Chapter 2:

Spirit World

Azula Reborn (Avatar the Last Airbender: Fanfiction)

The sun sizzled across the ocean waves to poke open Azula’s eyes. Still groggy from her deep emotional induced slumber, Azula rolls over to face the center of the island. She yawns and murmurs to herself, “That’s strange, I could have sworn there was a forest on this island.” Knowing an entire forest cannot just go missing, Azula shoots her eyelids wide open and jumps onto her feet. “Where am I? Why am I on a different island? That vile woman must have captured me in my sleep! Where is she!” Azula scans her surroundings to find she is on a small island with bright white sandy shores and grass that trails to a single willow tree in the center of the island.

With nowhere else to go, Azula makes her way to the willow tree. She sees only the tree at first glance, but on the other side of the tree is a skinny bald man with a long white beard, meditating between the tree and a small pool of water in front of him, inattentive to Azula.

Azula readies her fists and yells at the man, “Who are you and where is that dreaded woman?!” The old man opens his eyes and looks over at the paranoid Azula. He speaks calmly, undisturbed by Azula’s outburst, “I am Guru Pathik, and you are the only woman here.” Azula takes a quick step back and looks around her, “So, she sent a single man to assassinate me. Not good enough!” Azula throws her fists at Guru Pathik and yet, no fire, not even a puff of smoke. “What did you do to me? Why can’t I fire bend?” Azula falls onto her butt and pulls her hair, “What kind of torture is she putting me through, why does my mother keep doing this to me?” Guru Pathik stands up then extends his hand to help Azula to her feet and says, “You are in no danger here. You cannot fire bend because you are in the spirit world, more specifically you are on the Island of Remorse. As for your mother, she did not send you here. From the way you washed ashore it would seem that the universe has sent you here in search of guidance, which would also explain my appearance here. I was last meditating at the southern air temple attempting to get into the spirit world when I heard a cry for help. When I opened my eyes, I was on this island, under this very tree, but no one was around, and so I went back to meditating and waited for them to appear. I assume that must be you.”

Azula lets go of her hair and reaches out for Guru Pathik’s hand, he helps lift her to her feet. She takes another look around then looks to Guru Pathik, “The Spirit World, but how would I have entered?”

Guru Pathik returns to his meditation spot then sits down; he gestures for Azula to join him. She walks to the opposite side of the pool of water and sits down on the grass, seated on her knees. “The universe works in mysterious ways and guides us on our journey through life in ways we may never expect, but I can assure you, our meeting is destiny. I travel the world in search of enlightenment, and I help others regain balance within themselves. You most certainly look to be out of balance, as if your entire world is upside down and can no longer trust another soul. I can also sense you are still suspicious of me, fear not, I am not here to harm you. I can do nothing to harm you, I only wish to help you.” Azula’s eyes grow wide, “You can help me be rid of my mother?” Guru Pathik shakes his head in disagreement, “I cannot help you be rid of your mother, but I can help you be rid of this twisted apparition of her you have created in your own mind. Your mother loves you; I can see it in your eyes, and you know it to be true, too. Yet, you deny it due to some emotional blockage.” Azula starts to cry and clenches her eyes and fists. Through a choked voice she pleads, “Please. Help. Me.”