Chapter 7:

Being a Girl Isn't as Simple as I Thought It Would Be

Being a Girl Online Made Me Become a Girl in Real Life

Yuri looks like she's ready to attack with the bite that she threatened earlier. The man that stands in our way seems to not be concerned, as he still slowly approaches us.

“Nakahara-Chan, DON'T tell him your name!” She hugs onto my arm tighter as if I’m about to be snatched away from her.

Yuri you idiot! You told him my name.

“So, you're Nakahara-Chan I see… a cute name to match a cute girl.”

“S-s-stop trying to hit on my friend!!!” Yuri is in full meltdown mode right now.

“I’m just trying to get to know her better. Nakahara-Chan, nice to meet you. You can call me Shu.” He gives a slight bow in my direction.

“...” I freeze. I was going to tell him nice to meet you back but my voice and my appearance don't match at the moment so I reconsider.

I hear a growl from the creature beside me.

Yuri, this is where you use the bite that you threatened with earlier. Yuri, use bite!

“Look you made her scared of me… all I wanted to do was have a little chat...” he gives a slight frown and there is a tinge of sadness in his voice.

“Too bad! Now we will be leaving. Move out of the way or I will scream... Three… Two.. One-”

“Okay okay gheeze... don't act so crazy!” He takes a step back and gives us a path to leave.

We walk arm and arm to the front door. As I look over behind me, her brother tells me one last thing.

“See you around and thanks for being friends with that... creature.” His charming tone changes for the last word.

I feel bad for not saying anything to him. I don't know what's the deal with them, so I don't want to get involved with their sibling drama. I'm in his family's house after all, so I need to be respectful and the least I can do is greet him back.

“Nice… t-to meet you…” I put on the feminine voice that I have used online all this time. I hope I sounded convincing enough.

“I knew you could talk, haha I'll see you around!” He gives a gentle smile and waves.

I put on my shoes and give him a small bow before Yuri storms out the front door dragging me behind her. We walk out onto the street in front of the gate of her house and she finally lets me go.

“Sorry about him... I’ll follow you to the station...” She doesn’t turn to face me but keeps walking ahead.

I can’t let that asshole near her… Next time he bothers us I will get my knife… ” Yuri is looking down at the ground, mumbling some questionable statements. I don't know if Yuri meant to say that one out loud so I’ll just pretend I didn't hear it.

She definitely might have overreacted a bit to this situation. Maybe he simply wanted to introduce himself to me like a normal person would if there was a new guest at their house. It was probably the first time her brother had ever seen Yuri with a friend and all. So I don't blame him for being interested in me.

“It's fine, I didn't mind him. He was just trying to be friendly...” I try to say something to calm her down.

Just being friendly?! Nakahara-Chan, I don't want you talking to guys like him.” She stops walking and grabs me by my shoulders. “Look at yourself! As a girl, you need to be careful how you act around creeps like him!"

He hasn't done anything to give off creepy vibes to me. I should trust Yuri a bit in this situation. She was almost having a nuclear meltdown back then and still looks to be really upset right now. Usually, I don’t have to worry about guys online, but in person maybe I need to be a bit more cautious. I still don't completely understand what she is thinking.

I feel a slight gust of air tingle on my upper thighs. I remember the circumstances that led me to this situation. A few minutes ago I was playing dress-up with Yuri in her room, and now I’m outside in public where everyone can see me dressed as a girl.

"Uhh Yuri… Do I really have to go home like this?"

Yuri looks at me up and down and slowly takes a step back away from me. I think she is aware of the situation she has put me in, as she doesn’t give the usual blank stare to ignore me. The hamster on a wheel in her brain must be running at max speed.

"S-s-surprise mission Nakahara-Chan! This situation is perfect and all part of my plans heh-heh!” She gives an unconvincing fake smile and pushes her glasses up with her index finger.

At least pretend that you didn't make this up on the spot Yuri.

"Look I didn't sign up for any of this!"

"You have come this far, there is no turning away now!" She nods her head affirming her own statements. "Yes yes yes, you will gain lots of EXP by completing this mission."

"EXP…?" I sigh as I have no idea where she is going with this.

"Yes! With this EXP you will level up and be ready for our next mission! And by the way… voice Nakahara-Chan."

Whoops... I look around me and thankfully nobody was around. I slipped up and have been using my regular voice this whole time. That would have been embarrassing if someone heard me. If I'm outside I should probably use my online girl voice.

"S-Sorry." I whimper out in a girly tone.

"Heh heh, don’t be afraid to make mistakes now, it's all part of the training! Now, let's get you home."

We make our way to the station that's only a few minutes away. I walk close beside her the whole time. We probably just seem like two normal girls walking together.


"Good luck Nakahara-Chan! See you tomorrow!"

I turn around and give a small wave.

"Thank you, Yuu-Chan <3 Bye Bye!" I decided to test my cutesy e-girl skills on her and call her the nickname her brother used.

Yuri stands frozen waving back at me, flustered and unable to look at me directly. Gottem.

I enjoy my small victory for a short moment but now I'm on my own. I make my way through the ticket gates and up onto the train platform.

The station is crowded at this time. Ugh, I'm going to be crammed into the train looking like this. Also, I sure hope to God that I don't see anyone who might recognize me.

I want to hurry up and head home.

There are no seats available so I'm forced to stand. I decide to stand by the doors at the end of the cart where it's the least crowded but there are still people around me. I just have to last a few more minutes on this train then I can scurry home as fast as I can.

I pretend to be on my phone even though I don't really have anything particular to do on it. Look busy and don’t draw any attention, I’ll be fine. A few stops in and I'm tired of scrolling on my phone and I'm starting to feel anxious. Only 3 more stops...

It feels like everyone is staring at me. Do they know I'm not a real girl? I can feel their gaze poking at me, but when I look behind me the feeling fades. As I scan the people that are on this train I notice all the girls my age are in school uniforms, so I guess I stand out especially with this outfit. I try to pull down my sweater to try and cover the exposed part on my legs but it's no use. Looking down I realize that my sneakers are very boyish and don't really fit with the rest of my outfit. I should let Yuri know how much of an imbecile she is for making me do this today… but I keep trusting her so I'm also a big idiot.

I let out a sigh then close my eyes and bare the pain of embarrassment. Why did Yuri have to give me such a difficult mission today…

I feel someone bump into me from behind.

“Tsk…” I turn my head around and grill at the old man who's behind me.

I spare him and don’t say anything else. I hate it when people bump into me on the train, it’s not hard to keep your hands to yourself. He is lucky I'm just trying to speedrun this mission and I don’t have time for side objectives.

“Sorry, young lady.” He whispers as to not let anyone else notice.

Young lady... I guess all it takes is to wear some girly clothes for someone to distinguish me as a girl. Then again when I spoke with Yuri’s brother, I'm one hundred percent sure he sees me as female too. It’s scary how well I’m pulling this off so far.

The train arrives at my stop and I'm finally free. I hastily get out of the station as fast as possible. The sun is starting to set, so I start to relax as it's harder to see my face at night. I put my head down and clutch my bag with my hands. Just need to make it home at mission complete.

I make it to my building and walk up the stairs to my apartment. I do a quick prayer in hopes my mom isn't home. It's 6pm so if she isn't working overtime she might be home around this time. I slowly open the door and I look at the shoes in the genkan. Perfect, she isn't home yet.

I run inside and dash into my room. As long as none of my neighbors saw me this is an S+ mission clear. I did it. I’m a master of being a girl online and semi-pro at being a girl in real life.

I sit down by my bedside and finally relax. This is my safe zone, so I don't need to worry about anything here. I text Yuri that I made it hope without any problems and throw my phone on my bed.

I let out a big stretch and rest my body against the side of the bed. It's been another long day today, so I should sleep early today. Actually, it feels like I can fall asleep at any moment…


"Shikiii" I hear the sounds of someone calling out to me.

My eyes slowly open...I’m sitting on the floor beside my bed with my school bag in front of me. I look down and I'm still wearing the clothes Yuri gave me. I must have fallen asleep when I got home. I reach for the phone on my bed, it's 8pm.

"Shiki, I'm talking to you!" I hear my mom calling out to me from the hallway.

"Is that boy sleeping already? I wonder if he ate dinner..." Her voice is getting closer.

I can see her shadow coming closer under the doorframe. I hear the sound of her hand being placed on the doorknob. This is bad… The door to my room isn't locked. Crap, I can't let her see me like this.

I quickly slither into my bed and wrap myself under my covers like a burrito to make sure none of my clothes are visible. The only issue now is with this makeup on my face!

"WAIT DONT COME IN... I-I’M NAKED.” I yell out to my mom behind the door.

The door flies open as she enters with her executive parental permissions. I roll over to the side and face the wall to hide my face.

"Huh, I'm your mother Shiki, do you really think that would scare me away? You are just sleeping, do you really not want to talk to your mother that badly?” She says with a condescending tone.

“Don’t come closer! I-I-I...” I can't think of any good excuses for this situation.

“I went to this amazing sushi restaurant with my co-workers after work and I brought you some to try! Look at this one-”

Crap any closer and she will notice my clothes or even worse she will see my face. There is only one way out of this...

I close my eyes… I have no other choices... YOLO.

“MOM GO AWAY I WAS BEATING MY MEAT!” I blurt out something that would get anyone to leave you alone.

I save myself the embarrassment of being caught dressed up as the girl. Being caught choking the chicken is far more normal to get caught doing. One requires a deep explanation and the other is quite straightforward to understand.

There are a few seconds where I don't hear anything.

“Pfft hahaha” She bursts out with laughter. “Oh sorry sweetie... bad timing… I will uh... Knock next time...”

She backpedals out the room and softly closes the door.

“My son is growing up… all teenage boys need to relieve themselves that way sometimes...” I can hear her say something to herself behind the door.

I stay in my bed and stare at the ceiling.

"Ahh, why has my life come to this… "