Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Mark's ability

-------'s Journal

Going back into the room, Jake was stunned that he got away scot free. He was telling his friends about the interaction between him and Professor Andrews as the 2nd period professor arrived. Bookmark here

“Morning class,” With that 2nd period has begun.Bookmark here

Professor Lawson extended his arm to the side of him and opened his palm and said to the class, “Whoever manages to land their pen on my hand shall get 25 credits. Go!”Bookmark here

Not wasting a single second, the class excitingly grabbed their pens threw it at the same time with the intent of getting the reward, most knocking into each other in the air. Only 2 managing to land while the rest was on target but did not land, either being knocked or was the one that got knocked.Bookmark here

Professor Lawson held the two pens to his face and commanded to the pen “Owner” as the class raised their wrists. A laser on a small ball on the clip of the pen turned on and was pointing up at the back wall of the room, but then it quickly pointed to Mark’s and Sophie’s wrists, disappearing a few moments later.Bookmark here

“Come get your credits,” Professor Lawson said, internally regretting the idea of the game since he only thought that none of them would land.Bookmark here

The two stood up and went to the front, both giving the sensation of coldness that gave everyone a sense of intimidation. Bookmark here

The two stood up front, grabbing their pens and held it point side up. Professor Lawson then took his own and pressed the button a few times from habit revealing the tip of the pen; A cylindrical rod with a rubber tip and several copper strips surrounding it. He then inserted it inside Mark’s pen where the cylinder spun and stopped for alignment, and ordered “Transfer, 25”. With the laser blinking 3 times, the credits were given. The same happened with Sophie, though she did have the same habit as the professor.Bookmark here

“Those two are really alike huh,” Peter said with a sense of inferiority.Bookmark here

“What do you mean?” Sally responded.Bookmark here

“Are you sure you don’t know?” Jake said, but soon after adding “Never mind, I don’t think you’ll get it.”Bookmark here

“Yeah, I mean she’s one of a few people that could stand against them,” Peter added.Bookmark here

“I’m pretty sure anyone can stand against them with enough work,” Sally said but it only made the two sulk with inferiority. Bookmark here

“Sally’s right you know,” Mark said as he sat back down, attempting to jokingly cheer the two sulking boys but it only made them sulk further. Bookmark here

As they were cheering up the two boys Professor Lawson picked up the pens on the ground and once again commanded “Owner” to the 21 pens. They once again raised their wrists and then they were asked to stand up and grab their pen. After grabbing their pens, the three returned to Mark sitting on their table.Bookmark here

Professor Lawson asked the class, “What did they do differently? That they managed to land their pen?”Bookmark here

The class was silent. They all knew that all of the class would be able to land if it was individually given the chance, but the amount of pens would cause most pens to hit each other in flight; or if one did land another would have the possibility of knocking the pens out of the professor’s hand, so the probability of two people landing is extremely low.Bookmark here

“Air time,” Mark said.Bookmark here

“Trajectory,” Sophie said.Bookmark here

The air felt uneasy. Two of the most competent people of the school were disagreeing and yet almost none had realized that they just used different methods, they’re not disagreeing at all. In fact, quite the opposite; Mark was internally praising Sophie for because it if they used the same method they’d end up hitting each other’s pens. Bookmark here

“Would anyone care to explain?” The professor asked the class.Bookmark here

“Throwing It high just below the ceiling would give it enough air time to be able to wait out the incoming pens from the others,” Jesse said from the back of the class, though her tone suggested that she was unsure of her answer.Bookmark here

“How about trajectory?” Satisfied with the explanation Jesse gave, he then asked on what Sophie’s method.Bookmark here

“I think I heard something hit the ceiling, so I would think that she threw it at the ceiling thus cancelling any vertical motion and some of the horizontal acceleration and letting gravity do its job,” Dan answered, unsure of his observation since the sound of a single pen hitting the ceiling would be difficult to tell from the noise of pens hitting the floor, and even each other. Bookmark here

“Are they correct?” Professor Lawson asked the two.Bookmark here

Both nodded but felt like their actions were over explained, to the degree that they felt like they were being shamed, like being isolated for acting the way they are. They continued the class with the intent of studying parabolas as the pen throwing would suggest but also multiple projectile situations. Bookmark here

The class ended with ring of the bell. Though cut short, the class had learned a lot due to a ton of real life examples and demonstrations, although their pens would be in real trouble if this kept up.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

“These things are more resilient than I thought.”Bookmark here

“Well they are our Identifiers so it’s to be expected they can live up to a few throws.” Mark said, looking at the point of the pen. Bookmark here

He clicked the button and the tip retracted, revealing the inside barrel for the tip also covered in copper strips, with one silver acting as a wire for alignment, being used as a male adapter for connecting two ports.Bookmark here

“It’s still cool though, it’s like a key and a keyhole at a click of the button,” Peter said while spinning the tip of the pen.Bookmark here

The two kept playing with their pens, with Peter mostly throwing it trying to spin it between his thumbs, mainly just trying to act cool with a habit they can try, until the professor left the room.Bookmark here

"Pretty cool pens huh," Mark said, with a forced smile.Bookmark here

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