Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Jake's morning

-------'s Journal

“Jake, honey, you’re going to be late for school,” his mother said, trying to wake him up. Bookmark here

He tries to focus on the time but unable to see clearly, “What time is it mom?” he answered whilst rubbing his eyes, trying to remember what he did last night that put him in such a headache. Bookmark here

He tries his best to see the clock beside his bed.Bookmark here

“It’s about to be 9,” his mom answered.Bookmark here

“That can’t be right?” he uttered while getting up, but to his shock his mom is correct. Bookmark here

He rushes to his closet finding a new pair of clothes, not thinking of anything else apart from he is about to be late. He got dressed so fast that he didn’t unbutton his clean shirt, he just wore it like a shirt with no buttons, trying so hard to fit his head through the top that the topmost button was ripped off. Once dressed in some clean clothes he rushed downstairs.Bookmark here

“Going to be late, bye mom!” he mumbles as he past his mother, and out the door running to school.Bookmark here

Going past his friends’ houses he notices an alley besides Lily’s that made him stop, he did not know why he stopped, he recognized it, at the same time not knowing why he felt pain. He suddenly got out of his trance when his alarm went off, notifying him that he is, in fact, already late for the first class. Bookmark here

He arrives in school and sneaks himself upstairs, into the first class. He waited for Professor Andrews to discuss further and for him to turn his back. Once he started his discussion on the molecule , the “Miracle drug“ he knew it was time for him to sneak in.Bookmark here

“It can be addictive but—” he discussed while Jake finally manages to sneak to get to his class group’s table. Bookmark here

“Damn it, you win Peter,” Mark whispered as they both grab their phones. Bookmark here

“Psst… Jake... you ok?” Sally asked him concerned. “You seem—”Bookmark here

“Yeah, yeah. a bit winded but fine nonetheless,” He responded but it didn’t seem to assure her. “What’s the lesson?”Bookmark here

“Just molecular formulas,” She sighed. “Are you sure you’re fine?” Bookmark here

“There you go, 20 credits sent to your account,” Mark sighed, regretting betting on whether Jake or Jay would show up. “You know, an absent won’t hurt—” Mark turned to look at Jake and suddenly stopped talking.Bookmark here

“Yeah, why aren’t you absent anyway?” Peter said jokingly but also seemed worried. “The 20 credits were fine and all, but are you sure on staying?” Bookmark here

“What are you guys talking about?” Jake confused and now starting to worry. “What’s wrong?” Bookmark here

“You got a little something, right there,” Sally said, pointing at Jake’s eye. “Does it hurt?”Bookmark here

Jake flinched when Sally touched his seem to be bruised eye, “Yeah, now that you mention it, a little bit, yeah.” Bookmark here

“You sure?” said Peter, as he repeatedly touched it. Bookmark here

“Yes! It does!” Jake angrily whispered to not draw attention to himself. “Why would you even poke it more than once?” Bookmark here

“Just making sure you’re fine.” Bookmark here

“You should probably get some ice on that,” Mark said. “Where’d you get that from anyway?”Bookmark here

Jake didn’t answer, but clearly trying to remember.Bookmark here

“Do you even know you had that when you came in today?” Sally asked Jake, but She already knows the answer.Bookmark here

“No, not really,” Jake said, now confused on where his bruised eye came from. “I’ll ask the nurse for ice later.”Bookmark here

Peter took off his hoodie to give to Jake, “Here, so you won’t get that much attention,” He said while handing his hoodie to Jake.Bookmark here

Jake wore the hoodie and they all agreed to deal with Jake’s bruise after 3rd period. Professor Andrews was still discussing the chemical compound while keeping a cup of it on his desk, which made Sally chuckle. Bookmark here

Saying, “He’s going to have a hard time at the toilet, he’s been drinking nonstop since 8 am.” which made Peter laugh.Bookmark here

Professor Andrews finished his discussion on molecular compounds just before the bell rang. He grabbed his phone and his mug just about to leave when he called Jake outside the class. Jake followed him just outside the door.Bookmark here

“You were late,” He stated expecting a response.Bookmark here

“I just woke up late, sir,” Jake answered, surprised that he saw him sneak in.Bookmark here

“You sure about that son? ” He slightly lifted his hoodie. “You got a little something on your eye.”Bookmark here

“Yes sir,” He quickly said while looking down. “Just had a rough night as all”Bookmark here

“Get some ice on that later, alright?” Professor Andrews said as he turned back to walk away. “Also, Sally’s right, but coffee is too good to give up,” He added while chuckling as he walked away.Bookmark here

He does not remember what caused his injuries, and it’s currently none of his concern. Not knowing what the implications of solving his injuries mean, he goes back inside, back to the bliss of ignorance.Bookmark here

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