Chapter 1:



It was evening almost time for people to get off work, but it was not the same for Ashton Grey and Rael Noah, the best detective the police of India has ever known. As for Ashton, he was responsible for the lives of his patients, seeking his help in Raegan's, where he worked. Ashton and Rael were both 4th generation N.R.I.'s(Non-Resident Indian's)  whose parents came back to India when they were a month or two old. Ashton was at the parking lot about to get in his car, he got a call after which he ran into the hospital to the emergency ward. Reyansh the C.A. of the Reliance has a typical 9 to 5 job, he was in his office late that evening so that he could complete upcoming tasks, as he had a long vacation planned. The next thing Ashton knew he was in the operation theater, operating on the person having regurgitation ( the sphincter guarding the vein against the heart to lungs gets dilated and there is a backflow of blood). Bookmark here

Everyone in the operation theater thought that the operation was going smoothly, then the patient's heartbeat started fluctuating, they injected adrenaline but still, the heartbeat continued to drop and the monitor showed a straight line. They shocked the patient at 150 J then 200 J, but the heart did not start to beat again. Ashton said " It was my operation, I will be the one taking up the blame and if anyone asked about the patient tell that person to contact me, as I was in charge ", he went out to confront the patient's guardian.  Bookmark here

Rael, the most prestigious detective in his department, had another side that only his best friends knew. On duty, he was righteous, disciplined and a man with principle. By the time he was off duty, he acquired the role of a playboy, womanizer. In both the case he was on the top of the game. His friends also came to know about his other self as he was caught red-handed. There was not a single club in the city he has not gone to. He had a secret that not even his parents or friends knew, he had powers that he could see someone's death only if he was near to that person. This had a major part for him being the most prestigious detective, he had skills and had what it takes to be one, but only if they knew about his other self would be a major setback to his image and reputation.  Bookmark here

Reyansh was in his office when he got a call, it was his high school sweetheart now fiancée which he dated for about 6 years. They were going to be married in 4 months and before that he planned out a bachelor trip with his buddies. He was too busy to receive her calls as he didn't want files to stack up on his table while he was gone. He left her a text saying he is too busy to talk. He receives a text asking him to call. As soon as he saw the text he called that number and asked the person what he wanted. The person asked him whether or not he has talked about the trip with him, to which he replied he will call him today and tell him everything about the trip they planned and the. They were only a few days until they fulfill the promise they once jokingly made. Yes, you are right the other person is non-other than Rael Noah. Bookmark here

After confronting the guardian's Ashton took a cab and went home, he didn't have the power to drive. He was sure that if he drives he will end up in an accident. He went up to his home's front gate went inside closed the door and let his emotions take over him he sat on the floor leaning against the door. He was so badly shaken that he didn't even received his parents calls or his friend or should I say his first crush. Well he sorted out his feelings for him, yes, he was a bi, he knew his answer even before he confessed to him.  He some how went to his mini bar and poured himself  a 60 ml of Gordan & McPhail and drank it neat in one breath and continued till he was four to five shots down. There was someone on his front gate knocking continuously, he then tried to break in and he was successful and was approaching Ashton.
To be continued.
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