Chapter 6:

Old Enemies

Azula Reborn (Avatar the Last Airbender: Fanfiction)

Inside the palace, servants dressed in clean, red, and yellow silks, briskly pace between two rooms, carrying plates of various meats, vegetables, fruit, and even small desserts. Perplexed, Azula asks Ty Lee, “What’s going on?” Ty Lee points to the banner above the dining hall entrance, “It’s Kiyi’s birthday! This is her first birthday in the palace and Zuko wanted to throw a big celebration for her.” Bookmark here

Ty Lee escorts Azula into the dining room where multiple people are decorating the room for the party. Aang is up high in the rafters hanging streamers, Katara is bending ice in the likeness of a turtle duck, Sokka and Suki are organizing the presents, Iroh and Mai are delegating the food and seating arrangements, Zuko is discussing the upcoming show with a circus performer, and Toph is lounging in a dining chair, feet propped up on the table.Bookmark here

Ty Lee calls out to everyone in the room, “Hey everyone! Look who I brought!” The whole room turns toward Ty Lee and their gaze veers to Azula. Everyone pauses in shock; the room falls silent. In a flash the room is ready for a fight, Aang springs to the floor and readies his staff, Katara bends the head off the sculpture into water, Iroh motions for the servants to stay out of the dining room, Mai readies her knives, Sokka and Suki grab cutlery off the table and ready them like weapons, Zuko pushes the performer behind him and gets into his lightning-redirection stance. Blind Toph, feet still propped up and oblivious to the elephant in the room, “So, who is it?”Bookmark here

Ty Lee jumps in front of Azula and spreads out her arms, keeping Azula behind her and yells, “Stop! She isn’t going to hurt anyone. Azula has changed, her aura is all pink now!” Everyone looks at each other, not sure how to proceed. Aang is the first to lower his guard, he steps forward toward Ty Lee and Azula. “How do we know this isn’t a trick? You’ve hurt all of us in the past.” Azula takes a deep breath and puts her hand on Ty Lee’s arm, motioning her to lower her guard. Azula shares her journey into the spirit world with everyone. By the middle of the story everyone dropped their weapons and jaws alike. Azula finishes her story with, “...I am here now to make amends with everyone. To apologize for my past actions. To reunite with my family.” Azula bows her head and tears start to run down her cheeks. Aang places his hand on Azula’s shoulder, “Guru Pathik is a wise man, I’m glad you were able to receive his guidance. I believe everyone deserves a second chance. You certainly do.” Sokka walks over to Aang and Azula, “If I never met Aang that story would have sounded like a load of bison dung, but if Aang trusts you then so do I.” Iroh and Zuko look at Azula then back at each other and shake their heads in agreement, together they announce, “Welcome home.” Iroh rushes over to Azula to give her a polar-bear hug.Bookmark here

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