Chapter 6:

This Is How Girls Are Made

Being a Girl Online Made Me Become a Girl in Real Life

“Hello? Can you see me better now, it was too dark before.” He waves into the camera.

“I-it's fine!” My throat barely opens up as I hoarsely utter a response.

Not only was this moment tough having to deal with some guy suddenly video calling me, now THIS?

Why does his face look exactly like him...? I know I'm not going through an episode of psychosis. I'm not crazy… this creepy guy that I've been toying with for the past week… the creep that I've had in the palm of my hands… is the same creep that I need to destroy?

It has to be him. If it is him then I can…

I need to find out his name, as there is a chance he just looks similar to my target. If the name matches, then there is no doubt he is the one.

“So, what happened today?” The guy on my screen asks me this with a somewhat concerned look on his face.

I almost slipped up and immediately asked for his name. I need to follow along with this conversation to gain his trust, then ask for his name at the end.

“My only friend is super mean to me all the time UwU. Today she purposely blew her cigarette smoke in my face. She always treats me like her servant, and makes me throw out her trash...” I try my hardest to sound like I’m the world's biggest victim.

I may have stretched the truth of the matter but at least what I'm telling him isn't 100% a lie. Keeping things based on reality makes things sound more believable. Regardless I won't mention Saya’s name so it's not like Saya will ever find out I’m spreading lies about her bullying me.

“That sounds like a horrible thing to do to such a sweet person like you.”

I know, right? I must be soo sweet. Who does such a thing to me?

“She said to meet her on the roof after school… and... she beat me up. If I tried to fight back… it would have only made it worse.” I fake pretend that I'm about to cry for dramatic effect.

“I’m here for you! Don’t be sad! I’m your friend and I will never do anything mean like that to you!”

He clearly doesn't know you should never fall for a woman's crocodile tears. I’m reeling him in closer and closer by the second.

“It makes me so happy that I can come home and play video games with real friends like you...”

“Anytime you need me or you need to vent, I’ll be here for you.”

“Thank you… uhh… What's your name? I don't think you ever told me.”

“You can just call me by my first name, Touma.”

Touma… There is no doubt about it now. It’s really him. Is this a gift from the Gods? Serving my enemy to me on a platter.

“Touma, that’s a nice name. Thank you Touma!~”

I see his dumb face blush a little bit from that. He clearly wasn't expecting me to compliment him. Now is my chance to leave with a swift escape.

“Thanks for listening to me venting! I’m tired from all that’s happened today, so I'm going to sleep! See ya later~”

“Bye! Hopefully we can-”

I quickly hang up the call. At the very least I waited for him to say bye this time.

I exhale deeply and finally relax. That was stressful. I know that it's him, but what should I do now? Yuri is the only one that's here for me, so maybe I should take her up on her plan for now. I should send her a message about what I found out.

Me: I found some intel, your plan might work

She instantly replies.


Me: I think it could work

Yuuuuri: K

Yuuuuri: STATION


Yuuuuri: YURI OUT

I didn’t even get to tell her what I found out today.

Looking down at my phone, I grimace as I already regret doing this. Why am I going to follow the advice from someone of the likes of Yuri. Even the way she messages is quite outlandish. I must be tuned on the same frequency of crazy as her to be following along with what she tells me. Regardless, this needs to be done. I remember what I'm doing this all for. I need Saya back...


School has ended after a fairly normal day and I'm relieved that things were not as crazy as yesterday. I tried to tell Yuri about Touma, but she didn't want to hear it. Anytime I tried to bring it up, she kept saying to save it for after school. So, I just kept it to myself as it's better than having her freak out in front of other people.

I wait at the entrance of the station where many students are making their way home. I only wait a few minutes before I see Yuri stroll along.

“Follow me.” Yuri says while looking down.

“Where are we going?”

She starts to walk into the station. I just follow her and we get on the train that goes the opposite direction than I usually take home. After a few stops, we get off and I keep following close behind her. I wish she told me what we are going to do but maybe it's better if I don't find out.

“Where are you taking me. Please don't hurt me” I know Yuri is my friend and all, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit scared.

“We are only going to my house!”

She finally responds.

We keep walking for a few minutes until we get to a residential area and arrive at what seems to be her house. It's a fairly large house, bigger than the two bedroom apartment I live in at least. I start to get nervous as the last time I've been inside anyone’s home was Saya’s when we were kids.

Yuri opens the door and steps inside. I hesitantly walk in behind her.

“Nobody is home... “ Yuri whispers to herself.

That's not very reassuring.

I take off my shoes and Yuri grabs my arm. It feels like I'm being taken to prison the way she is dragging me. She leads me up the wooden stairs and down a hallway. She opens a door and holds it open for me.

“Have a seat right there” She points to somewhere inside her room. “Hurry up Nakahara-Kun, and don't worry I won’t do anything weird.”

Wait, I'm the guy here, I should be telling that to her.

“Everyone who has visited my room has told me it is weird, but I don’t know what’s the big deal.” She says while twiddling her fingers.

As I walk closer to the door I can kind of see many posters of anime things on the walls and I start to understand. Is that all she was worried about, it's just regular anime characters and stuff... OH

I step inside her room and my vision is filled with anime looking characters. There isn't an inch of wall that isn't covered in some degeneracy. Some of the posters are regular, but a lot of them are SUS. Even the pillows and bedsheets filled with some anime characters. There is also a bookshelf crammed full of manga and DVDs, which I'm not sure if I ever want to find out its contents. I notice that it’s not only explicit images of anime boys in her room but anime girls too. At the very least the room is clean, no clothes on the floor or trash lying around as you would expect from an omega nerd that owns this much degenerate anime stuff.

I walk over and sit on the chair she pointed to by her computer desk. I can't help but notice her computer setup. I never knew they made mousepads of a guy’s [Redacted]. I close my eyes and try to mentally cleanse my brain of what I looked at. I guess you truly learn something new every day.

With nowhere safe to point my eyes, I focus on Yuri.

She looks at me and raises her index finger.


“Please, enough of the mission stuff alright..." I try to stop her from continuing with the cringe mission talk.

She blankly looks at me as if I were speaking another language.

“Mission number one, outfit and looks! Nakahara-Kun, we need to find you some clothes to wear during your video calls."


She did ask me if I was ready to transform into a girl in her text yesterday so, I guess we are jumping right into it.

"We need to go shopping for some outfits you can wear. But it would be weird to go around and try on girl clothes the way you are now… so I have a plan for that mission too."


"As for your looks… I think all we need is to fix your hair and add some light makeup."

She walks over to her closet on the other side of the room.

“To get you started...” She rummages through her closet for a bit

“We are probably the same size, right? Here take these shorts and this sweater. Also, I got a fresh pair of thigh-highs so you can hide those ugly legs.” She hands me the clothes and stares at me.

“Alright what are you waiting for? Get changed!”

Does she expect me to just strip down in front of her?!

“Uhh, can you leave the room for a minute?”

“Sure...” She leaves the room and closes the door, surprisingly she listened to me this time without any resistance.

I look down at the clothes in my hand that she gave me. For the bottom, there are regular black thigh-high stockings and short denim shorts. For the top is a black hoodie that looks to be about two sizes large for my body. I wonder if Yuri has worn these before… Meh, we are just friends sharing clothes I guess, people do it all the time.

I start to take off my school uniform. I’m alone in a house with a girl and I’m in their room undressing. There is too much nerd stuff in this room, it's a bit unsettling to say the very least. Maybe it’s mostly because I'm in nothing but my underwear, but that's beside the point here. Anyways, how am I even supposed to put on these stockings? Why are they so goddamn tight! I’ve never worn anything before that is tightly fitted onto my body like this.

Standing up I bounce around struggling to roll the thigh-highs up my legs. I got it on one leg, time to do the other.

“Still not ready?!” Yuri bursts into the room without any warning.

“Wait--” I can feel my body losing its balance.

As I was bouncing around trying to put on the damn stockings I fall over on my back. I try to cover my body by grabbing the sweater hanging from the chair

"What are you doing?! I'm still changing!" I try to cover myself with the sweater as I'm exposed on the floor. The sweater only covers my chest so my whole bottom half is on display.

“I expected you to be ready and in full girl mode by now!”

“Why are you still looking at me!?! It's weird!” I cover my face with the sweater and I can feel a draft on my stomach. God please save me.

Even though I can't see her, I know she is giving that confused stare that she always does. After a brief moment, I hear footsteps coming towards me.

"The moment you put on these clothes, you become a girl! Like a school locker room, there is nothing weird about changing clothes in front of other girls."

"Nakahara-Chan, I'll help you get dressed."

"Please no… I’ll do it myself." I sense her greasy hands reaching out to harass me and stop her in her tracks.

I get off the floor and turn around to not face her. She really lacks some sort of social awareness if she's okay with this. I finish rolling the stocking on my other leg and quickly put on the shorts so I’m in a less embarrassing position. These shorts are quite revealing, as they show much more leg than the shorts I wear in gym class. But I guess that's what the thigh-highs are for, the long stockings don't leave me completely revealing everything. Lastly, I throw the sweater over my head, it's bigger than I expected so I get lost for a second inside the sweater. I turn around and finally plop my head out of the sweater.

"Wow! You are looking very cute Nakahara-chan~"

“Nakahara-Chan...?” I mumble to myself.

I take a look at myself in the mirror that's hanging behind her door. Is this me? I do look… not like myself you could say. I usually am only in my school uniform or just plain jeans and a shirt when it's not a school day. These are clothes I would never wear, so I look like someone that isn’t the everyday me. Maybe it's the thigh-highs or the fact that the sweater is a little too big you can barely tell I'm wearing shorts, but I really do look quite feminine.

While rubbing her chin, Yuri looks straight into my eyes.

"The glasses are too boyish, we should probably get you a different frame or switch to contacts instead."

"I can't do contacts, I hate touching my eyes."

I remove my glasses and put them in my pocket. Their only use is so I can see things far away so I can go without wearing them.

Yuri comes up behind me and starts to brush my hair.

“What do you think, looks good right!? The clothes are not the most stylish but it's a good start!”

As much as I want to rip off these clothes and disagree with her, I can't deny that it does look good on me. Now that I can see it doesn't look horrible, it doesn't feel weird or anything anymore and I kind of feel comfortable in these clothes already.

"Uhh, so far so good I guess." I'm not going to give her full credit just yet.

"Your hair is so messy! Make sure you take care of it better!"

"It's a pain…"

Yuri finishes with my hair leaving it with a simple part down the middle.

"Maybe we will cut your bangs another time. Now sit down, it's time for makeup. You shouldn't need much because you already look girly, so no need to overdo it for today."

I go to sit down on her chair once again. Yuri walks over to her dresser and comes back with some makeup looking things and a small pouch. She opens up the small bag and inside is filled with more cosmetic utensils and boxes. I would have never guessed that she was the type of girl to own all this. I don’t think I have seen her with makeup on before, well it's not allowed in school so maybe that could be the reason.

"I think a natural look would fit you perfectly! You shouldn't need heavy makeup."

She starts handing me different cosmetic items one by one out of her pouch.

"Hmm, maybe an oil blocker for your greasy skin...some acne concealer... eyebrow pencil to fix the shape… eye shadow… blush powder… and some lipstick to finish.”

“This… is a lot of things don’t you think?” It seemed as if she was going to go on forever. I can’t deny what she is saying so I’ll take her word for it.

“Beauty standards for girls are high, this is basic stuff Nakahara-Chan. I think you already look cute the way you are, but this might take you up another level.”

“Alright tie your hair for me please, and let's get started!”

I close my eyes and let Yuri put a bunch of different liquids and powders on my face. She spends a couple minutes fondling my face and then she takes a step back.

“Just one last thing, some mascara. Now hold still and keep your eyes wide open.” Yuri says while twisting open a small cylindrical container.

There is a small spiky brush looking object coming really close towards my eyes, so I instinctively move my head away from the danger.

“Whoa! Are you trying to make me go blind! What is that for anyway!”

“It's to make your eyelashes darker and longer. Now sit still because I know from first hand experience it hurts when it pokes you.”

I wish she never said that last part.

It feels like to torture for such a spiky brush to be this close to your eyes. I do my best to not move an inch, but Yuri’s wobbly hand is not making me feel any better. Being a girl is a lot of work.

“Okay all done! Wasn’t so hard was it?”

I get up to go to look in the mirror one more time. But this time…


"Nakahara-Chan, I told you to trust me! Since the beginning I knew you would come running to me to turn you into a real girl! I saw the potential in you all along!"

"I never knew I could look this good though." I spin around in front of the mirror to get a look at all sides. As I came back around, I could barely recognize the girl that stared back at me in the mirror. My heart raced as I saw that the girl was really cute and they were looking directly back at me. That girl.... was me.

“Uh oh.” Yuri whispers.

I hear the sound of footsteps downstairs.

“My brother just came home, you have to leave quickly.”

Yuri collects my school uniform and shoves it in my school bag along with some makeup things. I don't know what the big deal is, it's only her brother.

“Keep those for now, we will continue the mission stuff tomorrow”

“Wait I gotta leave dressed like this-”

She grabs me by the arm and we rush out down to the main floor. Just as we get down the stairs a blonde-haired man about a few years older than us stands in the middle of the hall. He’s dressed casual looking, black leather jeans with a silver chain hanging from the belt loop and a white T-shirt which shows what seems to be a tattoo on his biceps. With Yuri being as strange as she is, I would have expected her brother to be the normal one.

“Well well well, Yuu-Chan~ I never knew that the biggest nerd I ever met in my life could ever bring a friend home.” He laughs

I can feel something shaking my arm beside me. I look over and Yuri is trembling in anger, looking like she's ready to rip his head off at any moment.

“STEP ASIDE!” Yuri says while grinding her teeth.

“Hey, don’t be so aggressive you will give off the wrong impression about me.” He puts his hands up like the police just stopped him.

"Don't come any closer, I'll bite!" Yuri hisses.

"I know you will Yuu-Chan…" he scratches his head and starts walking towards us despite Yuri’s threat.

“At least introduce me to the little cutie!”

Cutie... who is he talking about? I look behind me and there is nobody else here.

I turn back and look up and he's right in front of me. Smiling while he’s looking down directly at me.

"Now what does a lady like you call yourself?"

Oh god, he is talking about me...