Chapter 4:


She Changed Me

Why do people judge someone as bad or good? Why does someone like to act cruel or to hate someone? Are they bad or like to be bad from birth? According to me, everyone has been sent to this world with a pure heart and soul but nourishing this pure heart is different, someone with healthy childhood never understands the difficulty, hard work, and dark side of the world but... whereas someone with harsh and struggling childhood understands the difficulty, hard work and also knows the dark side of this world.

A person who had been betrayed not only one time understands the importance of believing someone. These people create a circle around them where they don't allow the feelings like trust, care, love to enter. So they start to create an image of the world with hatred, anger, and selfishness but someday by someone this whole point of view starts to get change, the circle around that person starts to get shrink and at some point, the person learns the truth that everyone around him or her, is not that bad.

"~As you said I also... want to ask you one thing.~"
"Yes, you can."
"~Can you tell me why...did you...hate other boys?~"
"So... you also..."
"~No, No,... I think there is some other reason for... what you do?~"
"And what do you think what it may be..."
"~I think something had happened to you so that you had started to hate boys it may be... betrayed...or..~" She is so silent. I don't think she is going to tell me anything or maybe I'm also a boy so she is afraid that I would make fun of her... "Hey, you don't want to tell me so let it be it's okay but... sharing it with someone, removing it from your chest feels good because I know how it's feel... to be in your own world away from others and carrying that regret but when I shared with my grandma, the closet person to me, it feels... good.~"
"The truth is it is not about me, it is about my friend..."
"My friend, don't tell me that you don't know about her?"
"~Uhh.... The eye one.~"
"That eye one's name is Kaoru Nanasaki."
"~Sorry, Sorry, I was not knowing her name so...~"
"Let it be now, I don't want to hear another rumor."
"~If you are want to tell about her then tell me or if you not then let it be.~"
"The thing is, she used to be enjoying and open-minded person, very famous in the class but... her qualities use to become her weakness. This quality attracts... many boys and one day... a boy asked her out and she also wants to experience a love so she said yes but the boy was totally interested in her body, not in her heart. Eventually, she understands that boys are only into pervy thoughts and not trustworthy so she started to hate boys and this also leads to the rebellion against all magazines and started blackmailing and being her best friend I had supported her."
"~This is very bad.~"
"I know it but all this had changed her. Now, she is a person with hatred and lives in silence."
No, this is wrong. It will only lead her to the worst. "~I think... I can change that, so... I want you to tell her that I want to meet her after school.~"
" What are you going to do?"
"~You are going to know it but for now let me go back to class and meet me after school.~"

I know I had made a big decision but if Nanasaki's thoughts do not change, she would never be able to open her heart to anyone and I know how it feels to love someone, to do anything for it but love is also painful. But.... If there is no pain there is not true love. I know it is very hard to find but if she gives up now then she would never...So, I'm going to change her thoughts and make her realize that not every person is the same.

"Hey, Shoya how was the lunchtime?"
"~Umehara... I found you at the right time.~"
"Now what?"
"~I want to tell you something.~"
"~I know the reason behind the blackmailing and cruel treatment of Ayatsuji and Nanasaki.~"
"What you just said the reason behind this..."
"What is it?"
Shoya tells everything about the past of Nanasaki to Umehara. He also understands why they are so cruel and hate these pervy things. Just like Shoya after listening to the reason behind this the Umehara also starts to feel pity for her.
"~ So now you understand why they hate boys?~"
"But everyone is not the same."
"~I know that's why I want your help?~"
"To make her realize that every man is not bad then I'm going to help you."
"~Okay then....~"

I don't know whether this plan going to work or not but if she does not understand then we will try another, we will not going to lose hope because... If we don't deal with it in time then it eventually ends up where no one will be able to make it right and I know how it feels.... So, I will not be going to allow this....not again.

The last bell of the school ring with all of the members of the magazine trader come together to head towards the background of the school where Shoya and Umehara are going to meet Nanasaki and Ayatsuji.
"So Shoya I don't know what are you going to plan but I had brought her."
"~Thanks Ayatsuji~"
The beautiful face with aggression and hatred starts to talk to Shoya.
"I know who you are. You are the one who is making my friend think that every boy is not bad. But I know you are still a dirty, pervy brat who uses girls for their own means."
"~Just wait let someone come.~"
"~Hear they come....~"
The members of magazine trader along with Umehara had come together. Then everyone together kneels down to the Ayatsuji and Nanasaki apologizing for what they are doing.
"Sorry Ayatsuji and Nanasaki for doing all pervy things and creating that rumors. We were unaware that you also had suffered from pain and betrayal."
"~See no one is that bad. We were unaware that not only boys but... girls are also been teased or... create unnecessary rumors about them... We also did all this magazine stuff because of rejection and loneliness but we never understand the feeling of a girl what we just did is to ask for a date and if she rejects it, rumors start to began instead... if we understand her feelings and respect them then it might be different so... we all are sorry about that.~"
Nanasaki's expression was not changed she was still looking at everyone with hatred and aggression.
"What a good act. I like your dedication but my thoughts about boys are still the same."
"What do you think is it easy to believe someone?"
"~No...but if you even stop trying it due to whatever happened in the past then you will never and believe me it is a lot lonely.~"
"You think I just gave up on my feelings when I get betrayed by one or two boys but no... I still keep on dating new boys so that I can find someone really true from his heart but I don't instead they just keep asking me for money or talk about my body even sometimes money was stolen from my wallet but... no one had ever asked me why are you feeling sad... or even asked me what I want... no one...not a single person and you are saying that I had given up on my feelings but I was never... but after so much experience I reached the point where I want no more feelings like trust, love and whatever.."
After listening to this Umehara's feeling of pity was turning into something different, he just not only wants to see her happy but also wants her to feel the love for someone.
"You all will never understand it." She keeps on speaking about her and her eyes start to get wet.
Umehara's heart starts to... melt after seeing her eyes but he was also feeling sad because he was not able to do anything. But he manages to build up courage and stands to speak.
"Hey, Nanasaki can I ask you something?"
"Tell me did you experience every emotion."
"You were happy and enjoying type of a person but in search of love, you started to experience betrayal and started to experience hatred for someone who was not even aware of what happened to you so tell me now only the feeling you lack to experience is Love, and you keep on talking that you won't like boys so why don't you admit that you are afraid to fall in love. Might you never understand it?"
"So I am telling the truth you really don't understand it."
"Wait....stop it"
"After what your mindset is I don't think you would get someone who will love you"
"No...just stop it."
"So what you have bad past it doesn't matter all it gives is sympathy for you."
"Don't say anything again or..."
"or what? you will start blaming someone again."
"No just stop it..."
"Might you had never done all this thing of blackmailing for making boys correct, the only reason you did is satisfying yourself to feel superior, to make others more suffer and after all this now you are happy."
"No, no just stop are...wrong..." The harsh words of Umehara start to hit Nanasaki's heart. Nanasaki was thinking all these might be true might she did not do anything good might she do it all for sake of herself.
"Then tell me what kind of person are you now some rebellious person want to fight against boys or just greedy person doing all this to satisfy herself."
These words start to get hit harder and harder and her eyes started to get tears and she could not resist the all crying so she left off.
"~This was too harsh~" Shoya started to get worried.
"Might this will work. Thanks, Umehara" Ayatsuji was thinking that might this all change her.
"She has reached the point where no explanation would work so I had to try a harsh way."
"~But Umehara...~" Shoya was still worried.
"No, it will be all fine." But Ayatsuji was sure that Umehara's harsh way had worked.
"We can see whether it worked or not tomorrow."

When someone realizes that the action he or she was taking is not for someone else but only to satisfy himself or herself then not only the thinking but also the person's motive behind this start to get more and more clear. The reason or motive he was thinking was all wrong nothing but a lie for the sake of himself or herself. A similar thing happened with Nanasaki now she started to question herself for what she did and what she was thinking but every answer to her question was no vaguer, it was all getting clear and clear.

But admitting her fault and making good decisions from now on is what mistakes are meant to be.
The next day was a bit surprising for all because Nanasaki was changed she apologies in front of the class and also thanks Umehara for showing what is right.
"~As you said Ayatsuji it all got fine and her true nature had come back.~"
"Yes and this all goes to the Umehara"
"~Yes it does~"
"Ishida, Can I ... I ask you... something...?"
"This weekend...would out with me."
Shoya was shocked and surprised and became speechless.

So the day was full of surprises, thanks from Nanasaki to Umehara and now Shoya going on a date with Haruka.