Chapter 3:

Versus The Fiance

Master Of Rejections But Beginner At Love

“Hey, did you hear? Kirisaki is back.”Bookmark here

“Yeah. And I also heard that Ichinose picked a fight with him!”Bookmark here

“Ichinose? Isn't he an honor student? What a turn of events!”Bookmark here

“Haha, seems like his life is ruined! I mean, we are talking about a member of the Kirisaki family, right?”Bookmark here

The rumors about the upcoming fight between Ken and Kazuma spread throughout the whole school like a wildfire. Kazuma quietly sat on his seat next to the windows and watched the still cloudy and gray sky while his classmates talked about him.Bookmark here

“Are the rumors true?” Yui, who was in the same class, asked him.Bookmark here

“What if I say yes?” he said.Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

She could not say anything despite being worried.Bookmark here

“It's fine. Really. I know how to defend myself.” he proudly stated to cheer her up.Bookmark here

“You don't understand! He is a Kirisaki!” she reprimanded him.Bookmark here

“Is his family famous?”Bookmark here

“What? Geez, you really don't know him, huh?” she said with a disappointed face.Bookmark here

Kazuma could only tilt his head in confusion.Bookmark here

“Kirisaki Ken is the next heir of the Kirisaki Conglomerate. His family has fame, wealth and power! So hypothetically, if you beat him up, what do you think will happen?” she explained.Bookmark here

“Tachibana will see his pathetic side and leave him for me?” Kazuma said, having a mischievous grimace.Bookmark here

“...” she stared at him with a straight face.Bookmark here

“Sorry. Please continue.”Bookmark here

“He and his family won't let this slide and will misuse their power to ruin your life!” she continued.Bookmark here

“Is that it?” he asked.Bookmark here

Despite his situation, he seemed carefree.Bookmark here

“Geez, I still can't predict what's in your mind, especially in such situations...” she heaved a sigh.Bookmark here

“Hehe, sorry, I guess?” he scratched his head.Bookmark here

As the two began to chat over trivial matters, Yui suddenly looked at Kazuma with a stern expression.Bookmark here

“Hey. Remember that you can always talk to me if something bothers you, okay?” she said.Bookmark here

“As if I have anyone else to talk to.” he joked.Bookmark here

“I am serious here. I know nothing about your past. However, I knew your parents. With your parents having been upstanding police officers, I can conclude that you won't just simply let yourself get beaten up by Kirisaki-kun.”Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

Kazuma's expression also turned serious. Due to Kazuma having inherited the sense of justice from his parents, he would not back down until justice was served to those who misused their power. Therefore, Yui was worried that Kazuma would fight back against Ken.Bookmark here

“Thanks for worrying about me. But you don't need to. I promise that I will not fight back, okay?” he reassured her.Bookmark here

“It's a promise, okay?” she smiled.Bookmark here

Could the lust to fight be controlled? It was a question that also flew through the mind of Kazuma. This urge was present since his confrontation with Ken in the morning and slowly faded away as time went on during school because Kazuma took several mental measures to calm it down. And with the promise he made to Yui, the urge to fight vanished almost completely.Bookmark here

But even though, that feeling was almost nonexistent anymore, he could not help but wonder if he could suppress it during the actual event.Bookmark here

Then, lunch was over and the mundane lessons took place again.Bookmark here

Whereas Kazuma concentrated on his class, Ken and his companions already hang out behind the gym skipping their classes.Bookmark here

“Just the perfect weather to beat someone up!” Ken mused happily.Bookmark here

“Are you sure he will come?” someone of the group asked shyly.Bookmark here

“He will. Those eyes were telling me that he won't run away.” Ken replied sternly.Bookmark here

As the stage was already set up for their confrontation, both boys only had to wait for the school bell to ring. On the one hand there was Ken, who wanted to show his superiority and dominance, and on the other hand there was Kazuma, whose feelings from the past urged him to face Ken. In the end, only one can emerge as the winner.Bookmark here

The afternoon sky slowly but surely turned darker and the first raindrops began to fall down. With the change of the weather, the mood of the class also changed when the bell rang. Bookmark here

Everyone was excited to see the brawl between the honor student Kazuma and Ken who rarely came to school. While the students stormed out of the room, Kazuma calmly packed his things and left the classroom.Bookmark here

“Break a leg.”Bookmark here

Yui, who was leaning on the wall next to the door, waited for Kazuma.Bookmark here

“I hope not.” he cracked a joke.Bookmark here

Both looked at each other and began to laugh.Bookmark here

“I will watch you!” she declared as she ran ahead to join the other students.Bookmark here

Kazuma walked casually in the direction of the gym and when he finally arrived, he witnessed a massive crowd full of students with umbrellas gathering around the group of Ken.Bookmark here

“Seems like you're finally here, huh? That's good, I was tired of waiting for you!” Ken smirked.Bookmark here

“Let's get over with it quickly.” Kazuma said.Bookmark here

As Kazuma made his way to Ken, the crowd split up and created a path for him. He constantly looked to his right and then to his left while walking. Then, he spotted Yui who smiled at him and gave a thumps up. In response, he smiled slightly back at her.Bookmark here

After that, he turned his focus back on Ken and the others.Bookmark here

“I thought it would be just you and me? Too scared to face me alone?” Kazuma stated after seeing three other guys beside Ken.Bookmark here

“Don't get cocky, you bastard!” a chubby guy shouted.Bookmark here

“Yeah! One of us is more than enough to make you cry!” the tall and thin person of the group said.Bookmark here

“Haha, I just thought the more the merrier, right?” Ken replied to Kazuma.Bookmark here

“I se-”Bookmark here

Bam.Bookmark here

Before Kazuma could end his phrase, the third one, who had not say anything yet, kicked him in his stomach. The person had a well built body and looked much older despite being a high school student.Bookmark here

Kazuma coughed heavily and had to kneel with one knee on the ground. He clenched his stomach due to the immense pain caused by the kick.Bookmark here

Bam.Bookmark here

Thud.Bookmark here

When Kazuma raised his head, the punch of the bulky person connected to his face which led to a nosebleed. Kazuma's whole body fell on the ground.Bookmark here

“Is it already over?”Bookmark here

“He didn't do anything.”Bookmark here

“Boring.”Bookmark here

“Come on let's go to karaoke.”Bookmark here

“Geez, I would have at least punched back.”Bookmark here

The crowd was disappointed, when it seemed like Kazuma lost his consciousness, and quickly disbanded. After just one minute, only a few bystanders were left.Bookmark here

“What a loser.” the person who beat him up commented.Bookmark here

“Let's also go away, Kirisaki-san. Dealing with him was a waste of time.” one of the group said.Bookmark here

“Tch. And I thought he was interesting.” Ken clicked his tongue.Bookmark here

He walked to Kazuma who did not move.Bookmark here

“Are you perhaps pretending?” Ken asked.Bookmark here

“Get up.” he ordered.Bookmark here

Bam. Bam. Bam.Bookmark here

Because he did not get a response from Kazuma, he started to kick him and to trample all over his body.Bookmark here

”S-stop!” someone from the crowd begged.Bookmark here

Then, the person stepped out from the crowd and was now facing the group. The person was scared which was visible due to her legs trembling but her face showed no hint of being scared. Instead, she looked determined. She was determined to save her friend. The person was Yui.Bookmark here

“Who are you? His side chick perhaps?” the chubby person questioned.Bookmark here

“Wanna get a beating, too?” the bean sprout looking person chimed in.Bookmark here

Ken pulled on Kazuma's hair to lift his upper body up.Bookmark here

“Your friend?” he asked.Bookmark here

Already knowing the answer. Ken formed a grin showing his malicious intentions.Bookmark here

“How about this...” Ken proceeded to whisper his intentions into the ear of Kazuma.Bookmark here

It was in this moment, when the rain started to pour heavily. Everyone in the group noticed it and held their school bags over them to cover their heads from the rain. Ken, who still pulled Kazuma on his hair, however, noticed something entirely different.Bookmark here

Kazuma, who apparently was unconscious after taking two hits, had his eyes wide open and stared indifferently at Ken.Bookmark here

“?!”Bookmark here

Ken reflexively let go of Kazuma and stepped back in panic. He had goosebumps all over his body and began to breath inconsistently. Kazuma stood up and walked in the direction of Ken without changing his expression. Ken was cautious and wanted to move but he could not. He was too scared.Bookmark here

“H-hey, what's wrong with him? Wasn't he unconscious?!” the bean sprout asked.Bookmark here

“Unbelievable... I hit him without holding back!” the bulky boy said, being astonished and shocked.Bookmark here

“W-whatever! He's as good as dead. Kirisaki-san only needs to shove him with little force and he will be on the ground again, right? Right?” the chubby one added.Bookmark here

As the three watched from the sideline what was about to unfold, Yui tried to move to stop Kazuma but she, too, could only watch.Bookmark here

“No, Kazuma, don't!” she said reaching her hand out to him.Bookmark here

“...”Bookmark here

Kazuma did not respond.Bookmark here

He had only one thing in his sight and mind.Bookmark here

Kirisaki Ken.Bookmark here

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