Chapter 3:

Chapter 3: Sally's point

-------'s Journal

The 3rd period Professor just came in as Professor Lawson left.Bookmark here

Professor Liv was carrying a metallic box with a hazard sign on the side. She placed it on top of the table and leaned it towards us. It was a box of glass vials and lenses. Bookmark here

“Good morning class,” Professor Liv said Excitingly. “Today were be watching battles.”Bookmark here

The class just seemed to be infected by her excitement that they too were starting to get excited from what they seem to guess was a microbial battle.Bookmark here

“Today we have on for our contestants we have a virus of the past and our very own immunity,” She said. “Now one student from each table grab a scalpel, a vial, and a camera lense here at the front.Bookmark here

Sally decided to be the one to go from their table’s the process of elimination, the reasons being that Jake can’t be seen, Mark seemed uncomfortable for some reason, and Peter’s not one to be trusted with neither vials nor scalpels. She then stands up along with the rest and went to the front to get a vial and a scalpel. She then went back to her seat and sat down like the rest.Bookmark here

“So our blood donations will be made by; Harry for RF; Cory for RM; Sally for RB; Anna for LF; Dan for LM; and Jesse for LB” Bookmark here

“Yes maa—” Sally at first excited now has a still tone due to being confused and shocked. “Wait, what?”Bookmark here

Most of the people that stood up seemed to know what they were in for apart from Sally and Anna. Anna just seemed inconvenienced since normally Jay would do this sort of stuff.Bookmark here

“You’ll use the scalpel to draw a drop of blood from your fingertips.” The Professor said with a slight chuckle at Sally’s reaction. “But try not to cut a wound that will continually bleed, just something that will bleed if pressed. If you did, call me please, I have a med kit with me.” Bookmark here

While Peter and Jake seemed to be giggling Mark seemed to be relieved. The other students didn’t have much of a reaction apart from Mike who was helping Jesse.Bookmark here

“Please open the vial and drop a sample of your blood in the top chamber.”Bookmark here

Jesse managed to do it on her own but unfortunately for Sally she couldn’t, and so Peter came to help her. He grabbed her hand and proceeded to assist her.Bookmark here

“On three ok?”Bookmark here

He didn't even get to one but proceeded to poke her and it seemed to do the trick, it didn’t bleed unless pressed. She was pretty annoyed at him for going on one when he said three.Bookmark here

“Who goes on three?” Peter said with a smug.Bookmark here

"But who goes without saying anything?" Sally was a bit irked.Bookmark here

They opened the vial and tried to drop her blood into the top chamber. However, it seemed to miss the opening to Sally’s annoyance.Bookmark here

“Your pressing too hard, your hand is shaking,” Jake said.Bookmark here

“Well if Peter made a bigger hole I wouldn’t be pressing so hard would I?”Bookmark here

“Your right, let’s make the hole bigger,” Peter said in retort.Bookmark here

“No, no its fine as is,” Sally said quickly back.Bookmark here

“Put your hand against the vial. How hard you try, you really won’t manage to drop blood into a 10 millimeter hole with a shaking hand,” Mark said. Bookmark here

With Mark’s advice she managed to drop a few blood droplets into the first chamber, then she screwed the rubber cap back on the glass vial. The entire class had all finished with the sample taking and awaiting new orders.Bookmark here

“Are you all done?” The professor asked the class.Bookmark here

They all nodded in response.Bookmark here

“Now take out one of your phones and put on the lense provided. Please zoom in to the liquid below the top chamber,” Professor Liv said to the class.Bookmark here

They all complied and saw on their phones the virus. Bookmark here

“Now please turn the knob on the vile that opens the top chamber to the bottom chamber,” Professor Liv requested.Bookmark here

They all turned the knob and saw the action unfold. The virus started to attack the red blood cells in the sample blood, but then their antibodies sprang into action, swarming it until it was neutralized and then the it burst reviling newly made antibodies; and those new antibodies started to attack the other virus cells as well. In the end, they were shown the capability of their immune system, discussing the difference from human evolution of the immune system, to the arguably more simplified genetic engineered antivirus they have. Also encompassing the way viruses attack and how the immune system defends. Quite a difference in excitement when the battle was on going.Bookmark here

After the demonstration, the blood donors were asked to give back the scalpel and vile to Professor Liv. Bookmark here

“You don’t need to be scared of the scalpel, you were the one that brought it here,” Peter noticing that Sally seemed overly cautious.Bookmark here

“I’m not scared of a scalpel; I’m scared of something that stabbed me.”Bookmark here

“But I was the one that stabbed you,” Peter said trying to beat Sally’s logic.Bookmark here

Sally returned the scalpel with little problem and returned to the seat, sitting farther away than usual to Peter and looking at him with a dead gaze.Bookmark here

The bell rang just as Professor Liv finishes the class. She went off and they planned their 4th period.Bookmark here

"Does it even hurt?" Peter said to the staring Sally.Bookmark here

"Not really, I just don't like being stabbed."Bookmark here

"I'm pretty sure no one likes that though."Bookmark here

"Well yeah, but isn't the fact someone injured you worse than the actual pain itself?" Sally said trying to make a point with her logic.Bookmark here

"Depends."Bookmark here

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