Chapter 5:

Home Again

Azula Reborn (Avatar the Last Airbender: Fanfiction)

Azula arrives at the entrance of the Fire Nation’s Royal Palace, her old home. Kiyoshi Warriors stand at the gate and bring Azula to a halt. “Stop! Unless you have an appointment to see Fire Lord Zuko, I can’t let you in.” Azula lifts her head to reveal her face and says, “I didn’t think I needed an appointment to see my own brother. Or do you still harbor hatred towards me, Ty Lee?” Dressed in her Kiyoshi Warrior garb, Ty Lee gets in a fighting stance, ready for Azula. “Azula! Bold of you to walk up to the most heavily guarded place in the Fire Nation. I’m not scared of you anymore. I can take you.” Azula holds her hands up, wielding nothing but a warm smile, happy to see an old friend. “Relax Ty Lee, I’m not here to fight anyone. No tricks. I’ve changed, honest.” Ty Lee tightens her stance and looks over to her fellow guard, another Kiyoshi Warrior, metal fan in hand and ready. Ty Lee redirects her attention to Azula, “Pfft-changed-you!? This is some trick, you’re trying to manipulate me, like you always have! The moment I lower my guard you’re going to shoot lightning at me.” Azula’s expression changes to remorse, she looks Ty Lee in the eyes and pleads, “I’m sorry, I truly am. I know I’ve done bad things in the past, but that’s why I’m here, to make amends with the people I hurt, and to rebuild connections with the people I love. Please forgive me.” Ty Lee slowly lowered her hands then opened her arms to hug her friend. “You have changed! I could see it in your eyes when you said that! You no longer have that cold look of dread and despair hiding behind your eyes. Your aura is much pinker now.”Bookmark here

Ty Lee steps back and keeps her arms on Azula’s shoulders, “You must want to see your brother, oh, and your mother is back too! Aren’t you excited!?” Azula awkwardly states, “I’ve known she was back. I helped Zuko find her. I also kidnapped her daughter Kiyi, back when I was with the Kemurikage. T-to be honest I’m a little nervous to talk to her after that.” Ty Lee covers her mouth, “Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot you did that. With your new aura you felt like a different person for a moment, you know, not evil and all.” Azula snickers, “I’m still Azula, just not as evil. Or crazy.” The other Kiyoshi Warrior sheaths her fan and takes a step forward, “You two head inside, I will stay here.”Bookmark here

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