Chapter 5:

Sugar Sister

Higher Lower

21th October 2014Bookmark here

Sophia Jones was a normal high school student.Bookmark here

"...and then I told him that I think the same about him..."Bookmark here

She had a lot of friends.Bookmark here

"...I know, though I will have to wait a little more..."Bookmark here

She had good grades as well. Her parents were proud of her and bought her a lot of things.Bookmark here

"...It will be so fun!"Bookmark here

Her biggest defect?Bookmark here

"I can't wait to dump him after he buys me that expensive necklace!"Bookmark here

She manipulated everyone close to her in order to get what she wanted. Bookmark here

The felling of greed was the only emotion that was guiding her. It slowly started when she was a little kid, and like all normal kids, she wanted a lot of toys. Because of her parents always granting all her wishes, and because of her personality, she grew up becoming greedier and greedier until all her other emotions disappeared, being engulfed by the desire to have everything for herself.Bookmark here

"Anyway, I have to hang up the phone now. See you Alice!"Bookmark here

"Bye Sophia!"Bookmark here

"If everything goes well, she should be my slave in no time." said Sophia to herself after hanging up the phone.Bookmark here

Sophia heard a gentle knock on her room's door.Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"It's me Sophia, I brought your dinner."Bookmark here

Sophia jumped out of the bed and sat down at her desk. She opened a notebook and assumed a studying position.Bookmark here

"You can enter mom!"Bookmark here

Her mom entered the room with a food tray full of Sophia's favorite dishes.Bookmark here

"Look at my daughter studying so hard!"Bookmark here

"Well, the exams are coming and I want to get good grades so I can make you and dad happy!" said Sophia smilingBookmark here

"I'll let you study in peace now!"Bookmark here

When her mother left the room, Sophia closed the notebook she was pretending to write on and opened her phone.Bookmark here

"After I talk to that stupid teacher and convince him to give me the grades I want, that piano will be all mine. How can all the other people be so stupid? Well, I guess it's my destiny to acquire all the things that I want. "Bookmark here

Sophia heard another knock at the door. She quickly hid her phone and opened the notebook.Bookmark here

"Did you forget anything mom? You can enter."Bookmark here

There was no response.Bookmark here

"Did you hear me? You can enter mom!"Bookmark here

Again there was no response. Then Sophia heard another knock, this time it was louder. Bookmark here

"Who is there? I am trying to study!"
Bookmark here

There was another knock, this time it was even louder. Sophia slowly approached the door. With every step she took, the knocks were getting louder and louder. What started as an annoying knock at the door, now terrified her. She slowly opened the door, but before she could see anything, the girl heard a weak voice calling her name.Bookmark here

"Sophia Jones?"Bookmark here

Sophia fully opened the door and screamed! Bookmark here

"Why are you screaming, what happened Sophia?"Bookmark here

The girl realized that the one who nocked at the door was just her grandpa that had hearing problems. He also used to call her by her full name.Bookmark here

"Oh grandpa, it's just you!"Bookmark here

"I just received my pension. I wanted to give you a little gift."Bookmark here

"Thanks grandpa! I love you!"Bookmark here

After her grandpa left, Sophia sighed with relief.Bookmark here

"What was that old man doing, scaring me like that! I guess I am tired I should go to bed now."Bookmark here

Sophia closed the door and lied down in her bed. While falling asleep she looked all around her room seeing all the things that she received by manipulating others. A bike that she never used, an expensive laptop, a signed poster of her favorite singer, and many others. Her room was so full of things that it looked more like a storage room then a bedroom. But just before falling asleep she heard something.Bookmark here

"Would you like to play a game, Sophia Jones?"Bookmark here

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