is famous among teachers too i.e. Jun Fujiyama. Someone who is Fujiyama. I mean Fujiyama was perfect for this job. On the other hand, I was not meant for this kind of job. So I didn't pay attention to the conversation any further and was thinking about who will be the monitor. While I was spacing out, someone called out my name 

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It was the teacher. Calling suddenly out of blue, I lost my composure. Everyone was glaring at me. I gave a puzzled look at ma'am, asking her why she called me. 

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"Everyone wants you to be the monitor, do u want to ?" She said 

"What!?" Hearing my instant reply, the teacher was shocked. Bookmark here

Wait, How things ended up here. Collecting myself I thought Why am I nominated for this job. Of course, I will deny it. 

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" ......I mean I am not cut out for this kind of job. There are other candidates better than me " I said 

"But there's no one better candidate than you, who can take this position. You are the only student who is well-disciplined and everyone also wants you to be the monitor," she said. Her tone was so strong that it didn't show any sign of any weakness.Bookmark here

I know I was disciplined. But it was something that has nothing to do with class. I was just trying to avoid any trouble as much as I could. But from others perspectives, I was a well-mannered child. That's what happens when you try to isolate yourself from others, people start assuming things that are not even true. I took a short glance at everyone, they all were waiting for my decision. Even when I denied the offer. The teacher didn't accept my answer. Should I accept it?  While Thinking, that now there's no way I can avoid this. I tried to delay the decision. But I can only delay the decision, not change it. 

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"Let me think for some time, while you can decide on a female candidate," I said. 

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Agreeing to what I was saying, along with other students, the teacher started discussing who will be their female class monitor. While they were discussing, I started to think should I be a class monitor? Now, there's no way I could say no to them. So my being monitor is decided. How will it affect me? I have to perform all class monitor's responsibilities. That's not a problem. As for the communication work I can leave it to the female monitor. But I have never spoken with any girl before. I guess, now I have to talk to them, at least one of them. Why was I chosen? Was it because of Yamada? Nah.. that can't be true. What kind of image does everyone have of me. 

Let's see.      

How I see myself.       How people see me Bookmark here

1. I don't talk to anyone:- Cold-hearted person

2. Spacing out during:- High concentration in studies      LecturesBookmark here

3. Have nothing to do Bookmark here

So I study. Thus, score high:- High academic abilitiesBookmark here

4. Don't laugh or smile.   :- badass emotionless personBookmark here

5. Doesn't fight with:- Look down on everyone, that I don't even anyone.              Desire to  Fight them.Bookmark here

Many more ........ Bookmark here

I was putting all pieces together. I realised people have the wrong image of me. That was the reason why no one talked to me.  That freaked me out. While I was thinking, Others already decided who the female monitor will be and called out to me. 

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"Taichi, Have you decided? " 

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Lina ma'am was the one who asked me this question. Hoping for a yes from me. She was looking at me and putting a lot of pressure on me. 

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"Yes ...... I can do it " 

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I agreed to it even I wanted to deny it. I was in a situation that I can't say no to this job. Ma'am smiled at me, then directed her gaze at everyone. 

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" With this, Taichi will be boy's monitor and Kushida will be girl's monitor " 

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Kushida, who is she? I have heard of her before. But can't remember it. Now is the time to use my 'observation' skill. When the teacher calls someone's name, everyone's eyes subconsciously move towards that person. So if I can observe who has most eyes from girls. Maybe I can predict who this girl named Kushida is? I usually sit in the middle of class. Thus I can see where everyone is looking. So observing where their eyes were directed, many had eyes on me and others had eyes on the girl sitting next to my bench. The girl had short black hair and fair skin.  Wasn't she the one who made that unnecessary statement, while, I was sitting with Yamada? Was she interested in Yamada and to start a conversation she made that statement. Too bad... Yamada didn't reply to that. Being her monitor is fair enough. She was the girl who always has a smile on her face while talking to anyone. She usually helps everyone and everyone likes her. So her being a monitor is possible. But in my opinion, she is just a sly bitch who hides behind her smile. Girls like her want everyone to follow her. She looked at me. Maybe I was staring at her too intensely. I averted my eyes quickly. After few seconds, I gave a side glance at her. She was still looking at me. She smiled at me. A chill ran down my spine. Without giving any reaction I averted my eyes again. What's up with her? Acting all sly. That disgusts me. I don't like her. Thinking what a pain she was, I let out a sigh.

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 I always thought that monitor is a popular guy and popular girl. There was no doubt that the short-haired girl was popular. But I am not. Am I? If I am popular why is that?.........why am I so popular?Bookmark here

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