Chapter 3:


She Changed Me

"Howl..howl..." A dog keeps on barking at a small girl.
The girl playing in the park alone accidentally keeps her foot on the tail of the dog. In anger, the dog starts to run after her, making her scared and the girl keeps on shouting for help"Help...Help..somebody help."
Then dog corners her at the fence of the park.
She found herself at the end of the park. Dog keeps on barking at her. In the fear of the dog and no place to run the girl starts to cry. The dog starts to bark even louder and in that loud noise, the girl starts to scare more.
Suddenly a shoe hit the dog.
"~Heyy just go away~" A small boy holding another pair of the shoe helps her to get the dog away.
"~Now you don't need to cry. See dog is gone.~"
The girl gets calm and appreciates him for her help."Thanks for helping me."
"~By the way why are you alone?~"
"This is summer break and my friends have gone on vacations, so I left alone."
"~I think you have the same story, my parents work a lot of time out of the town so they give less time to me.~"
"So with whom do you live?"
"~With my grandmother.~"
"So you also left alone."
"~Not particularly...~"
"Then what?"
"~I don't have any friends.~"
"~Nothing...just I don't get along with anyone...~"
"Okay, then what's your name?"
"~Why do you want to know my name?~"
"Just tell..."
"My name is Shoya Ishida."
The girl stands in front of him and puts his right-hand front."Okay then...Shoya Ishida, I'm Manaka Nisaki would you like to be my friend?"
On that movement, Shoya got stuck, on her beautiful smile and was speechless after seeing that bright eyes. He was lost in her eyes and beautiful smile.
"~No one asked to me like this... and what's with that spark on her face? Why I'm feeling so excited and happy? And why I'm so much willing to be her friend? Why her eyes, are dragging me in...~"
"What are you thinking so much? Yes or no..."
In happiness, Shoya holds her both hands."~Yes, I will and never going to leave you.~"
Manaka's face starts to become red.
"~But I will call you Mani, not Manaka.~"
"Then I will also call you something."
Mani thinks and tries to search a name."Let me think...I get... I will call you Shoe."
"~Uhh...Why Shoe only?~"
"Because you saved me from a shoe and your name also resembles Shoya-Shoe"
"So you don't like it."
I like it even after you said me a showcase. "~No, I like it.~"
"Okay then, Shoe would you like to play with me now?"
"~Yes, Mani.~"

It was the first time that Shoya's heart falls for someone and he never thought that his heart would fall for someone else, but his heart did, even it takes 2 years but the feeling to care, trust, love came back to him. It was like he wants to fall in love again when he saw the girl on the ground.

It had been 15 minutes since they two started cleaning the ground but no words came out from anyone. Shoya was desperate to talk to her but whenever he looks into her eyes he catches himself starring at her and becomes speechless.
"Heyy is your part is cleaned?"
"Then let's head toward the rooftop of the school."
"~Okay.~"Now it's only left to clean the top of the school then we are free.
But when he entered the rooftop everything was already cleaned.
"~It is already cleaned. How?~"He was surprised because the teacher mentioned that the rooftop is dirty and there was no cleaning done for a month even though it was clean. But the girl was not surprised.
"~Do you know about it?~"
"It is the secret place of mine. So I keep it clean."
"~Do you often come here?~"
"No, whenever I feel lonely or angry. But if you tell this to anyone else I will break your nose."
"~No, I will not.~"
"Okay then just sit here and relax and feel the light wind which will relax your tension and tiredness."
"~You surely like this place~"
"It's the first place in school where I would like to spend my time."
As I recall she is in the blackmailing business then also acts so innocent. "~Why are you telling me this? Would it be no more secret place?~"
"As I said to you earlier... I... trust.. you." Her face starts to get red.
She suddenly stands in her place and spread her hands wide open."~Hey what are you doing?~"
"It is going to come..."
Suddenly a strong, relaxing wind starts to pass."~Heyy this is what you meant by coming.~"
"This wind feels so delicate and fast that it feels like we will start to fly with it but the truth is... we can't"
Shoya becomes speechless and keeps starring at her face, "~Such deep eyes it feels like I'm just going to drown into her eyes and with that beautiful smile, I also want to fly.~"
"What if we can fly and can reach where ever we want."
"~If you can, then where would you like to go?~"
"Even if I can then I don't want to fly alone. I would like to fly with someone who is special to me."
"~So... do you have... someone special?~"Please there should be no one special.
"No, not yet." After listening to this Shoya's face was covered with a smile.
"What about you? Do you have someone special?"
Shoya's face suddenly turned sad, painful and all of his old memories starts to flashback. The girl notices his painful and gloomy face.

"What's with his expression, it is suddenly so dark and painful. I think... he also lost someone who is close to him I know how it feels, it's like, even he knows how to fly but he can't reach where he wants to. Even how much you try..."

"Hey, why don't we head toward the vending machine to have something cold?" The girl tries to change the subject
"~Ye..s~" Shoya replies in a very sad way."
"Is he lost, someone? or the person who is near to him does not stay with him? Maybe mother or father or... someone he loved, but what's with an uncomfortable feeling, is it sympathy for him or jealousy for that person. But why I'm jealous? Is... I'm in... love with him? No, it can't be...or maybe but Is he really going me, after all, those rumors? My head is overthinking."

"Ishida, which drink do you want? cold coffee or coca?"
"~Any one~"
"So... still lost in his thoughts. How can I divert his mind?" She is still finding ways to make Shoya happy."Take this Shoya, your coca."
"~Ahh... take money for this.~"
"No, let it be."
"~I was a bit surprised when you called me by my name because I don't tell you my name.~"
" told me. I was not staking or following you."
"~Why are you getting so worried?~"
"No...I'm not"
"~By the way sorry for earlier.~"
"For what?"
"~To make everything gloomy.~"
"No, you don't. By the way, you did a little bit."
"~See... there was someone... who was really close to me but the person is now very far away... and whatever I did... that person is not going to come back... that's why... I was a little sad.~"
" No, you don't need to be sorry for that, I should be the one for bringing that topic."
"~No, you won't~"
" I know how it feels to lose someone who is near to you."
"~Sorry for asking but...did you also lost someone?~"
"No, not...particularly, I was not even knowing her but I saw someone close to me suffering from the loss of her so I know how it feels."
"~Sorry but I don't get it.~"
"During the time of my birth..., my mother died... and so do someone's pride and reason to live.."
"No, the problem is that I don't even know her but my father even now use to cry after seeing her photo and... whenever I asked him how was she? He always says... 'She was a good person and If she was alive you had become a chubby and fatty girl because you can't resist her delicious food and during sleep time she would have sing poem for you and you will be in sleep in no time.' After listening to this not even my eyes can't resist it..." She started to cry. Her tears make Shoya realize that there was not only him who was sad or carrying regret but there are people who are still in grief and carry so much pain in their hearts.
"~I know my sympathy or sorry would feel you good but take this napkin.~"
"thank you.." She hugged him with all the tears.
"~I don't know how to make you happy...or make you feel good because I'm been running from my regret and I don't have any right to suggest you stop crying or...tell you what is in past is in the past because... I'm also running from the past, keep crying for what I did a year ago...~"
"Now...let's head back home."
"~Are you sure you will be okay? or I walk with you to the house?~"
"Let it be I will go on my own."By the way, I don't want you to see my tears."I will meet you tomorrow. bye.."
"Hey wait... Why did she just run off?"
She really is a good girl might all these rumors or what she did has a reason. But I can surely say she is a soft-hearted person but wait... what is her name? I only know her by name brain, what about her real name...Now I have to wait until tomorrow.

Shoya's mind was totally black out and the only thing was in his mind was her face and also he was frustrated about not knowing her name. He was totally excited about tomorrow because he is going to meet her again and after an unsleepable night the day had come...
"~Today I am going to find her name.~"
"Oh..oohh... this is an unlikely view to see you so energetic this morning."
"~You had come at the right time.~"
"What does that mean?"
"~I have to ask you something.~"
"What is it?"
"~I want to know the name of the brain of blackmailing.~"
"This came out of the blue."
"~just tell me~"
"But why?"
"~I will tell you later. Just tell me now.~"
"Okay! okay! Her name is Haruka Ayatsuji."
At the same time, someone entered the class which made everyone in class surprised.
"It is Ayatsuji, What is she doing here," Everyone in the class starts to gossip.
She started to walk toward Shoya.
"Hey, Ishida would you like to eat with me during lunchtime."
"Okay then meet me at my favorite place."
The class was full of chit-chat and was creating rumors about Shoya and Haruka. This makes her angry so she makes an announcement in the class warning everyone.
"Everyone from now on will speak to Ishida with respect and if someone tries to tease him or make a joke of him then you all know I have your secrets safe with me, so don't even dare to... and if any girl put hands on him then get ready to get your hand cut."
Everyone in the class stops talking and their faces were covered with fear.
"Okay, then Ishida I will meet you during lunchtime for now bye."
Haruka leaves the class.
The whole class was relaxed after she left the class but this announcement made Shoya look like a new Gangster. Everyone in the class starts to see Shoya with creepy eyes.
"Don't tell me Shoya that you are dating Ayatsuji."
"~Not you also Umehara.~"
"So what that announcement means...It was clearly showing that she is madly in love with you."
The teacher enters the class unaware of what happened."Okay everybody sit down in their place and take out their homework." But everyone was still in their scared state, taking out books very sadly. "What happened to you all? Why such a creepy face?"
"~Is she really into me? But... everyone sees her as a cruel princess, no one knows how soft-hearted she is. I think today I should ask her the reason why she is doing the blackmailing and harsh treatment with boys. If I think the possible reason may be a boy betrayed her or bullied her but... she looks so cute...How can someone really hate her after seeing that smile. If I had such a face then my face only would make them work, no need of blackmailing. I know what I had to do I will today ask her the reason for blackmailing and if possible stop this pervy magazine business with Umehara and... When school gets finish I will hold her... hand in a very romantic way and asked her...'Do you like to go on a date with me this weekend?' ~"
"Shoya why are you grinning? Did you have your remaining dream of this morning now?" On such type of scolding all students might have laughed at Shoya but no student did this time, which might be due to Ayatsuji's warning.
"~No, teacher.~"
"Today class is too much focused on studies but you are not Shoya."
Ohh... but I think this was due to a warning."~Teacher it may be you are teaching in a more beautiful way today.~"
"So it means you don't like my beautiful teaching."
It is difficult to divert topics while talking to the teacher "'m too much unconcentrated. But I will not do this again.~"
"Better you should not. Now sit down. Okay before the lunch break starts I want to inform you all that, as you know summer break is going to start after this weekend so enjoy the summer but don't forget to complete your homework."
This weekend is surely gone be enjoyable and full of fun.

"~Ayatsuji, what's with that announcement in the class?~"
"Nothing...just a gift for what you did yesterday."
"~But... I don't think I did anything.~"
"You are the first one in the school with whom I shared my regret and you also understand it so....Thank you and also..."
"~ also.. what?~"
"You...was looking...cute when you offered me a napkin."
Wait she is... blushing and her face is looking so cute... "~thanks...~"
"And sorry for running away yesterday."
"~NO, it's okay.~"
"Also sorry for today, suddenly entering the class and making that announcement."
"~I already said you it's okay, you don't need to keep telling me sorry.~"
"I don't know but I want to clear everything with you today."
I think I should also ask her why she does blackmailing and hate other boys..."~As you said I also... want to ask you one thing.~"
"Yes, you can."
"~Can you tell me why...did you...hate other boys?~"