Chapter 1:


Azula Reborn (Avatar the Last Airbender: Fanfiction)

“I can’t trust anyone, not even those whelps in the Kemurikage! They couldn't handle my discipline after one failure. It took all 10 of them to overcome me. They rendered me unconscious then they put me in that boat, adrift at sea. Mutiny of all things! It must have been her plan all along! That lecherous woman will stop at nothing to be rid of me. But I’m not going down that easily!”

Miles away from the fire nation capital, on a tiny, deserted island, inhabited only by sea lemurs and chicken turtles, an enraged Azula battles a stone statue, sculpted with the likeness of her mother.

“HRAAAAAAAAA!!!!” Azula shoots a steady stream of blue flames with both her fists, soot blackens the sculpted face, but the likeness of her mother, Ursa, remains intact. Azula throws a volley of fireballs at the statue, a few hitting the torso and the rest land in the sand around the statue. “Still persisting I see. Well, how about a little lightning!” Azula readies her attack and fires it at the statue, lighting cracks from her fingertips, but misses the statue and strikes the trees behind. She clenches her teeth and shoots a couple more strikes, all missing the statue of Ursa and causing the local wildlife to run screaming in terror. Azula pulls her hair and screams, she then falls to her knees and begins to hyperventilate, still yanking on her hair, “How much longer do you intend to torture me!” The statue of Ursa gives Azula a blank stare, emotionless. “Just get it over with! Kill me! Kill your monster!” Azula rolls onto her back and screeches a fountain of blue fire from her mouth, her scream gradually gets louder, and the fire grows bigger. She reaches the end of her breath and the fire stops; she then rolls onto her side and begins to sob. “When did I become a monster? When did you start to hate me? Whenever I would get into mischief, you would talk down to me. You would scold me when I teased Zuko. In those rare moments when you were furious with me, you would pull on my ears. But when, and why did you stop being my mother? When did you stop seeing me as your daughter? When did I become your mistake? When did you stop loving me?” Exhausted from her outburst Azula nods off and falls into a deep sleep. The full moon brings in the high tide, the water washed ashore, sweeping the sleeping Azula out into the ocean.