Chapter 3:

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Adventures of Zeleon

The next morning came quickly, Leon had planned ahead on when to get himself up. In the early hour that was 5AM, he'd gotten himself dressed in jeans, a long sleeve shirt and sneakers to head out.

He carefully walked out of his room with his bag in hand. He crept his way down the stairs, making sure not to create any sharp noises. As he neared the entrance he found a large, curved, hunting knife hanging on the wall, taking it for himself just in case.

Leon moved to the front door and got himself through. Afterwards, he made a break for it into the town, slipping through the bars in the gateway and dashed down the hill. He could not necessarily blend in, but at least he was lost in the crowd.

He looked around himself, noticing people looked fairly simple, they wore loose, mostly handmade clothes; made from cotton, leather, and basic cloth. The center of town was like a big street market, everyone paced the ways to get supplies and food.

Of course welders and weaponsmiths were around as well. They sold different kinds of blades that were straight longswords, broadswords, and even the occasional rapier. They also had varying curved blades, as well as axes, halberds, spears and so forth. Leon had truly felt like he'd gone back in time.

That is, until he came across large buildings that looked a bit more modern, which included hospitals, greenhouses, and even a weather institution. An irrigation system also caught his eye when he came across it, which ran from the castle down multiple channels.

"This place is way more advanced than one would ever think at first glance. They obviously have piping systems too for showers and toilets as well, with a plethora of clean and renewable energy sources."

Leon pressed on through the streets, finding a less crowded road as the sun had begun to rise already.

"I never even thought about that, what season is it on Zeleon? Or at least in this region?"

The words quickly left his mind as he slipped out from several side paths heading into another main street. Where he found himself looking before the tall coliseum that was reminiscent of Rome's except reimagined in a more modern concept. The structure looked intimidating regardless.

"They must glorify fighting, so a fancy coliseum like that would make a lot of sense. Now where should I head to...maybe head out into the wild and see what it's like? Yeah, it seems like an idea there."

Leon headed down to find the entrance, many of the roads were actually paved out in stone with some of the side streets still being just dirt. The city was placed on a slight sloping hill, making uphill more difficult than downhill. He made his way to the entrance which was a large gate that was fused into the entire wall, which stood about 50 feet high, made of stone.

"That makes me wonder...what kind of giants live here?"

He pondered this as he was free to exit the city, where he was greeted with a gentle breeze and pristine grass plains. Leon took a deep breath and smiled to himself.

"That has to be the cleanest air I've ever tasted in my entire life."

He moved forward realizing he'd probably hung around the city too long as sunrise approached fast. He pressed on before they had a search party nab him and take him back. The plains gave way to the treeline after what felt like an hour of moving forward.

He stepped in a bad spot, before entering the forest that crumbled and opened up under him, causing him to slide down into the ground before landing on the ground hard. His clothes were completely dirtied by the dust, but the knife was still on his person thankfully.


Meanwhile, back in the throne room in the castle it's officially known that Leon is missing, though the Shoud family all have varying perspectives on what should be done.

"Hmph! The Earth human is missing? Good riddance."

You could hear the King's voice bellow in a low growl, letting everyone in the room know he was serious. He never cared for Leon at all, in fact, his disappearance to Atticus is a relief.

"I only agree with your father for a different reason, Katrina. Leon is tough, he'll eventually find his way back here. Whether he likes it or not, we're his only ticket back home."

Serena seemed adamant that her choice for Guardian was very much alive and well with her very calm, precise response.

However Katrina was hardly satisfied with their answers, as she was in full armor already set to go.

"Are you both insane?! Mother I believe your confidence that he's alive and father I believe your thoughts on him being a dirty, pathetic Earth human. But to purposefully leave him out there to die or vanish is unacceptable! It's that reason why Alexander has been missing for years! I checked in with the gatekeeper and a teen fitting Leon's description left the city of Zelenia. We can still catch him…."

"Katrina! How dare you bring up your brother's disappearance. Accept the fact that he is dead!! You're not going to change my mind. If the Earth human dies, he dies! Understood?!"

Atticus retorted with such hostility she could only look on and physically force herself not to scream.

"I'm so disappointed in you both…."

Katrina stormed out in a huff with the clanking of her armor echoing even after she exited the room.

Serena let out an exhausted breath as Atticus sat with a scowl over his white bearded face, grumbling to himself.


"Good job Leon. You stepped into a pit trap or a landfall, located god knows where. Now I don't know if I'll be able to return or not!!!"

He audibly growled as he looked around. Somehow he ended up in what looked to be a cavern of some sort, underneath a forest. It was very open, the ceiling above is way out of reach with stalactites growing from it as water lightly dripped from them.

"This place is definitely unique, and beautiful. Reminds me of some of the structures back home...Zeleon reminds me of Earth honestly. Ugh...making me homesick now."

He moved forward as his steps echoed through the cavern, finding himself at different crossroads periodically. As Leon exited through one of the passages, he found an exceptionally large nest that he himself could probably fit in with his 5'10 frame. Within it was a single egg, roughly a foot long and two feet in circumference.

"What kind of supersized being lays an egg this big?"

The egg suddenly started to move, as whatever was inside was ready to take its first breath of air as new life. Pieces cracked and fell off until the baby was freed from its shell prison. Out of it came an all dark brown baby dragon. It's eyes were a golden hue, almost looking too big for its tiny head and face. The dragon looked at him and cried out in a shrill screech causing Leon to cover his ears groaning in pain, the cry echoed in the massive cavern before it finally stopped crying.

"My ears just got massacred…by a dragon? DRAGONS EXIST HERE??!!"

He went temporarily deaf for what felt like several minutes before the high pitched ringing in his ears stopped. When he finally could hear, a series of loud thuds came from behind him; followed by a deep bellowing roar.

Leon turned around and saw a much larger version of the little one, and he didn't wait either, he made a run for his life as the big mother dragon chased him down. There were no crevices for him to duck into nor were there narrow passageways. The cave opened up into a deep canyon outside.

Leon ran fast, seemingly faster than any normal person could ever run. Despite this unnatural speed the dragon tailed him through the winding valleys, soon resorting to blasting fire at him freely.

"Heyyyy! Hey! I'm sorry, okay! I didn't mean to..make you upset..ugh."

Leon was panting because of how hard he was running. One of the blasts of flame came dangerously close to him.


Leon ran harder than he ever thought he could in his life, though the dragon stuck with him, despite trying to head into narrower parts of the canyon. His luck ran out as he tripped on a rock and ate the dirt. As he tried to get to his feet the dragon was right on top of him.

He took a slow step back as a blur snatched Leon and pushed him incredibly hard into a cave as they tried to grab his shirt. It ripped, causing him to stagger back and hit his head hard on the cave wall behind him, knocking him unconscious.