Chapter 4:

Vol.1 What are girls planning?

Daily Life of a loner

The days passed slowly. After I was chosen as monitor, school time became busy for me. I had to do various tasks that the teacher gave me. I was not the only monitor in the class, there was another person. Her name was Kusi ... Kumsie? ... I think Kushida. After the teacher leaves the class, it is our job to keep the class disciplined. If there is any class-related work, we have to do it too. Being a monitor was tiring. It wouldn't be so tiring if Kushida wasn't there. She easily accepts any job the teacher gives her, after which I have to help her. Was she doing it on purpose?Bookmark here

Because recently, it is thanks to my sense of observation and my keen ear that I discovered or should I say noticed, all the girls talk about me. First, I thought I was overthinking and guessing things. But today's incident proved to me that I hadn't assumed anything wrong. It was lunchtime, and I was having lunch on my own, minding my own business. I have a habit of observing people. (Ooh yes, I forgot to tell you that my observation skills have advanced to the next level. Now, I can guess what the person is thinking while he is talking to me or someone else.) Bookmark here

So, I have noticed an unusual distribution on the part of the girls. They were planning something. I was sitting too far away that I couldn't hear what they were talking about. After a while, few girls looked in my direction. This gave me a bit of anxiety. After that, one girl nodded to the other girls and walked over to me with her lunchbox. The other girls were watching her. Who was she? Bookmark here

'Isn't she ....?' Bookmark here

She was the most beautiful and popular girl not only in our section but also in other sections. Many students are in love with her and now she was walking straight towards me. She came over and stood in front of me. I was sitting quietly on the bench and was eating my lunch. Although I was calm from the outside, everything was messed up from the inside.Bookmark here

'Why is she here? What does she want? Did I do something? Should I apologize? ....' Bookmark here

A lot of questions arose in my head. I tried to act like I didn't notice her. But she didn’t leave. As I mentioned earlier, only two students can sit on the bench. I was sitting with Youtskei. He was sitting on my left, I looked at him. 'Maybe she came for him.' When I looked at him, I was shocked. Bookmark here

'Where did he go?' Bookmark here

He wasn't here. As I looked around, I discovered that he was sitting with a few other students. 'When did he make friends?' The girl who was standing sat on Youtskeis' seat with her lunch box. 'Why is she sitting there?' She called me. Bookmark here

"Taichi ... would you like to share lunch with me?" saying she handed me her lunch box.
"Huh !?" many students were shocked and their voices leaked by mistake. But when she looked at them, they started to act, like they didn't say anything.
'What? ..... what should I answer? ..... if I say yes then others will have the wrong idea. If I say no, it will be rude ...'
"..... No, thank you." Bookmark here

That was the best reply I can give to her. I didn't dare to look at her face. But I was sure she was looking at me directly. Bookmark here

"Please just a little ~."Bookmark here

She said it so politely, that even I was unable to say no to her anymore. Seeing that she wants me to eat with her. I can't deny it because I'm such a nice guy. Bookmark here

"... OK. If you insist. " Bookmark here

I took a little bit of her lunch and she did the same. Everyone in the class was looking at us. Bookmark here

'What the hell!? What are you all looking at? It's lunch break so eat your damn food.'
While eating, I looked at her face.
'She is really beautiful. A girl who will never fall in love with me, so I should never fall in love with her either.'
After we had lunch, she returned to her seat. I was packing my lunch box back.
'Why did she come here at all. Is she in love with me ..... no, it can't be. Maybe she was checking something like ... ' Bookmark here

while I was thinking why she came. A piece of paper falls off the bench. Seeing this, I picked up the paper.
'What is it? ... '
The thing that was written on this paper turned my world upside down. There was a phone number written on it. ...
'A phone number?' It wasn't there before she came. Bookmark here

'Why would she give me her number? If it's her number ..... should I sell it? No, what am I thinking? Why will I sell it?'
I kept the paper in my pocket. I was a little happy. But my loner skill got activated.
'Who am I kidding? It's probably a troll. They're probably testing me. Well, girls, too bad because I will ace your test.'
I didn't throw the number because somewhere I wanted it to be true. But I wasn't expecting much.Bookmark here

Nothing happened after that. The day went normally. She didn't look at me even once. 'wait, why am l....looking at her?' Realizing that I was the one looking at her, I tried to control my gazes. 'what am I thinking?....why am I expecting something to happen? I don't even have friends. Why would she be interested in me?'
Bookmark here

I was thinking about what was the meaning of all this, was there even meaning to this. The school was over and I was at home now. The number was still with me. I went straight to my bedroom. I laid down on the bed like a dead body. I got up and sat at my study table. I took out the strip of paper and placed it in front of me. I was staring at it very intensely Bookmark here

'What should I do? Should I call on this number? What will I say?..... Maybe like I was checking who's number this was or something?.... Yes, this should work fine.'Bookmark here

I decided to call her. I dialled the number and pressed the call button. The call was going. I was waiting for her to pick the phone. No one was picking the call. Bookmark here

'What should I do now?'Bookmark here

As I was looking at my phone, a call came to it. It was the same number that I was calling. I picked up the phone. A female voice came from the other side.Bookmark here

[Hello?]Bookmark here

"Hello..."Bookmark here

[I got a missed call from this number, who am I speaking to?]Bookmark here

"....."Bookmark here

'What should I say?'Bookmark here

Hearing no reply, she said,Bookmark here

[Hello, can you hear me?...... You are Taruo. Right?]Bookmark here

'How does she know?'Bookmark here

"....."Bookmark here

[Can you hear me?.... hello?]Bookmark here

'What's wrong with me? Damn it! Say something.'Bookmark here

Nothing was coming to my mind. Then, I activated my Loner skill. ' Loner skill activate!' That helped me to calm down a little and I was able to give her a reply.Bookmark here

"Hello... I wasn't able to hear you first. I found this number in school. So. I was checking who's number this was."Bookmark here

I heard a sound of a sigh coming from the other side. Bookmark here

[.... Who could it be? It's me, Himari.....]Bookmark here

'Himari? Who is she? What was the name of the girl that sat with me today? Crap! I don't even know her name. I even ate lunch with her. How pathetic can I be? Maybe she is the same girl. 'Bookmark here

"So it's your number. But why did you give it to me?"Bookmark here

[ know Taruo? you are way too dense.]Bookmark here

Saying that she ended the call.Bookmark here

'What the hell does that suppose to mean?..... Me? dense? Me? who has unlocked his hidden powers? Me, Who has more observation skills than others, is dense.'Bookmark here

I was unable to understand, what she meant by that. Maybe because I never talked to a girl before. This is how they always talk? 'Someone said the truth " girls are more complicated than maths". ' I was unable to sleep at night, I kept thinking about what she said. Bookmark here

The next morning, When I went to school. Everything was normal. Himari was acting as usual, as nothing has happened. She was talking with her friends. Bookmark here

' I think I should also act natural and talk with my friends about it........'Bookmark here

I was walking towards my desk that I realised something.Bookmark here

'Wait, I don't have friends. Whom am I gonna talk with?'Bookmark here

Realising that I am already acting strange, I sat on my desk and started to wait for the class to start. Shortly after, the class started and everything was going as it always goes. It was already break-time. There was another ritual of our school that every student has to wash their hands before eating their lunches. We were taught this since we were little. Bookmark here

So, everyone from the class went outside to wash their hands. I didn't want to repeat, what happened yesterday. So I quickly went outside, washed my hands and came to class. There was no one in the class. I sat on my seat, took out my lunch and ate it before anyone returned. Bookmark here

After some time, everyone returned to class Including Himari. She glared at me. I had already finished my lunch and was seated in my seat. She looked a little disappointed. Then other girls noticed that I wasn't eating my lunch. They started to discuss something and we're constantly glancing towards me. It was like yesterday.Bookmark here

'I am getting a bad feeling about it.'Bookmark here

It looked like they were planning on something. After their discussion was over, everyone stood from their seats. They came towards me with their lunch boxes. They all surrounded me, other boys were watching me and girls.Bookmark here

'What the hell do they want now? Don't tell me they want to share their lunch now.'Bookmark here

There was every girl there except one. That was Himari, she was seating in her seat and wasn't even looking at me. I glared at the girls that surrounded me as asking why they were there. Then Khusida said,Bookmark here

"Tarou, did you forget your lunch? If that's the case, would you like to eat with me?."Bookmark here

'You too now?'Bookmark here

"Not only with her, but you can also eat with us." Said the other girls. Bookmark here

'What's going now? Is this some kind of game?..... yes, probably it's the game of truth and dare and they are given a dare to eat with me, what kind of dare is this? Are they trying to play with my feelings? But more importantly, how can they all lose at once?.'Bookmark here

Himari seemed to be pissed. She got up and came to us. Bookmark here

"He won't eat with any of you, because he is eating with me." Said Himari.Bookmark here

Everyone was shocked by her statement. I was absolutely the centre of attention now. I really do hate it. On hearing Himari, Khusida was the first one to reply,Bookmark here

"Who are you to decide that? It's Tarou's decision, let him decide with whom he wants to eat lunch."Bookmark here

"That's fine by me. Let's hear it from him then."Bookmark here

Saying that everyone's attention in class was on me. Some were enjoying it, many were angry that Himari wants to eat lunch with me and others were just watching. Bookmark here

'What? why should I decide? What to do? What to do?...... Teacher. Where is the teacher?'Bookmark here

I looked in the direction of the teacher's desk. She was pretending to be asleep.Bookmark here

'Huh? Why is she sleeping now of all the time?'Bookmark here

"Fine, I have decided."Bookmark here

Everyone came closer to me, to hear what I wanted to say. Bookmark here

"You all wanted to eat with me. Right? "Bookmark here

Every girl nodded to me. Bookmark here

' I don't know the reason. But... 'Bookmark here

"Than I have a solution. Each girl can play stone-paper-scissors, whoever will win can eat with me."Bookmark here

Right now, I forgot that I was a loner. All I wanted was to settle this intense situation. This was the best method that I can think of. Maybe I was too naive. I understood their plan, they were checking that if I like someone from them. I didn't know their reason but this is all I can think of. So, to not uncover whom I like, this game was the best choice. Maybe I was wrong. I didn't know.Bookmark here

"That's no fun."Bookmark here

"Gross."Bookmark here

"Is he for real?"Bookmark here

Girls looked disgusted by my decision. Soon I realised what I saidBookmark here

'What did I just said? Can I be even dumber?...'Bookmark here

Every girl started to go back to their seats. But there was one girl still standing.Bookmark here

'Himari?'Bookmark here

And again I had to eat lunch with her. For some reason, kushida didn't look happy. After that day, Every girl started ignoring me and Himari started eating lunch with me. This continued till the end of class 5. Bookmark here

Although this happened every day, I still Wasn't able to understand why they wanted to eat with me. I still had the number that Himari gave me. She often called me and talked for hours and hours. I wasn't the slightest interested in her talks. Still, I heard her whenever she called me. Bookmark here

Everything happened, But what was the plan of the girls. What were they planning? What did they get from this? These were the question that was unanswered in my mind. Bookmark here

Next time see you in class 6th...Bookmark here

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