Chapter 24:


Balancing the Scales: The Sage Hero's Story

The skinny man apologizes, he says she is allowed inside on the condition she doesn't get fur on the merchandise. Kaz turns to Lucia and tells her to go pick some things out, she gives him a peck on the cheek and runs off. Kaz turns back to the man behind the counter, "May I take a look at your bag?" The man inquires, Kaz nods and the man takes a handful of coins and clips a loupe onto his eyeglasses and looks closely at the money. "Where did you acquire such rare currency my friend?" The man asks. Kaz was watching Lucia run around like a child in a candy store, "I got it from a good friend of mine." He replies while still watching Lucia. She calls him over to the dressing room, "I'll be right back." he tells the man. Kaz sees Lucia's silhouette behind the silk curtain of the first stall, the curtain is shoved aside and Lucia comes out wearing a bright pink dress that went to her knees. Kaz clapped his hands, the skinny man came up from behind, "Oh ho ho. Looking very good my dear!" The man cheers while clapping as well. Lucia's face is practically glowing with happiness at this point. The dress is neatly tossed over the side of the stall, and she shoves the curtain aside again, this time she poses in a short white skirt and white top. Kaz whistles as she does various poses, the man also claps. At this point, even the doorman is glancing over in her direction.

Several changes later, Lucia speaks to Kaz through the curtain. The skinny man had returned to work in a different part of the store, and the doorman had left for the day. Lucia asks Kaz to come into the dressing stall, "You're clothed right?" Kaz asks before entering, she says she is and so Kaz enters slowly. He is astounded by what he sees, Lucia was in a black lace bra and a matching garter belt. Her tail was wagging side to side, "D-do you like it?" She asked sheepishly. Kaz snorted air out of his nose and nodded. "I want to ask you something." She adds as she grabs both of his hands and pulls them aside. Kaz nods slightly, hypnotized by her shiny walnut coat and toned stomach. "When you had the two other girls in your room, where do you think I was?" She asked him as she unfastened the straps on his armor. "I was forced to listen to the whole ordeal in the room below yours both times." She tells him in an annoyed tone. "You don't treat me anything like the others." She says as she gives him a hug. "Lucia, we're in public!" He whispers hysterically as Lucia grins.

Kaz sighs, "Lucia, you're sure you want this?" He asks the flustered kobold. Kaz looked into Lucia's eyes and they kissed again. "I'll take that as a yes?" He states as he double checks that nobody in the shop is near the stall. What sounded like horseplay and roughhousing came from the changing booth, but not quite loud enough to draw attention. A short while later Lucia wrapped Kaz in a hug inside the booth, he told her that he had one more thing to ask the owner. She freed him from the hug and shoved him out of the changing stall.

Kaz walked up to the counter and handed the man a scrap of paper with three sets of measurements on it. He told the man he'd give him the entire sack of coins if he'd do something for him. Kaz motioned him to lean closer and whispered in his ear. The man pulled back, "That's all!" He shouted. "You've got a deal. But why is this one so big, what are these proportions?" Kaz shushed the man, "Just do it." He begged him. The skinny man sighed and agreed. Kaz thanked the man and returned to Lucia, he walked her out with a dozen or so new outfits in his arms.

They loaded up the car and headed back to Rath for the night. On the way home Lucia asked Kaz what he talked to the man about, he brushed the question off and redirected her attention elsewhere, "So, do you like your new clothes?" He asks nervously, Kaz was terrible at keeping secrets. Lucia went on for ten minutes straight about how much fun she had, then she stroked his thigh saying she especially enjoyed the private time they had. A single bead of sweat ran down Kaz's face as they pulled into the cave that led to the entrance of Rath. The two walked into the main hall hand in hand and the first thing they saw was Roarke and Saphana laying on their stomachs slowly crawling towards them, "Hungry." They both bellowed out in agony. Lucia and Kaz laughed, "I've worked up quite an appetite myself." Kaz says to Lucia as he squeezes a soft bit of her bum. Lucia jumps and yips, then merrily walks into the kitchen with her tail wagging a mile a minute and begins to make a late supper.