Chapter 6:

Vicious Vincent

Higher Lower

"Would you like to play a game, Sophia Jones?"
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Sophia froze in fear. A strange man was in her room looking at her. She screamed as hard as she could, but no one came. After a while, she tried to run, but the door was looked and so was the window. In that time the strange man just stood there looking at her. After she realized that she had nowhere to go, she started a conversation, trying to look as innocent as possible.Bookmark here

"Huh, what do you want from me?"Bookmark here

"Let's play a game of cards." he replied coldlyBookmark here

"Sure! I like playing cards! But first shouldn't you tell me your name?"Bookmark here

"My name..." said the strange man hesitantBookmark here

After a few seconds of silence the tall man said:Bookmark here

"I am Vincent. Now let's play the game, first  I should inform you about the stakes. As you saw earlier you are stuck here. If you win, I'll let you leave, but if you lose... you die."Bookmark here

The fact that her life was at stake was a shock to Sophia, but she was used to keeping a poker face. Vincent explained the rules and then showed her the playing cards deck. But before he could draw the first card he was interrupted.Bookmark here

"Hey Mr. Vincent, why do you do this?" said Sophia while coming closerBookmark here

"Do what?"Bookmark here

"Making me play this awful game. My name is Sophia by the way, we could be friends, or even more..."
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Sophia was getting closer and closer to him until she was close enough to see him better. She looked up to see his face that, from afar, was covered by the red hat he was wearing. She saw his face better than anyone before her. She saw his short, well maintained beard, anchor style. His lips were slim and his nose was sharp. Added to all this, his white, soft skin made him look as beautiful as an idol. But then she saw a detail that change her perspective of him. His eyes were glowing red and had a cat-like pupils. Even with her skill in keeping her poker face, she couldn't hide her fear, and made a few steps back.Bookmark here

"Should we start the game?" said  the man undisturbedBookmark here

"Wait, I am truly sorry. That must be a rare condition right? I am sorry I reacted the way I have, you must feel insulted now." Bookmark here

"No, I-"Bookmark here

"Let me make up to you!"Bookmark here

Sophia approached him once again.Bookmark here

"Wow, you are so tall! Lean a little please."Bookmark here

Vincent just did what he was told and leaned. Then the girl's face came closer to his and their lips touched. Or so did Sophia think. In reality, Vincent sealed the girl's lips together, creating the impression of a kiss. When Sophia realized that her planned has failed, she immediately retreated. Bookmark here

"First card is a 9. Now that you can't talk I guess you have to make a sign to say your answer. Point up for higher and down for lower." continued Vincent.Bookmark here

The girl's expression changed from a innocent one to an angry one. Her plan was to convince Vincent to let her go, and make him forget about the game, but Vincent saw right through her plan. Sophia was trying to open her mouth and say something, but regardless of how hard she tried, she couldn't do it.Bookmark here

"You can't talk your way out of this one, Sophia Jones. All your life you have been manipulating, lying, scamming people, and even ruining their lives, all with that sweet talk of yours. But this time you lost your main weapon. What will you do now?"Bookmark here

"Sophia got up and tried to attack Vincent, but before she even came close to him, with a wave of his arm, Vincent cut of Sophia's arm.Bookmark here

"I guess you have only one arm now. If you lose that you won't be able to play the game anymore and that means... that you will die."Bookmark here

But Sophia wasn't discouraged by Vincent's threat. She looked around the room and threw at him all the sharp objects she could find. A metal airplane she manipulated her cousin to buy her, an arrow that she stole from her uncle, and a set of expensive crayons that her parents bought her. Of course Vincent was dodging all of her attacks.Bookmark here

After she couldn't find anymore sharp objects, she used the bike to try and run him over. Her room was big enough for that. While of course this attack was inefficient, Vincent eyes were glowing, the same way they glowed when Adam was struggling. But different from Adam, Sophia noticed that sudden and discrete change on Vincent's face and stopped.Bookmark here

"Are you already done?" said VincentBookmark here

"Just as I thought, he is looking for something. His voice was indifferent and cold just until now, but now there is some emotion in it." thought SophiaBookmark here

"I won't play your game. I will get out of here without playing the game."Bookmark here

"You can't do that. You already tried that and failed."
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" I wont manipulate you this time. I will pull this door until it opens." said Sophia while looking Vincent in the eyesBookmark here

The spark was still there! That meant that she was on the right track. She first started to pull the door's knob with her hand, after she exhausted herself,  she tied the door's knob to the bike and pedaled, in hope that the door will open. That didn't work either. Vincent was watching her without saying anything, but with the same spark in his eyes. After many hours of trying, the girl exhausted herself and couldn't even move anymore.Bookmark here

"You... might be-" said VincentBookmark here

"Huh? I might what?"Bookmark here

"No, first I have to make sure."Bookmark here

"Make sure of what?"Bookmark here

Vincent clapped his hands together once making a loud noise that echoed. Then he did it again, and again. Then he suddenly stopped.Bookmark here

"Answer me, what is your name?"Bookmark here

"Sophia Jones."  murmured SophiaBookmark here

"So the hypnosis worked... What are you thinking right now? Oh and I guess I should heal your lips now."Bookmark here

"Sparkling eyes... Manipulate... Make him pay... "Bookmark here

"Just as I taught. She was nothing special after all."Bookmark here

The strange man prepared to undo the hypnosis, but then Sophia continuedBookmark here

"I have... to get something... myself... for once."Bookmark here

"Or maybe she has the spirit."Bookmark here

Vincent clapped his hands once again and Sophia was conscious again. But when she looked in his eyes, the spark was gone.Bookmark here

"What happen-" Sophia was interruptedBookmark here

"You have 30 more seconds, if you don't answer, I will kill you." said Vincent coldly.Bookmark here

"Fine, fine! Higher!"Bookmark here

"The card is a 9. The probability of being a lower card is higher than being a higher one."Bookmark here

"That's my final answer!"Bookmark here

Vincent drew another card. First he looked at it then he showed it to Sophia.Bookmark here

"It's a 13. Congratulation you have won the game!"Bookmark here

Sophia was overjoyed. Everything was over and she could leave now. Bookmark here

"Well I guess it's time to say goodbye now, Sophia Jones."Bookmark here

"Wait!"Bookmark here

Sophia had one last thing to say to Vincent.Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

Sophia whispered in his ear:Bookmark here

"From one manipulator to another, I will give you some advice. You are not doing a good job. I don't know exactly what you want to obtain but that little game is a cover up. You won't get what you want because you are missing something. And that's greed!"Bookmark here

After saying that, Sophia opened the door. Vincent disappeared and everything was back to normal. All the mess that Sophia created while attacking Vincent was gone too. Bookmark here

"What did just happened? "Bookmark here

Her memories were gone too! But she did have something left. She felt disgusted by her previous actions and for some reason that she couldn't understand she stopped manipulating and lying short after that. She donated all the stuff she didn't need to charity and from then on she became a better person.Bookmark here

End.Bookmark here

Author's noteBookmark here

Thanks guys for reading my story so far! This chapter we learned a lot about this mysterious man, Vincent. I wonder what is he looking for?  Well anyway I won't tell you to leave a comment this time because you already know how important is that. What about considering adding my story to your library? That way you will always know when I post a new chapter. Think about that.Bookmark here

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