Chapter 6:

Mashù's Story

Spirit Guardians

Mashù- Anjero…. Everyone it's time I told you the truth of why I have 2 spirits….. It all started when I first got Qoyntauz…….

3 years ago….

Sakura Mori- Mashù's sick mother

Sakura- ok Mashù what do you want for dinner today??

Mashù- Definitely something with Bacon!!!

*Mashù and Sakura walk across the street heading towards the Supermarket and a large truck speeds down the street.

Sakura- Mashù watch out!!!!

*Mashu's spirit Qoyntauz activates, making the truck swerve out of the way and leaving him without a scratch.

Stranger- Hey kid are you ok???

Mashù- yea I'm not injured at all

Stranger- Oh snap….your arms are glowing. You must've just awoken and your wisp saved you.

Sakura- Mashù!!!! I'm so glad you're ok

Mashù- Oh wow…. How do you know it's a wisp and not a spirit sir???

Stranger- oh(laughing).... Don't you go to school somewhere when you awaken if a certain body part glows it means the spirit hasn't fully matured making it a wisp.

Mashù- Oh yea I did learn that.

Stranger- if you ever need help learning about your spirit here's my card.

Mashù- Bradoon Tenki…. Ok thanks

Sakura- Mashù let's go home I'll give you a extra helping today for that scare

Mashù- Ok bet!!!!

A week later…..

Bradoon- great Mashù you're doing great.

Mashù- Really? I'm not really doing anything except getting lucky.

Bradoon- and that's your spirit.

Mashù- that's kinda lame…

Bradoon- no that's amazing especially in the right hands…..(smiles disturbingly)

Mashù- ok then…. Anyways

Brandoon- ahem….anyways let's continue training.

2 weeks later….

Mashù- Huh.....i'm so exhausted. I guess I'll take a nap and do homework also.

*Power shuts off

Mashù- Mom!!! What happened to the power??.....Mom

Sakura- Mashù run!!!

*Hooded figure knocks out Sakura with a chop to the neck

HF- You're coming with me…

Mashù- Who are you?

*Hooded figure knocks out Mashù, throws him in a bag, and brings him to an abandoned warehouse near the pier

HF- wake up…

Mashù- Huh….where am I???


Bradoon- Mashù!!!!

Mashù- Mr.Tenki why are you here???

Bradoon- well I'll tell you I'm here to take your spirit(smiling Menaciousingly)

Mashù- my spirit??? But why Mr.Tenki???

Bradoon- don't take it personal I've been doing this for so just happen to be the latest victim. Devanga start up the machine.

Devanga Mâtin- yes Sir.

Bradoon- this might kill you.

Mashù- no you don't want to do this.

Bradoon- Oh...but I do!! Ahahahaha

*someone breaks through the roof of the warehouse

Bradoon- What???? Retaliare how did you find us???

Retaliare Guardian of Revenge- I put a tracker on your lacky over there.

Bradoon- Huh...always fucking up. That's fine I prepared for this so called interference

Bradoon- Grunts get him!!!!

Retaliare- Huh...they never learn. REVENGE RUSH!!!

Bradoon- Kill him!!! Devanga with me!!!

Bring the boy

Retaliare- no give him back!!!!

Bradoon-We'll go to the back up lab don't you ever fuck this up again.

*Retaliare takes out 25 guards

Retaliare- Tenki give up!!!

Bradoon- Hahaha do you really think I would depend on those useless pieces of trash. Devanga ready yourself.

Devanga- yes, sir

*Devanga's body starts glowing and the ground starts shaking.

Retaliare- no way he's so young.

Bradoon- This is why I keep him around he has the spirit of of the original 7 Haha Haha

Retaliare- Reven…. (Coughs up blood) shit I used up too much power at once.

Devanga-Landslide Blitz…..

Bradoon- Uh oh hero what will you do I guess you'll have to witness a murder of a innocent kid. Devanga ends him!!!

Devanga-Yes, Sir. Landslide Blitz

Retaliare- No don't!!!!

*Retaliare protects Mashù with his body

Mashù-Huh??...... N….nnnnnooo.No way Retaliare!!!!

Bradoon- Devanga grabs him before he dies. His spirit can be of use.

Retaliare- (coughing blood) k...kid are you ok???

Mashù- Stop talking you're dying

Retaliare- Not gonna lie this shit hurts...but I don't want to give that guy my spirit… here I'll give you my power to escape from here please stay alive kid. hahaha so funny, get revenge for me and take this guy down. What's your name?

Mashù- Mashù Mori Sir

Retaliare- Well Mashù Mori hold out your hand.

*Mashù holds out his hand and Retaliare grabs it and recites the gifting ritual

Retaliare- My real name is Kotaro Makiba I hereby pass on my spirit Retaliare to Mashù Mori. Mashù do you accept This spirit and protect the innocent and Arctic Willow till you pass on???

Mashù- yes I do.

Kotaro- ok it's done I guess I'll finally sleep now.

Mashù- Rest in Peace Retaliare

*Mashù powers up

Mashù- Ahhhhh!!!!! Fool's Gold!!!

Bradoon- Catch him!!!!!

Mashù- you'll pay for this you asshole

*Mashù dodges all of Devanga's attacks

Grunts- Hey stop right there!!!!

Mashù- Revenge Rush!!!

*Mashù beats up the other grunts, and finds a way out of the facility.

Mashù- Huh huh…. I finally made it out


Stranger-hey kid are you ok??

*Mashù feints

Stranger- get him to a hospital

3 days later….

*Mashù wakes up in hospital bed

Mashù- so I really. Made it out of there.

Sakura- Mashù you're awake( crying) I was so scared.

Mashù- (crying) Mom, someone saved me, I made it out….

*T.V. This just in the Guardian of Revenge Retaliare has died from unknown causes. If anyone seen what happened please come to city hall.

*Mashù and his mom continue crying